10 NFL Rookies With Potential To Ruin a Box

10 NFL Rookies With Potential To Ruin a Box

CONGRATULATIONS! You just pulled a redemption! Could it be Percy Harvin or Michael Crabtree? Maybe it's one of the big name Quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez, Matthew Stafford, or Josh Freeman. Or even a top tier Running Back like Knowshon Moreno, Shonn Greene, Beanie Wells, or Donald Brown. Worst case scenario is a Nicks, Britt, Cushing, Matthews, Oher, Wallace, or some other decent rookie your forgetting, right??

Finally, you get the courage to go over to your computer, you quickly type in the code and.... A name shows up on the screen - one you hoped you would never have to see again! These are 10 of those names:

BOMAR 260x192 Image1. Rhett Bomar, 24, QB, Giants 5th Round Pick

"Pulling a Bomar" is that act of pulling a crappy rookie auto, also known as getting "Bomar-ed". What's to like about the 24-year old future back-up to Eli Manning?  Unfortunately, I went on a streak of 3 straight Bomar Box hits!

Legend has it that if you say his name 3 times, he appears with a box of SP Authentic. The only problem is that you have to agree to let him sign every hit. Not even redepmtions are safe, as he shows up months later to sign those as well. After PSA/DNA, you'll have more Dual Autos than anyone in your neighborhood!

2. Cedric Peerman, 23, RB, Ravens 6th Round Pick

Peerman got off to a hot start in 2009. He was cut by the Ravens prior to camp and the Browns claimed the waived rookie runner. After being inactive for the first 2 games of the season, he was waived to make room for Kicker Billy Cundiff. The Browns then placed him on their practice squad. That didn't seem to be working out, so he was released on 10/28/09. On 10/30/09, the Lions grabbed the Virginia Alum, signing him to their practice squad. Then, at long last, the day he had been waiting 23 years for finally came! On 12/15/09 the Lions placed Kevin Smith on the IR and signed Peerman to the their NFL Roster! He finished the year with 0 yards on 0 carries.

Goodson 211x300 Image3. Mike Goodson, 22, RB, Panthers 4th Round Pick

Dead On Arrival. That's what happens when you get drafted by a team with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart! Goodson might be good enough to stick on an NFL Roster, but that doesn't mean the Texas AandM alum is good enough to be my box hit. That's something you have to earn, like Matt Jones did many years ago by "wowing me" with his "freakish" athletic abilities. Granted, Matt Jones let me down time after time, but he was like a son to me. I overpaid for him in both Fantasy Football and football card, but thats what pretend "Fathers" do.

4. Brandon Tate, 22, WR, Patriots 3rd Round Pick

It sucked to rip a product that didn't have the Pats 7th round WR Julian Edelman in it. Every Tate Auto felt like an "oversight". One that , if corrected, would have yielded an Edelman Auto instead. Even if Tate hadn't been placed on the IR, Edelman was the Patriots rookie Wide Out football fans were most excited about.

5. Jason Smith, 23, OT, Rams 1st Round Pick (2nd Overall)

I watch the entire NFL Draft each year. But, for the life of me, when I was next to someone who pulled a Jason Smith Auto, both myself and the other person could not recall what pick he was! It still seems like a misprint that Smith was the 2nd Overall Pick in 2009 NFL Draft! He could end up being great, but he's no Oher, that's for certain. Michael Oher was taken over 20 picks later (23rd overall) and made the Beckett Hot List! I will not be happy with a Jason Smith "box hit" until he gets his act together and writes a touching screenplay based on his life story.

6. Stephen McGee, 24, QB, Cowboys 4th Round Pick

McGee is a poor-man's Bomar. This means he is a slightly better player and pull. The only time he will ever see the field is when the Cowboys are 14-0 and Wade Phillips pulls Tony Romo so they can win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for McGee, Jerry Jones wouldn't allow that to happen. There is no way that a guy who just built a 100,000+ capacity billion dollar stadium with the world's largest HD TV would decide that trying to go 19-0 is too risky.

7. Andre Brown, 23, HB, Giants 4th Round Pick

I actually liked Andre Brown a lot before he ruptured his achilles tendon in training camp. That's the type of thing that can instantly turn a mediocre pull into a terrible one. Had Brown not got injured, Gartrell Johnson might not be in the league.

8. Gartrell Johnson, 23, Chargers 4th Round Pick (On Giants Currently)

Gartrell Johnson was briefly a deep sleeper that collectors and Fantasy Football fans had their eye on. It seemed to make sense. L.T. was on the down swing and Darren Sproles was "small", so it didn't seem too far fetched that the Chargers intended on using their 219-Pound 4th-round pick at some point. Instead, he was waived on 9/14/09 and claimed by Giants. When a team waives a 4th-round pick mid-season, they are admitting they made a huge mistake!

9. Jarrett Dillard, 24, WR, Jaguars 5th Round Pick

Dillard made his way into more products than he probably should have. Not only was fellow Jaguars Rookie Wide Receiver Mike Thomas a higher pick, he had one of the better seasons for a Rookie Wide-out. Mike Thomas looks like he's going to be the ideal compliment to Mike "Sims" Walker, which leaves Dillard in the dark. They also have Torry Holt and Ernest Wilford. You also can't completely rule out Keenan McCardell showing up out of nowhere with "illusions of grandeur" about making the Hall of Fame in his head.

10. Darrius Heyward-Bey, 22, WR, Raiders 1st Round Pick (7th overall)

Who saw this one coming???? Everyone except Al Davis! The Raiders seriously need to consider setting up a fake "war room" for Al Davis at this years draft. All he needs is a land-line, a typewriter, an overhead projector, and a group of paid actors that vaguely resemble his coaching staff. What's odd is that they actually got a WR in the 09' draft. 4th-Round pick Louis Murphy from Flordia was a pleasant surprise. In Week 13, Murphy had 128 Yards and 2 TD's, both of which were more than Heyward-Bey's season totals.

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It's not good to hold in horrible hits. Feel free to post your worst hits of the 09' Football Season below. Trust me, you'll feel 10 times better afterwards.

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