The Road to Football Card Greatness: Super Bowl XLV

The Road to Football Card Greatness: Super Bowl XLV

Each year, one team is left standing after Super Bowl Sunday. In the world of football cards, one team's football cards are not only left standing, but receive a texas sized boost in value. Below is a look at the cards of consequence from each of the remaining four playoff teams with big dreams of winning Super Bowl XLV.

Whether it be a future Hall of Famer finally capturing their first ring (Urlacher, LT) or a young star seeking to add the first brick to a Hall of Fame foundation (Rodgers, Cutler), everyone wins with the addition of a Super Bowl ring in the world of cards.

LaDainian Tomlinson
Winning a Super Bowl would be the final feather in the legendary running back's hat. His card value fell drastically following his fall out in San Diego. Should LT finally capture a ring, his cards would recapture past glory and then some.

Sanchez AUTORC EXQ 1 ImageMark Sanchez
Though I personally don't care for Sanchez, he has two big time hobby forces acting in his favor. First, he plays in the biggest sports market in the world. Second, he plays the greatest position in the football card world.

Braylon Edwards
Since his breakout season with Browns several years ago, Braylon's cards have crashed in value, which means should he make a big play or put together a big game, his cards have nowhere to go but up.

Santonio Holmes
In Pittsburgh, Holmes made some of the biggest grabs in gridiron history. After character and legal issues, his cards took a major hit. If he continues to make clutch grabs and wins another Super Bowl, the value of his cards will be rewarded handsomely.

Shonn Greene
Coming into the 2010 season, collectors were all over Greene's cards. A combination of opportunity and a pair of breakout performances in last year's playoffs did wonders for his card value. Then LT came to town and took a bite out of his work load and his card value. All could be forgiven if Greene becomes a hero in the next two games. Greene also has the benefit of youth on his side, so even if he doesn't perform well, his cards will still have an opportunity to redeem themselves in coming years.

Darrelle Revis
If the Jets win the Super Bowl, Revis will be the best player on the last team standing, which could lead to Polamalu-esque card value. Revis is perpetually on the cusp of becoming one of the all-time greats. When you're an all-time great, your cards will find value no matter what position you play.

Pittsburgh Steelers Bumper Sticker Image
Troy Polamalu
Even before Roethlisberger's issues, Polamalu was arguably the most popular player in Pittsburgh. The Steelers are more synonymous with Defense than any other team in history of the league. Another Super Bowl could put Polamalu's rookie cards in the same class as many of league's elite offensive stars, which says a lot.

Hines Ward
While wide receivers like Plaxico and Santio have come and gone, Hines Ward has been the one constant. Ward has never been a top 5 WR in the league, but that's the way Steelers fans like it. Ward's cards would most definitely receive a boost in value with the addition of a third ring.

Ben Roethlisberger
Without his off field issues, we would be talking about Big Ben possibly joining the legends of cardboard club. Unfortunately, the off field incidents will forever be linked to his card value. At the same time, this essentially means his cards can go nowhere but up after dropping drastically in 2010.

James Harrison
The second best defensive player on the Steelers is the steel curtain's muscle. Harrison has always been an intriguing player, winning another Super Bowl would give his cards a much deserved boost in value. Though Harrison was a rookie in 2002, it took card manufactures until 2008 to print the Steelers' stars first cards, which do qualify as true rookie cards.

Mendenhall SPAuthentic PATCH AUTO RC ImageRashard Mendenhall
It's always felt like Mendenhallis missing the "it" factor. Despite great numbers, he never really amazes you, but this matters little should the Steelers end up celebrating on Super Bowl Sunday. If Mendenhall puts up big numbers, the value of his cards will also put up big numbers.

Mike Wallace
Despite having a big season during his 2nd year in the league, Wallace's card stock has suffered from the plain name factor. Believe it or not, cool names can do wonders for card value, while the opposite is true for names like Mike Wallace. Yet, he's 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl. Also, who doesn't love a speedy deep threat?

Emmanuel Sanders
Rookies and Super Bowls have always been a dynamic duo when it comes to boosting a player's card value. Should Sanders make a "Santonio Holmes-esque" play in a key situation or have a breakout big game, this would do plenty of favors for those holding his 2010 cards.

Brian Urlacher
The future first ballot Hall of Famer has accomplished all that can be done outside of capturing a Super Bowl Ring. Winning the Super Bowl would reap big time rewards for those holding Urlacher's key rookie cards. Urlacher's rookie cards have been among the hobby's most under appreciated for years.

Jay Cutler
Should Cutler capture a Super Bowl Ring, it may very well signify the arrival of the next great American gunslinger, a position that recently became vacant with the retirement of the last great gunslinger (Favre). Playing for the Bears + Winning Super Bowl + Playing QB = Hobby Gold.

Matt Forte
Forte isn't the most appealing running back in terms of entertainment value, but none the less, the running back is second to only the quarterback in the world of football cards. Forte's cards crashed after his breakout 2008 rookie season, which means there's room to grow.

2002SweetSpot PeppersAURC ImageJulius Peppers
Chicago fans are notorious for supporting Super Bowl winning Bears Defenders. Winning a Super Bowl would also solidify Peppers status as one of his generations finest defensive ends. Julius' 2002 Playoff Contenders RC is already one of the hobby's legendary cards due to it's finite print run of just 40. If you ever see this card in person, buy it, as it's the last time you'll ever see it.

Johnny Knox
Knox put together a solid 2010 campaign in just his second season in the league. If he were to make a big play or have a big game in either the NFC Championship Game or Super Bowl, his cards would see a substantial boost in value.

Devin Hester
Hester is already heralded as the greatest kick returner of all-time, should he return a kick for a touchdown in either the NFC Championship Game or Super Bowl, his cards would definitely see a big time boost in value. Desmond Howard's once did and Hester is a far better player.

PackBUMPER Image
Aaron Rodgers
It seems like just yesterday that Coach McCarthy made the boldest move in NFL history by cutting ties with Favre for the sake of his young pupil. Fast forward to Rodgers third full season as a starting QB and the Cal alum is on the cusp of joining the Brady, Brees, Manning conversation. Out of all the players on the 4 remaining teams, Rodgers cards have the most to gain with a Super Bowl victory.

James Starks
From physically unable to perform to fantastic in a little over a month! With a big performance and a Super Bowl win, Starks cards could wind up in the same class as Mathews, Best and a certain Beastly Buccaneer. Even if the Packers don't capture a ring, Starks cards will be among the hobby's hottest leading up to 2011 NFL Season.

Greg Jennings
Jennings cards have always struggled to find an identity in the secondary market. Winning a Super Bowl would shine some light on his more than solid career numbers, which would also shine some light on his 2006 rookie cards.

Clay Matthews Contenders AUto RC ImageClay Matthews
Matthews is viewed by many as the next great linebacker. A Super Bowl victory could escalate Matthews into the Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher conversation. Matthews cards have already seen a steady boost in value over the course of the 2010 NFL season, winning the big one would turn silver into gold.

Charles Woodson
No matter what Woodson does, he will always be viewed as a player who never reached his potential in the pros. Despite winning the 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, Woodson was one of the 5-10 best defensive players to ever step foot on a college football field during his days as in Ann Arbor. At the same time, a Super Bowl ring might give him the accolades needed to one day enter Canton. Carboard and Canton is a killer combo.

Donald Driver
Though Driver has never played at a Hall of Fame level, he has put up respectable numbers and is a fan favorite in Green Bay. Fan favorites are the type of players that can receive a drastic boost in card value with a Super Bowl victory.

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