McFarlane SportsPicks News: NFL 28 Images, College Football Checklist

McFarlane SportsPicks News: NFL 28 Images, College Football Checklist

McFarlane SportsPicks has announced the lineup for  College Football Series 4, which is scheduled to arrive in stores in late-June, 2012. A mix of veterans, rookies, and legends provides enough variety to appeal to a lot of collectors.

  • Ricky Williams – The University of Texas
  • Sam Bradford – The University of Oklahoma
  • Champ Bailey – The University of Georgia
  • Tim Tebow – The University of Florida
  • Cam Newton – Auburn University
  • Marcus Allen – The University of Southern California
  • Peyton Manning – The University of Tennessee

Stay tuned for more information and initial photography as it becomes available.

NFL 28 Update

As a follow-up to the announcement of the NFL 28 lineup, McFarlane has released images and Collector Level runs on limited figures.

McFarlane SportsPicks NFL 28 Figure Gallery:

McFarlane SportsPicks NFL 28 Collector Level List:

Here's a list of the short print figures and variants as well as their print runs:

  • Drew Brees 2, All-Black Uniform (All-Star, 50-100)
  • Michael Vick 2, Black Uniform (Gold, 250-500)
  • Clay Matthews, Retro Uniform (Silver, 500-1,000)
  • Ben Roethlisberger 3, Retro Uniform (Silver, 500-1,000)
  • Dez Bryant, Blue Jersey (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
  • Andre Johnson, Blue Jersey (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
  • Barry Sanders 2, White Jersey Mud (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
  • Cam Newton, Blue Jersey (Bronze, 1,000-3,000)
Top eBay Listings

McFarlane NFL 28 Cam Newton 2972 3000 Carolina Panthers Teal jersey Bronze Chase

BLANK OF 500 Prototype McFarlane NFL Series 3 Joseph Addai CL GOLD Figure 6"

Ben Roethlisberger McFarlane NFL Playmakers Pittsburgh Steelers 4" Figure (2011)


McFarlane NFL 20 Brandon Jacobs NY Giants

McFarlane NFL 24 Chris Johnson Tennessee Titans

McFarlane NFL 24 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers McFarlane 2011 Series 26 Terry Bradshaw Figure

2011 McFarlane Series 26 Jerome Bettis St Louis Rams NFL figure

2011 McFarlane Series 26 Brandon Marshall Miami Dolphins NFL figure

2011 Mcfarlane NFL Miles Austin Series 27 Unopened Figure,Dallas Cowboys MISP

McFarlane NFL 20 Eli Manning New York Giants

McFarlane NFL 22 Matt Cassell Kansas City Chiefs

McFarlane NFL 21 Thomas Jones New York Jets RARE

McFarlane NFL 16 Champ Bailey Denver Broncos

McFarlane NFL 16 Brady Quinn Cleveland Browns
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