How to Sell it on eBay: 2010 Topps Magic Football

How to Sell it on eBay: 2010 Topps Magic Football

Below are a few tips on how to sell 2010 Topps Magic on eBay.  There are two basic strategies to selling Magic on eBay, the first of which is to sell lots (multiple cards) and the second is to sell single cards. No matter which route you choose to go, it's important to properly breakdown a product when selling on eBay.

All too often collectors will throw together a massive lot featuring a mish-mash of cards that fails to present a collecting angle to potential buyers. This almost always leads to disappointing results. The key is to learn how batch cards together based on common traits such as rookie cards, short prints, mini cards, inserts, autographs and so on. For the most part, collectors are either set builders or singles collectors, sometimes both. That's where the guide below comes into play, basically I breakdown whether to sell certain cards as a lot or a single.

TIPS RC LOT ImageBase Cards: Lots
Selling non-short printed base cards requires a little creativity. The best way to get some value back on your base card doubles is to sell lots of rookie cards, as they are the most attractive cards to collectors outside of the short prints. Try selling a lot with at least 20 rookies in it and make sure that you have a few big name rookies to build that lot around such as Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford or Dez Bryant.

The non-short printed, non-RC base cards are an extremely tough sell no matter the product. Although I personally am not doing this, the best way to sell these are as 50-150 card "near sets" or by putting complete "team set" together.

TIPS SP 1 ImageBase Set Short Prints: Lots
Hands down the best way to sell your Topps Magic base short prints is through a lot of at least 5 cards. Even if a set builder already has a few of the short prints in you're lot they are still going to bid on it because they are likely have an influx of doubles that they are saving up in order to sell an SP lot themselves. Basically, collectors don't like to pay for the shipping on just one card, so they often look for the lot. The only people that can get away with selling single short prints are large scale eBay stores.

Tips Inserts 1 ImageInserts: Lots
Regular inserts have progressively become one of the least collected cards in the hobby. However in the case of 2010 Topps Magic there are plenty of people trying to piece together the master set (Base set + Insert sets). Individually these are not worth selling, but if you can put together a size-able stack of inserts, there will likely be someone willing to buy them, especially if your lot contains no doubles.

Tips MINI 1 ImageMini Cards/Black Mini Cards: Lots
The same thinking applies to mini cards, including short printed and black mini cards. The thought of paying $2-$4 shipping for every card in a 248-card mini set is mind boggling, thus selling lots of over 25 mini cards is the way to go. As I noted above, the only people who are able to sell single SP's and mini cards with success are large scale eBay stores that combine shipping.

Also, it's usually not a great idea to sell a lot that features a mix of both regular mini cards and black mini cards, as collectors are attracted to simplicity and I've often noticed that most collectors shy away from mini card parallels and in many instances would prefer the regular version of a card they may need over the parallel, as the parallel gets them nowhere.

DOUCET 1 ImageLow-Level Non-SP Autographs: Lots
These are junk autographs that aren't short printed and don't feature a legend, superstar or big name rookie. These can be extremely tough sells, but if you can piece together a decent sized lot you will no doubt draw in collectors who are attempting to build the autograph set or are simply attracted to large autograph lots. Selling each one of these autographs individually will only lead to frustration and .99 cent sales. The more autographs you can piece together the better.

160 SP CHROME ImageChrome, Short Print, Rookie, Legend and Superstar Autos: Single
These are autographs that are automatically appealing to collectors without the need for gimmicks or strategic salesmanship. Sometimes it works well to add one of these autographs into one of the auto lots I mentioned above in order to improve the visibility of your lot, though I would only do this with fringe rookies, low level legends, and borderline superstars.

Hopefully the above advice will help you get better results when selling 2010 Topps Magic on eBay. Other cards I didn't mention above including the Jersey Relics, Stamp Relics and Pig Skin Mini cards are almost completely dependent on the player or person depicted on the card. Due to the rarity of these cards, many collectors won't bother to attempt the set, so it's up to you to make the call on these.

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Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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