Featured Hobby Blog: Stale Gum

Featured Hobby Blog: Stale Gum

Stale Gum is one of the hobby's oldest blogs. Operated and written by Chris Harris, the blog focuses on random commentary on a range of trading card topics. From angst about Topps' latest gimmick to reflections on junk wax, Harris has an opinion about all things sports cards. In addition, as the prototypical set builder, Harris uses his blog as a platform for conducting trades, complete with a section of want lists. The articulate intelligence and knowledgeable insight with which his posts are written are sprinkled with satire and dry humor. Subjecting his readers to the occasional profanity-laced tirades on perceived hobby injustices, Harris' Stale Gum was an early adopter of utilizing a blog to have his voice heard.

Examples of Recent Posts:

Rating: R due to the sporadic use of offensive language

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2013 Topps Chrome RED REFRACTOR AUTO Darin Ruf RC PHILLIES #d 6 25
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2005 Topps Finest Kevin Melillo Auto 873 970 Athletics
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Pablo Sandoval Peak Performance Autograph Topps 2010 Certified Issue Giants
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2004 Team Topps Blue Chips Clint Nageotte Auto Mariners
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2004 Topps Fan Dave Stieb Auto Blue Jays
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2003 Topps Pristine Josh Phelps Auto Blue Jays

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