LeSean McCoy in Trouble Over Missed Signing Appearance

LeSean McCoy in Trouble Over Missed Signing Appearance

Philadelphia Eagles' starting running back LeSean McCoy is in more legal trouble after not participating in an agreed autograph signing despite being paid in advance. McCoy initially appeared at the event in the Sports Scene memorabilia store, but quickly left once he saw federal agents in the store. The store was being raided by law enforcement officials as part of eventual charges that the owner was trafficking illegal jerseys. The owner, Salvatore Argo, is suing the running back for the pre-paid money. The result of all this is a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court civil judgment of $8,180.50 against McCoy and a co-defendant.

McCoy previously ran into a similar problem when he failed to appear an autograph signing at a Bentley's Restaurant in Wilkes-Barre. He was paid $2,500 in advance to but was unable to attend because he got a flat tire driving to the event. The restaurant sent a car to pick him up but the car was not large enough for McCoy and his bodyguards. Rather than temporarily parting ways with his entourage, McCoy didn't attend.

McCoy has been a starter for the Eagles since his rookie season in 2009 when Brian Westbrook went down with an injury and was eventually let go. McCoy has yet to match the lofty stats put up by his predecessor but is part of an Eagles offense full of talent including Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson.

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