First LeBron James Miami Heat Basketball Cards Hit eBay

First LeBron James Miami Heat Basketball Cards Hit eBay

The first LeBron James basketball cards with the 2-time NBA MVP dawning a Miami Heat jersey were distributed at last week's National Sports Collectors Convention as part of Panini's wrapper redemption promotion. Below is a look at the Top 10 eBay sales for LeBron's 2010-11 Donruss Elite "Heat Rookie Card" .

The first four were pre-sales of the card, presumably they were the standard version numbered "xxx/499". If there's a lesson to be learned, do not buy a card before it comes out! The Aspirations and Status parallels went for below $30 and are substantially better than the regular version! I would highly recommend picking up one of the parallels as an investment card. It's hard to go wrong paying $30-$50 for a card that marks a new chapter in the career of one of the greatest players in NBA history with a print run of less than 50!

Top 10 eBay Sales: 2010-11 Donruss Elite LeBron James (National Convention Wrapper Redemption):
*Pre-Sales in BOLD

  1. $97.77
  2. $97.77
  3. $97.77
  4. $85
  5. $30 (Status xx/25)
  6. $24.95 (Aspirations xx/50)
  7. $24.50 (xxx/499)
  8. $20.56 (Aspirations xx/50)
  9. $19.77 (xxx/499)
  10. $15 (xxx/499)
Top eBay Listings

2010 Donruss Elite National Convention #36 Lebron James Miami Heat Card 1j6


2010-11 Elite Black Box Status #1 Lebron James Miami Heat Basketball Card 1b8

2010 Donruss Elite National Convention 36 LeBron James 499

"Lebron James Nike Elite" Basketball Shoes 2010 Blue White Collector's Shoes

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User Comments

  1. Hey i have a question. When it comes to this card convention stuff i’m lost. I know they made diferent lebron cards that are numbered. (2010 donruss elite,First heat card) The blue xx/25 the green xx/50 and the black xx/499

    So here is my question why are they xx/499 should the card have numbers like 21/25 or somethin. Like i said i dont know so if some one has a reply i’d be glad to learn something. thanks Mike O

  2. @Mike: I would suspect the reasoning is that it differentiates them from actual cards that are part of the upcoming Donruss Elite set. Putting x’s instead of numbers makes it known that they were part of a promotion.

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