Game On: Mars Attacks Tabletop Game Announced

Game On: Mars Attacks Tabletop Game Announced

First there were cards. Then comics, movies and all sorts of other swag. Now Mars Attacks is poised to become a new tabletop war game.

Topps and Mantic Games are teaming to produce the game that will include miniature-based play. We're not talking boots and thimbles though. Game pieces will have detailed sculpts, similar to things like Warhammer.

The game will tie in to the upcoming Mars Attack: Invasion set, which is scheduled for release in October. New and existing characters are part of the plans.

"Mars Attacks is a world where giant robots, mutated insects and hordes of Martian soldiers face off against Earth's military and innocent civilians— how could you not want to see a game out of that?" says Topps' Adam Levine via press release. "Mantic has quickly become one of the best in the business, and they're the perfect team to adapt our outrageous visuals into this exciting new form."

"Its oddball blend of retro sci-fi visuals, dark humor and over-the-top violence will make for a unique tabletop experience," said Mantic CEO Ronnie Renton. "Our team can't wait to bring the Martians to life in ways no one has ever seen before."

Other Mantic games include Warpath and Dreadball. This is their first licensed game.

The Mars Attacks tabletop game is scheduled for release in early 2014.

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