Funniest Sports Cards of the 90's

Funniest Sports Cards of the 90′s

Orel Image
Clearly "Glamour Shots" has no ethics! How else would a picture that was meant to be an intimate Christmas Gift for his wife end up on a Baseball Card?

LJ1 Image
How did he not get suspended for bringing those into an NBA Locker room??

PiazzaSLIMFAST Image
That doesn't look like a "shake" for breakfast or for lunch, it looks more like the "sensible meal" you're supposed to have for dinner!?

SteveLake Image
Shortly after this picture was taken, Steve Lake was cut after refusing to dismount the Parrot from his shoulder. Steve and the bird currently share a home in Eugene, Oregon...

Scottie Image
A wrist watch only a 20-game winner could afford (to not hold onto and sell on Craig's List).

TravisKnight Image
If the Sky-line looks familiar, that's because it's a suburb of  "Jam City". According to Google Maps, Shawn Kemp's house is 3 miles down and 1 mile east...

DreamTeam Image
What scares me is that I don't remember thinking these were weird in the 90's...

BigMac Image
"Casual Friday's" at Balco.

InsiderTrading 210x300 Image
Insider trading?

KurtRambis Image
If he had never met Phil Jackson, he would still be this rowdy...

TheAdmiral 260x248 Image
Is it even a question who the most versatile "big man" in NBA history is? Not until Arvydas Sabonis learns how to play the key-tar...

FirstBallot 212x300 Image
Four first ballot Hall of Famers on one card!!

EricP Image
According to the "NBA Jam Foundation", Eric Piatowski is the only player to have caught fire after hitting 3 consecutive shots in an NBA game.

Piazza2 Image
Why would a card not explain who that guy standing behind him is??

Snake Image
Is that Reggie Wayne's snake that Ed Reed killed??

MrBaseball 219x300 Image
Even "Mr. Baseball" himself couldn't teach the "Big Hurt" how to play first base.

MJ 260x175 Image
Remember kids, if you don't know the spread, you can't place a bet!

ebaysmalllogo Image

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