Autographed Memorabilia: How to Start Collecting

Having an extensive, interesting collection of autographed memorabilia from popular celebrities and people from history to share with your friends and family is a fun and satisfying  hobby. To begin collecting autographs, you should first decide which autographs you're interested in collecting.

Do Your Homework

You don't have to perform extensive research, but have an idea of what you'd like. You shouldn't just collect autographs because it's something to do; you should be sure that you're genuinely interested in the hobby before you start it. The autograph collecting community can offer you a lot of tips and can help you figure out what's hot, so talk to other people who collect autographs as well as reading online resources. By talking to people who already know all about autograph collecting might inform you that Tiger Woods never signs golf balls, so that's an item that you shouldn't bother looking for. If you ever happen to come across one on sale, you'd be wise to question whether or not it's an actual signature. Learn all about the hottest items in the autograph collecting world and understand what might become hot in the coming months or years, and how much certain autographs cost.

Know Your Options

You can find autographs on most every possible item, from sports cards to menus, baseballs and footballs - anything can be and has been signed. Even business letters typically end with signatures that can be collected. It's even better to find a letter that has been signed which also has important historical information in it. Most commonly, autographed collectibles will include paper items like postcards, letters and other correspondence, contracts, checks and other documents, in addition to manuscripts, film and television scripts, art, books, magazines, photographs and even sheet music.

Store and Protect Your Collection

It's crucial to store your collected autographs properly, whether you're displaying them, framing them or just putting them into storage. All autographs should be displayed in a manner that allows you to control their exposure to humidity, temperature and light. Open bookshelves can harbor parasites that feed on anything made out of paper, like silverfish and lice, so be careful about this meethod of storage. Autographs are quickly devalued when they are exposed to tape or glue, or are laminated, as these things are considered damage.

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Yankees Steiner Core 4 Four Signed Baseball Autographed Jeter Rivera Pettitte +
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2009798659434040 1 Image
Corey Dillon Hand Signed 8x10 Autographed Patriots Steiner COA
3014029103104040 1 Image
Steiner Imperfect Autographed '07 Boston Red Sox Team World Series Baseball
3910016604194040 1 Image
1914501410954040 1 Image
Tony Perez Signed Autographed Auto Steiner Major League Baseball Ball
3512309345964040 1 Image
Tony Dungy Autographed 8 x 10 Photo Indianapolis Colts Steiner Image No .2
3512309394674040 1 Image
Autograph Warehouse 15796 Willie Mays Autographed 8 x 10 Photo Steiner Hologram

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