Giovani Bernard Rookie Card Checklist and Guide

Giovani Bernard Rookie Card Checklist and Guide

Giovani Bernard may have not been a huge name at the onset of the 2013 NFL Draft, but he is already making collectors take notice with his nimble running and favorable situation. After some early success, Giovani Bernard cards are moving and the future looks strong for the young running back.

Giovani Bernard played college football for the University of North Carolina. Despite tearing his ACL in his first season, he rebounded well and was First-Team All-ACC in the following two seasons and was named the 2012 ACC Offensive Player of the Year and top punt returner in the nation in 2012.

Widely considered a first or second round talent, Cincinnati made Giovani Bernard the first running back taken in the 2013 NFL Draft when they selected him with the 37th pick. Bernard was even taken ahead of fellow rookie running back, Eddie Lacy. Gio, as he is known, joins a playoff-calibur Bengals team, with other young stars in Andy Dalton and AJ Green. Although BenJarvus Green-Ellis is currently the top back on the depth chart, Bernard offers a good change-of-pace to the downhill-running Green-Ellis. Fans and collectors expect Bernard to eventually supplant Green-Ellis as the clear top back, possibly before the season ends. If that happens, prices will begin to spike.

The following list documents all the official rookie options available for Giovani Bernard. It does not include every 2013 card, but does feature the base rookie card for Giovani Bernard in each NFL-licensed product. It also includes notable cards that are not NFL-licensed.

Giovani Bernard Rookie Card Guide

Please note, this is an ongoing list that will be added to as more 2013 football card sets are released and Giovani Bernard has more rookie cards.

2013 Bowman Giovani Bernard RC #210

Looking at this card, it is genuinely hard to tell who is shown or that they play in the NFL. Despite this negative aspect, Bowman is one of the first products each year, and sometimes they have to make sacrifices to get the product finished in time. This is one of those unfortunate instances.

2013 Bowman Giovani Bernard RC 213x300 Image

2013 Elite Giovani Bernard RC #136 #/799

Elite gives collectors a simple Giovani Bernard card. The thick silver border is susceptible to blemishes, but the clean look makes for a great low-end option. A print run of 799 is a little high, but it helps separate it from the other base rookies, the majority of which are non-numbered.

2013 Elite Giovani Bernard RC 212x300 Image

2013 Finest Giovani Bernard RC #114

Certainly not simple, Finest brings the flash each year and collectors generally love it. The silver background tends to look great with all colors and this is true with the Bengal orange, as well. Like most Finest products, Refractors are in great demand

2013 Finest Giovani Bernard RC 213x300 Image

2013 Momentum Giovani Bernard RC #137

Lots of white and a minimal design make this low-key card a top budget for Giovani Bernard collectors. Multiple parallels add to the chase.

2013 Momentum Giovani Bernard RC 213x300 Image

2013 Prestige Giovani Bernard RC #235

Who says all Panini products look the same? Prestige gives collectors a close-up shot of Bernard's top half, along with a blurred background and huge "ROOKIE" text. This block text design choice tends to dominate the card and hurts the overall appeal.

2013 Prestige Giovani Bernard RC 214x300 Image

2013 Prominence Giovani Bernard RC #137

Prominence is basically a slightly more colorful version of Momentum, but that is not a bad thing. The rounded design frames the card nicely and the added Bengals logo gives that card a finished look. Having said that, the Prominence logo does seem a little too prominent.

2013 Prominence Giovani Bernard RC 213x300 Image

2013 Rookies and Stars Giovani Bernard RC #136

Like a quick slap in the face, the Rookies and Stars design is not for the faint of heart. The colorful blurred background is distracting and the large orange Bernard text on the side is a bizarre choice.

2013 Rookies and Stars Giovani Bernard RC 213x300 Image

2013 Score Giovani Bernard RC #369

A classic throwback from a simpler time, Score gives Giovani Bernard a lesson in cardboard history. Taking the basic design from 1989 Score Football,  2013 Score is a nice trip down memory lane.

2013 Score Giovani Bernard RC 214x300 Image

2013 Topps Giovani Bernard RC #358

Arguably the most popular low-end card for Giovani Bernard, base Topps football applies an action shot with an ample field background and intricate text area. The base version on the left is joined by a short print variation on the right, which shows Bernard jumping.

2013 Topps Football Giovani Bernard1 217x300 Image2013 Topps Football Variations Giovani Bernard 214x300 Image

2013 Topps Inception Giovani Bernard RC #116 Autograph

Despite the disappointing signature from Giovani Bernard, this Inception card has most things collectors look for in a rookie card. The unique design is appealing and the on-card signature adds to that. While the base version is not numbered, several parallels of various color offer more rarity.

2013 Topps Inception Giovani Bernard RC Autograph 213x300 Image

2013 Topps Platinum Giovani Bernard RC #115

Just like the name implies, Platinum bring the shine. The base rookie card features a Refractor-finish and several different design elements. While that does not always translate to a great card, it works here. Ten parallels and a printing plate given collectors more Giovani Bernard cards to pursue.

2013 Topps Platinum Giovani Bernard RC 213x300 Image

Notable Non-NFL Licensed Cards

2012 Exquisite Collection Draft Picks Giovani Bernard #ER-GB #/175

UNC Football is not as big as the famed basketball program, but this college-theme Giovani Bernard reminds collectors about the revival for the football program. This insert is actually from 2012 Exquisite Football and gave collectors an early look at the upcoming rookie class. The Exquisite brand and low print run makes this an intriguing option for collectors.

2012 Exquisite Collection Draft Picks Giovani Bernard 214x300 Image

2013 SPx Giovani Bernard #69 Autographed Jersey #/475

Autographed jersey cards will always maintain some interest from collectors, even when they are not professionally licensed. While the layout seems a little crowded, the larger jersey piece and min-level print run offer a suitable option for collectors who aren't as concerned about the lack of NFL affiliation.

2013 SPx Giovani Bernard Autographed Jersey 260x186 Image

2013 Upper Deck Giovani Bernard #226

A great action shot and full-size image form a nice first-year card. The Giovani Bernard card is a actually a short print, but values are still reasonable.

2013 Upper Deck Giovani Bernard 215x300 Image

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Giovani Bernard RC 2013 Panini Elite ASPIRATIONS DIE-CUT ROOKIE SP 75 Bengals
3108491706234040 1 Image
giovani bernard rc rookie draft jersey patch carolina tarheels unc college # 35
2714306993444040 1 Image
2013 Bowman Sterling Giovani Bernard RC Jumbo Patch #008 1206 Bengals Rookie
2214153199014040 1 Image
Eddie Lacy Le'Veon Bell Montee Ball Giovani Bernard Prime Quad Jersey RC #d 373
3709686180844040 1 Image
1412544731454040 1 Image
1213182625294040 1 Image
2013 Panini Playbook Giovani Bernard Jumbo Jersey Booklet #11 199
1212194017204040 1 Image
2013 Giovani Bernard Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractor #96 Cincinnati Bengals
3213778840364040 1 Image
2013 Triple Threads RELIC Andy Dalton, AJ Green, Giovani Bernard SP 27 BENGALS
2911238390954040 1 Image
2013 Topps Chrome #18 Giovani Bernard 1959 Mini PSA 9 Mint
1111743740064040 1 Image
1813844824454040 1 Image
1310759106184040 1 Image
2013 Strata Giovani Bernard RC Rookie #17 Cincinnati Bengals North Carolina
3510508629054040 1 Image
2013 Topps Triple Threads GIOVANI BERNARD A.J. GREEN Autographed Patch Booklet!
1213185591964040 1 Image
Giovani Bernard Swoosh National Treasure 1 2
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