Art Donovan Reunited with NFL Championship Ring 34 Years After It was Stolen

Art Donovan Reunited with NFL Championship Ring 34 Years After It was Stolen

More than three decades after it was stolen, Art Don0van finally has his 1958 NFL Championship ring back.

Championship rings go for big bucks these days and not all of them are relinquished by players on their own terms. Donovan, a Hall of Fame defensive tackle, found this out the hard way when a charm bracelet made from his Championship ring, his college ring and his wife's college ring was stolen on a trip to Hong Kong in 1977. At the time, the hotel they were staying at was being staffed by temporary employees during a strike.

From there, the ring re-appeared several times over the next thirty years but Donovan was never able to recover it. Although he was disappointed that it was taken from him, Donavon said, "There's a lot more things in this world that are more serious than losing a ring."

The current whereabouts of the ring came into focus when the missing item was offered for sale on Craigslist. Donovan was made aware and a sting was arranged by police to nab the seller by offering $20,000 for the ring, which was listed at $25,000.

From there, an officer posing as the buyer confiscated the item and informed the seller that the ring was stolen. The seller will not face any charges because the item was purchased by his wife's now deceased ex-husband. He was selling the ring because he was pressed for cash after his business had gone under.

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