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Looking to sell your baseball cards, entertainment trading card or other types of sports cards, collectibles and/or memorabilia? In addition to featuring a list of the top sports card and memorabilia buyers in the world we also have a wealth of resources and selling guides available to help you sell your collection.

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Let us assist you in selling your collection . Simply fill out the form below and we will refer you to one of our industry leading buying partners.

Upon submission of the form below, you will be contacted by The Cardboard Connection or our primary buying partner Just Collect within 1-2 business days to find out more about your collection, provide a free appraisal and get the buying process rolling! We specialize in facilitating the sale of vintage and moderate to high dollar modern cards, but if your collection has value chances are we will be able to connect you with the right buyer!

The Cardboard Connection has partnered with Just Collect, one the leading buyers of high quality collections, vintage cards and sports memorabilia in the industry in order to ensure the large volume of collectors who approach us on a daily basis regarding selling their collections have the best possible option available to them. Just Collect will provide you with a honest, accurate, fair (and free) appraisal and have the resources and infrastructure to pay top dollar for your cards, memorabilia and other sports collectibles (as well as some non-sport) in a timely and reliable manner.

Bear in mind that companies won't automatically buy just anything. Buying and selling baseball cards is their means of livelihood, so if they don't think they can turn a profit from purchasing your collection, they are unlikely to buy it from you.

If your collection mainly consists of late 1980's and early to mid 1990's baseball cards then it is for all intensive purposes worthless. This is a result of the gross overproduction of sports cards during this era. If you are lucky enough to find someone to purchase these kinds of cards the payout would hardly even warrant the gas or shipping expenses incurred in completing the transaction. You are much better off donating the cards to charity. In addition to helping a good cause, in many cases your donation can be used as a tax write off come April. Find out more about why your sports cards from the early 90's are worthless. But bear in mind that there are some exceptions.

Selling Your Sports Cards

List of Recommended Card Buyers
IMPORTANT: When contacting any of the buyers below, be sure to mention that you were referred to them by The Cardboard Connection.

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Just Collect

Just Collect is one the leading buyers of vintage cards and memorabilia in the industry and is currently the #1 option we refer readers of The Cardboard Connection to. They will provide you with a honest, accurate, fair (and free) appraisal and have the resources and infrastructure to pay top dollar for your cards, memorabilia and other sports collectibles (as well as some non-sport) in a timely and reliable manner. Make sure you tell the folks at Just Collect that you were referred via The Cardboard Connection!.

Trophy Box Cards

A new service and fresh concept, the Trophy Box Cards platform offers many interesting consignment options that differ from more traditional routes.


COMC makes it extremely easy and efficient to sell your collection. Simply create a free account, send them your cards, set your prices using their impressive web based control panel and let the sales (and sale offers) role in. They also offer a fully consigned, hands off service in which they handle every aspect of the sales process for you.


You will be very hard pressed to find a better option then eBay for selling your trading card collection - that is, as long as you are willing to put in the time listing your collection and you do your homework. eBay is likely to yield the greatest financial return - particularly when selling baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards and hockey cards worth more then $5 but less then $5,000.


Buying: You'd be hardpressed to find a city in the United States where at least a handful of collectors aren't monitoring Craigslist classifieds looking to pick up the next big collection.

Kit Young
Buying: All sports, modern and vintage.

Kurtz Kards
Buying: Vintage Baseball, Football and Basketball cards from 1887-1969.

McAvoy Sportcards
Buying: Vintage baseball card pack wrappers, vintage cards.

Portland Sports Card Co.
Buying: Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey Cards from the mid-1970's and before, Minor League Baseball team sets, graded cards and vintage sports publications.

Tim's Baseball Card Shop
Buying: Vintage sports cards and non-sports cards. Sealed wax packs, boxes, and cases of cards. Bulk quantities of rookie cards.

707 Sportscards
Buying: Vintage cards, especially pre-war. All conditions, graded and ungraded.

Buying: Graded and ungraded baseball cards and other pre-1968 sports cards.

Baseball Card Exchange
Buying: Unopened wax products, complete sets, singles.

Buying: Pre-1975 baseball cards, Complete Sets, Unopened Wax packs/Wax boxes, Tobacco Cards, World Series Press Pins, Game Used bats, balls, jerseys, and more.

We encourage you to share your experiences dealing with any of these buyers by emailing us at editor@cardboardconnection.com.

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