Featured Hobby Blog: Bad Wax

Featured Hobby Blog: Bad Wax

Bad Wax is written by Mike Levine and will be celebrating its fourth anniversary in January. The topics covered  range from finding under-valued items on eBay to opining about the latest card designs. Two recurring themes that keep collectors coming back for more are Craigslist Idiots and Custom Cards.

The premise of Craigslist Idiots is simple, funny and does something many collectors have thought about. Craigslist is always filled with ads with people selling sports cards. In most cases, these cards all come from the era we all know and loathe as the “junk wax" era of that runs from the late-80s through the mid-90s. In every piece in the series, the seller, with little knowledge about what they are actually trying to sell falls victim to a reality check when Mike engages them in dialogue and a negotiation.

Often a vocal critic of lackluster mainstream card designs, Levine takes it upon himself to create his own trading cards. These often include elaborate cut signature dream cards like those titled "1919 Black Sox" or "Pride of the Yankees." His creativity has opened an untapped revenue stream, as he is willing to sell or even trade for his creations.

Asked what motivates him to continue blogging nearly every day, Mike simply responded by saying, “To voice my thoughts and opinions on the hobby."

Examples of Recent Posts:

Rating: PG-13, although the Craigslist pieces can border line an R rating due to the occasional use of offensive language.

ebaysmalllogo Image

2717089980474040 1 Image
Martavis Bryant Die-cut Elite Autograph 49
2810454493384040 1 Image
(1) Rick Porcello 2008 Prime Cuts Leaf Limited Auto RC SP (qty)
2717090108344040 1 Image
Chad Gaudin 2013 Leaf Cut Signature 1 1 Pride of the Pinstripe Masterpiece Auto
2909244825464040 1 Image
Chicago Cubs Billy Jurges 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Autograph Auto
3216180089944040 1 Image
Rare Ken Holloway Cut Signature Autograph PSA DNA
3216180089974040 1 Image
Rare Sam Gray Cut Signature Autograph PSA DNA
3216180090004040 1 Image
Rare Joe Shaute Cut Signature Autograph PSA DNA
3810904396914040 1 Image
Rare Walter Stewart Cut Signature Autograph PSA DNA

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