Complete Visual Guide to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Cards

Complete Visual Guide to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Cards

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was literally a giant among men, towering over seven feet in height and dominating the NBA for many years. Although he was a disruptive force on defense, Abdul-Jabbar was most feared on the offensive side of the game and is still the all-time NBA leader for points scored in a career. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's vintage cards maintain considerable popularity and, outside of his rookie card, are generally not rough on the wallet.

While the cardboard options were not exactly plentiful when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar roamed NBA courts, there was still consistent basketball card production for most of that time. Starting with the Milwaukee Bucks and finishing with the Los Angeles Lakers, the bulk of his career was covered by Topps, with Star Company and Fleer filling in at the end. Abdul-Jabbar's rookie card, found in 1969-70 Topps, is his most valuable card and all the cards referenced below remain in decent supply.

For a complete look at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar collectibles, including key autograph cards and an autographed memorabilia guide, view our Kareem Abdul-Jabbar profile.

The following list includes images for each of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar primary base cards, and at least one card is included for nearly every year of his active playing career. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar officially changed his name from Lew Alcindor in 1971, but it was not reflected on his Topps cards until 1972-73. There were no official NBA cards during the 1982-83 season and the various subset and insert cards from each product are not included. Team, oddball and regional cards were also produced during this time, but they are not featured in the list.

Visual Guide to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Base Cards

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ebaysmalllogo Image
2813929127144040 1 Image
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2005-06 Greats of the Game Gold #37 SN 20 99 (Sku#8583)
1609831401954040 1 Image
Upper Deck Authenticated Kareem Abdul Jabbar Autograph Numbers
1911900310714040 1 Image
1985 Star Basketball #5 Danny Ainge Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Magic Johnson NM Celtics
3603514132484040 1 Image
1986 Star NBA Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lakers CK Court King Card #2 CSA 8
3711239564294040 1 Image
Kareem Abdul Jabbar 1995 Signature Rookies 5 card set Lakers
2912190344364040 1 Image
1977 -8 Topps KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR NR Mt #1 "Centered" Sharp !!!
3312692979054040 1 Image
2011-12 Panini Limited Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jersey 25 Trophy Case LAKERS BK0534
1714273779134040 1 Image
2012-13 Panini momentum basketball Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Auto Lakers 26 99 rare
2503464190424040 1 Image
1972 Icee bear mint Kareem Abdul Jabbar Bucks MINT
1711367456444040 1 Image
2215243414354040 1 Image
KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR 2010-11 National Treasures All Decade Materials JSY #32 99
3603728236374040 1 Image
85 Star Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lakers Set Card #10 GAI 9.5
2615415641854040 1 Image
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Panini Flawless Diamond Base Card 20 Los Angeles Lakers
1613754491444040 1 Image
1985-86 Star lot: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lakers UCLA) Alvan Adams (Phoenix Suns)
1814970783294040 1 Image
2013-14 Panini Prizm - Red White and Blue Mosaic Prizm-#231 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
3610235263414040 1 Image
2002 Topps Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Atthentic Game-Worn Shorts
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