Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2009 a Relative Bargain for Collectors

Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2009 a Relative Bargain for Collectors

The brand new batch of Hall of Famers inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past weekend includes several gentlemen with impressive credentials. The NFL's all-time sack leader (Bruce Smith), it's single-game sack king (Derrick Thomas), a former world's fastest man (Bob Hayes), and arguably the greatest cornerback ever to roam the gridiron (Rod Woodson) were all immortilized in football history Saturday.

Add in dominant guard Randall McDaniel and Buffalo Bills founder Ralph Wilson and you've got one stellar class. And the good news for football collectors is that even with the rising tide of interest that inevitably hits new inductees, grabbing some cards or memorabilia from the newcomers to Canton doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank.

Part of that is due to the heavy defensive flavor of the Class of '09. It's just the nature of the hobby that offensive players get most of the love from collectors, and even record-setters like Smith and Thomas tend to play second fiddle to quarterbacks and running backs. O-linemen like McDaniel rate even lower.

Except for Hayes, all of the new Hall of Famers also entered the NFL in the second half of the 1980s, when football cards were being printed at record rates. Rookie cards from these years are easy to find, keeping prices down.

Thomas, Woodson and McDaniel all have rookie cards in 1989 football sets, while Smith made his debut in 1986 Topps. As a result, it's possible to get the top RCs for all four players in nice condition for less than $20.

Hayes is a different story, as he began his NFL career in 1965. Bullet Bob's rookie card is his 1966 Philadelphia #58, and it's much tougher to come by - only two were for sale on eBay at the time this article was written. The Beckett high book value for the card is currently $60, and it is not uncommon for sales prices to exceed this value.

When it comes to autographed memorabilia, prices are a little bit higher, suggesting the factors affecting the quintet's cards don't apply as much. Thomas and Hayes are both deceased, so collectors should expect to pay more for their signatures. Depending on the item and its authentication, Thomas autographs can range from several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Hayes autographs tend to be found on photos and cards for prices of around $85 to $250.

Smith and Woodson are both still with us, and both were on hand at the autograph pavilion at The National the weekend before their induction. Fees for Smith were $100 for flats, $110 for mini-helmets and footballs and $120 for helmets and jerseys, while Woodson cost $30 less for each type of item. Those prices aren't cheap, but compared to some Hall of Famers from recent classes like 2004 (with John Elway and Barry Sanders) and 2005 (featuring Dan Marino and Steve Young), they seem pretty reasonable.

Like all HOF classes, the 2009 edition accomplished a lot. Collectors can celebrate those achievements this year without paying through the nose, and that's something that's always welcome.

Here are some great deals on football cards and memorabilia from these newly elected NFL Hall of Famers:

Rod Woodson Football Cards and Memorabilia

ebaysmalllogo Image

2214977541794040 1 Image
Rod Woodson Heath Miller Terry Bradshaw Jack Ham LC Greenwood W. Parker Six Auto
1912504396744040 1 Image
2012 Press Pass Legends Hall Of Fame HOF Blue Autograph Auto Rod Woodson 35 35
2615158759364040 1 Image
2012 National Treasures QUAD AUTO Rod Woodson, Carrier, Krause, Williamson 25
3510805298684040 1 Image
Rod Woodson 2011 Limited Material Monikers Auto Autograph # 21 25 B.V. $100.00
1713424121074040 1 Image
2312893665874040 1 Image
Steelers Rod Woodson Signed Auto 1991 Giant Eagle Police Kiwanis Football Card


Bob Hayes Football Cards and Memorabilia

ebaysmalllogo Image

3012467174944040 1 Image
Daylight TV Magazine Daytime 1976 Bob Barker Susan Seaforth Hayes Farley Granger
2811963152814040 1 Image
1974 Topps Bob Hayes Dallas Cowboys #28 Football Card
3214688181974040 1 Image
Roger Staubach Bob Hayes Bob Lilly 2007 Donruss classics Triples Jersey
2715515801274040 1 Image
1968 Topps FOOTBALL # 103 BOB HAYES nr-mt mt
1307598480974040 1 Image
1966 Dallas Cowboys Bob Hayes Color Photo
2010795057864040 1 Image


Bruce Smith Football Cards and Memorabilia

ebaysmalllogo Image

3808724742084040 1 Image
2009 SP Signature Bruce Smith Ottis Anderson DUAL Auto 25
2911943168984040 1 Image
1992 Pro Line Profiles #3 of 9 Bruce Smith AUTOGRAPH AUTO HOF BILLS
3608243181804040 1 Image
BRUCE SMITH Signed Autograph Auto Super Bowl XXV 8x10 Photo Buffalo Bills PSA
1312259839074040 1 Image
Bruce Smith Signed Sports Illustrated 09 02 1991 Auto
1410498909444040 1 Image
2615376578494040 1 Image


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