10 Must Have Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings Football Cards

10 Must Have Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings Football Cards

2009 Upper Deck #112B Brett Favre ($135) 112 Image
This is the quintessential Favre Vikings card. Due to Favre's late signing with the Vikings in 2009, there wasn't a card featuring him a Vikings uniform until after the season had begun. The 112B is part of the Upper Deck set, but were seeded in packs of SPx Football. Not only is this card probably worth at least twice book, I would estimate that no more than 20-30 of the card were printed.

2009 Upper Deck #112C Brett Favre ($60)
Like the 112B, the 112C was also seeded in packs of SPx. Really the only difference is that the 112C has a much higher print run than the 112B. If you can't afford or find the 112B, this is an excellent second option.

2009 Topps National Chicle Autographs #NCABF Brett Favre A ($300)
Of all the 2009 Vikings Brett Favre autographed cards, this one had the highest print run, which means that it can be found for a decent price in comparison to his other 11 Vikings auto's.

2009 Topps National Chicle Dual Autographs #FP Brett Favre/ Adrian Peterson /25 ($400) FAVRE PETERSON Image
The National Chicle Dual  Auto is Favre's first and only dual autograph with a member of the 2009 Minnesota Vikings. In 2009, Brett Favre only had 12 different autographed cards in a Vikings uniform.

2009 Playoff National Treasures Century Material Signature #57 Brett Favre/ 5 (NA)
This card represents the only 2009 Brett Favre autographed memorabilia card in a Vikings uniform. Due to it's rarity, I would estimate this card to be worth close to $1,000. Since it's National Treasures, it features a hearty Jersey piece rather than a thin Jersey swatch.

2010 Donruss Elite Passing The Torch Brett Favre/Fran Tarkenton Dual Auto /25 ($250) DUALFAVRE Image
Although Tarkenton might not have said the kindest things about Favre over the last couple years, that matters little when it comes to the prolific nature of a dual autographed card numbered to 25 featuring two of the greatest gunslingers of all-time.

2010 Prestige Connections Materials #1 Brett Favre/ Sidney Rice ($40)
This card represents Favre's first dual-relic with a member of the 2009 Vikings. It is strikes the perfect balance between uniqueness and affordability.

2010 Panini Classics Monday Night Heroes Brett Favre Jersey Auto /10 (NA) FAVRE MNF Image
Perhaps no other player in NFL history is more deserving of the "Monday Night Heroes" title. It may not contain a "hearty" patch, but the autograph, theme, and low print run make up for the presence of the thin jersey "swatch".

2009 Topps Unique Game Breakers Autographs #BF Brett Favre/ 25 ($300)
The Game Breakers Auto is the easiest 2009 Favre autograph to get outside of the non-numbered Topps National Chicle Auto. When deciding between the two, it comes down to whether you want an actual picture of Favre in a Vikings uniform or a painted picture of him in a Vikings uniform (Chicle).


2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear Autographs Gold #89 Brett Favre/ 4 (NA)
One of only three 2009 Brett Favre autographed cards numbered to 4, the other two are Certified and Limited. The reason this made the list over the other two is because they are cheaper to buy and the card design is more fun than the foil board Certified and Limited autographs.

ebaysmalllogo Image

1914480211764040 1 Image
BRETT FAVRE 2000 Donruss Elite PTT AUTO #21 of 1500 Green Bay Packers
1115511922884040 1 Image
2008 Topps Chrome Ref Brett Favre Auto #'d 21 50 GAI Certified Authentic
1715994325894040 1 Image
2013 Topps Supreme Brett Favre autograph 1 1 Packers Auto 1 of 1
1715994331794040 1 Image
2008 Leaf Certified Brett Favre autograph 1 1 Packers Auto 1 of 1
1715994367334040 1 Image
2007 Donruss Threads Brett Favre autograph 1 1 Packers Auto 1 of 1
3909161590274040 1 Image
2005 Leaf Limited Monikers Brett Favre auto autograph jersey #D09 25 #MM-5 *3620
3712141661854040 1 Image
1115478325864040 1 Image
2007 Topps Brett Favre Flight To 420 Auto Autograph BFCA-1 18 18

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