Complete Guide to Collecting Kevin Durant Shoes

Complete Guide to Collecting Kevin Durant Shoes

Guide to Nike Kevin Durant Shoes

Kevin Durant is an established superstar player in the NBA and still basically has his whole career ahead of him. At only 25 and just entering his peak years, Kevin Durant is already one of the best players in the league. Because of his immense popularity, tremendous scoring ability and the Nike brand, his signature shoe line, the KD, is an appealing option for casual basketball fans, Oklahoma City Thunder supporters and sneakerheads.

As a rookie for the Seattle SuperSonics, Kevin Durant signed the second-largest rookie endorsement deal, behind LeBron James. The second overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft declined a more lucrative deal with Adidas to sign a seven-year, $60 million deal with Nike. The Adidas deal was reportedly for $70 million and seven years. By the time his first shoe was released, the team had already made the move from Seattle to Oklahoma City. Despite playing for a small market team, Kevin Durant is a unique star who has remained humble and hungry, and is well-liked among fans across the league.

The KD line still has not approached the same level as other Nike signature shoe lines, like the Jordan, the LeBron or the Kobe. Part of that can be blamed on his lack of titles, as well as the OKC market where he plays. Despite being a basketball shoe, the KD has transitioned to a low-top design, similar to the Kobe. Additionally, the shoes are some of the cheapest available options in the Nike basketball lineup. Originally, Kevin Durant shoes were under $100 a pair. That changed with the Nike KD V, when they were raised to $115. The Nike KD VI increased to $130 at the base level. While certainly not cheap, the Kevin Durant shoes are more reasonable than the other top basketball shoes from Nike, which are mostly in the $200 range.

Two examples of each edition of the Kevin Durant shoes can be seen below, including an image of him wearing the shoes. The sneakers are listed in chronological order and include the season that each version was featured.

Full Visual History of the Nike KD Shoe Line

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Nike Zoom KD I: 2008-09

Kevin Durant Nike KD 1 Shoe Image


Nike Zoom KD II: 2009-10

Kevin Durant Nike KD II Shoe Image


Nike Zoom KD III: 2010-11

Kevin Durant Nike KD III Shoe Image


Nike Zoom KD IV: 2011-12

Kevin Durant Nike KD IV Shoe1 Image


Nike KD V: 2012-13

Kevin Durant Nike KD V Shoe Image


Nike KD VI: 2013-14

Kevin Durant Nike KD VI Shoe Image

Nike KD 7 - Releasing June 26th

Nike KD 7 Kevin Durant Sneakers Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2717040720134040 1 Image
Kevin Durant Nike Athletic Sneakers Black Pink Green Size Us 8.5 Men
2717064686244040 1 Image
nike kd 6 precision timing Size 11
2617038063154040 1 Image
Nike KD 7 NSW Lifestyle Size 14 Preowned
1515149289904040 1 Image
Nike KD V 5 Kevin Durant
2815304614894040 1 Image
Nike shoes kd6 pt
2717041083574040 1 Image
Kd 7
2913225721114040 1 Image
3216177340734040 1 Image
Nike KD 6 Gumbo All Star Size 11 KD VI Gumbo All Star
2517522789184040 1 Image
Nike KD 5 V Easters Kevin Durant Basketball Sneakers
2517522797154040 1 Image
Kd 4 Yotd Year Of The Dragon
1910773916034040 1 Image
Nike Zoom KD VI "Illusion" All Star Gumbo Edition w Receipt NEW Size 9.5
1214906025154040 1 Image
NEW Men's Nike KD V Elite White Tour Yellow-Photo Blue DS 585386-100 VI VII $180
1214906025154040 1 Image
NEW Men's Nike KD V Elite White Tour Yellow-Photo Blue DS 585386-100 VI VII $180
1214906025154040 1 Image
NEW Men's Nike KD V Elite White Tour Yellow-Photo Blue DS 585386-100 VI VII $180
3314120774764040 1 Image
Men's Nike Basketball Shoe, KD 7, Fourth of July, US shoe size (Men's) 9.5
1816086562494040 1 Image
NEW Men's Nike KD VI "Away" Size 11 DS 599424-004 6 OKC IV V
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