Collectors Look To Cash in On Campaign Memorabilia

Collectors Look To Cash in On Campaign Memorabilia

mccain campaign button ImageThe 2008 Presidential Campaign Race has entered its final month, and as the finish line approaches collectors are scrambling around to purchase commemorative memorabilia.

"Everything's collectible if you get it before Election Day," said Mark Evans, the director of member services for the National American Political Items Collectors Organization.

A wide range of memorabilia is making its way into the hands of collectors.  From the absurd, to the offensive, to the downright weird, its all fair game for collectors.

Evans has been collecting political memorabilia since he was a third grader campaigning for President Kennedy in Buffalo, NY.  His collection started with a few campaign buttons, but over time has grown to include several thousands pieces of various political memorabilia.  Many collectors of political memorabilia buy glass, china, textiles, posters, vintage photography, autographs, rare books, ribbons and delegation badges to add to their collections.  There are no limitations on what is and is not collected as there's a market for any and all items that are either used in political campaign and/or tell the story of the election and the candidates.  Another requirement of authentic political memorabilia is that it is made prior to Election Day.  Items made after Election Day are considered by many collectors to be fake.

Collectors looking to invest in political memorabilia are best off spending their money on political buttons - particularly ones dated with campaign stops, which have smaller production runs.  Politically Themed Bobbleheads and Action Figures are also likely to increase in value over time, provided the items are well made pieces that accurately depict the candidates.

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