Dallas Mavericks Win First NBA Championship

Dallas Mavericks Win First NBA Championship

Some will consider it justice served as the Mavericks beat the Heat in Miami on Sunday night to win the NBA Championship. Dallas took down Miami 105-95 and won the best-of-seven series four games to two. This win will cement Dirk Nowitzki's legacy among the game's elite and provide Jason Kidd with the title he has been searching for throughout his productive, 17-year career.

Nowitzki's memorabilia and cards should both see a nice increase in price and demand. Autographed items and rookie cards will see the biggest bump. The NBA Championship redeems him from a legacy he cultivated through his career by not winning when it mattered most.

One question that remains for the Mavericks is how much gas is still in the tank. Nowitzki is 32 and key pieces of the Mav's team are even older. Jason Terry is 33 and Jason Kidd is 38. Although Terry was invaluable during the championship run, he will not see that translated into increased hobby interest.

On the other hand, this should be the icing on the cake for Kidd's career. The NBA title should guarantee his inclusion in the Hall of Fame in a few years. As the oldest of the three, his retirement is not far off. As long as Kidd doesn't overstay his abilities in the NBA, his collecting interest should maintain a healthy level and then get another increase once his is inducted.

From a collecting perspective, the Heat's loss should do little to diminish the value of the big three. LeBron James is only 26, Dwyane Wade is 29 and Chris Bosh is 27. These amazing players still have many years of basketball in them. If the team remains intact, it is likely that they will prevail with a championship at some point. The fact that all three players started in the same year means that 2003-04 boxes of basketball cards will continue to be one of the most desired from a fan and investment perspective.

There is no doubt that James is a terrific talent. He needs to improve several areas of his game including his mid-range shot but he should be in the yearly MVP discussion and title chase for years to come. The troubling thing for James is his continued immaturity. Remarks during the news conference indicate that he still chooses to be the villain when this could have marked the end of the Heat backlash. He could have lost with respect and ended all the drama that has been building since he left Cleveland for Miami. James will have enough trouble getting that ring against the talent of the NBA without causing problems himself. Only when he combines maturity, an elevated game and multiple championships can he begin to approach the Michael Jordan-level of hobby interest.

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