How to Sell it On eBay: 2010 Finest Football

How to Sell it On eBay: 2010 Finest Football

The two main avenues to sell a card on eBay are Auctions and "Buy it Now or Best Offers". In order to maximize the amount of return you get on any given card, it's important to consider several factors, including brand, player, print run, card features and which type of listing eBay is trending toward at the moment. eBay goes through swings, right now the world's largest secondary market appears to be leaning toward "Buy it Now or Best Offers" over Auctions. After analyzing recent eBay sales, below are suggested ways to sell specific cards from 2010 Finest Football.

Send to Auction:

  • Big name Rookies numbered 100 or higher
  • Low level Rookie Autographs
  • Weak 1-color or 2-color Patch Autographs
  • Finest Moments Autographs
  • Veteran Refractors
  • Refractor Lots
  • Non-Patch or Autographed Superfractors
  • Lots

Buy It Now or Best Offer:

  • Big Name Rookies numbered 25 or less
  • Patch Rookie Superfractors
  • Triple Autographs
  • Jumbo Patch Autographs
  • Rookie Logo Patch Autographs
  • Rookie Patch Auto Lots
  • Hearty, Multi-Color, Multi-Tier Patch Cards

Additional Product Listing Advice:

  • Use "2010 Finest" in listing title.
  • Don't waste space listing on explaining what type of refractor a card is, ending your title with numbering (/25) tells the same story in less words. Only exceptions are for Superfractors.
  • If you need extra space in your title, consider dropping "2010" from the title if the card features a rookie, as 2010 rookies only have cards in 2010.
  • For Jumbo Patches or Logo Patches, include "Jumbo" or "Logo" in listing title.
  • Make sure to include terms like "RC", "Patch", and "Auto" when it applies to the card, don't use "Rookie Card", "Relic", or "Autograph".
  • 5-7 Day Listings

If you pulled a crazy card of substantial value from Finest Football, the finest way to sell it is through eBay's "Buy It Now or Best Offer" listing. After analyzing recent Finest sales, the final sale price of Rookie Patch Autographs numbered below 25 was substantially higher when using a "Buy It Now or Best Offer" listing. Conversley, the best way to sell a Rookie Patch Autograph numbered above 100, veteran refractors, weak patches, and lower level Rookie Autographs is through Auction. If your card is somewhere in between, it comes down to which way you feel most comfortable selling it.

*To recieve advice on specific card, post it below and we will do our best to answer!

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2010 Topps Finest Football Hobby box
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2010 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box
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