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upper deck logo ImageThe word premium gets thrown around a lot in the world of modern sports cards, and not everyone agrees on exactly what it means. One thing most collectors would admit is that Upper Deck gave the concept of premium cards a huge boost when it introduced its first set of baseball cards in 1989, and the reaction to that landmark product changed the landscape of the hobby forever.

Company Overview
Just about every aspect of the 1989 Upper Deck Baseball set was a step up from what collectors had become accustomed to seeing out of baseball card sets. The card stock was better, the tamper-proof packaging was a first, and the hologram that helped prevent counterfeiting was a new innovative twist. As luck would have it, a young outfielder named Ken Griffey Jr. was also coming of age at the same time, and his card in that first Upper Deck set became one of the iconic rookie cards of the modern era.

Other card companies would follow Upper Deck's lead, but the privately held company continued to introduce many elements to its sets that are staples of the hobby in the early 21st Century. Upper Deck either invented or made the first widespread use of certified autographed cards, serial-numbered cards and game-worn memorabilia cards. More recently, it redefined beliefs of what people would pay for a single pack of cards with brands like Ultimate Collection, Exquisite and The Cup.

By the mid-2000s, Upper Deck was the industry leader, producing trading cards for all of the U.S. "Big Four" sports leagues, buying the remains of former competitor Fleer and nearly purchasing main rival Topps. It's dominance was dealt a bit of a blow when the NBA decided to go with Panini as its only basketball card partner beginning in late 2009, and another came when Major League Baseball elected to go solely with Topps starting with the 2010 season.

Upper Deck continues to make licensed sets of NFL and NHL (for whom it is the lone card manufacturer) cards, and has announced plans to continue making baseball cards thanks to a deal with the MLBPA. The company boasts brands like SP Authentic and SPx which have become staples across multiple sports, and its roster of exclusive spokesmen includes the likes of Michael Jordan and Sidney Crosby.

Through its Upper Deck Authenticated arm, Upper Deck also has a large presence in the field of autographed sports memorabilia. It also produces non-sports cards like the World of Warcraft collectible card game and has a deal in place to create cards and games based on Marvel Comics characters beginning in 2010.

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★★2013-14 Upper Deck Edmonton Oilers Collection Hockey Hobby Box Set - Auto's
2610764122604040 1 Image
2011 12 SP Authentic Basketball Sealed Hobby Box
2309891912934040 1 Image
2012 13 Upper Deck SP Authentic Basketball Hobby Box
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(1) Sealed 2011-12 Upper Deck Basketball EXQUISITE Hobby Box FREE SHIP
2009383507244040 1 Image
2013 Upper Deck Football Hobby box
1900882528294040 1 Image
2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Hobby box 5 autos per box
2211951467434040 1 Image
2010-11 (2011) Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby Box - 3 Autos
3008683759254040 1 Image
2010-11 (2011) Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey 12 Box Factory Sealed Hobby Case
3008683777904040 1 Image
2010-11 (2011) Upper Deck The Cup Hockey 3 Box Factory Sealed Hobby Case
3008683780624040 1 Image
2010-11 (2011) Upper Deck The Cup Hockey 6 Box Factory Sealed Hobby Case
2211951501464040 1 Image
2010-11 (2011) Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby Box
2211951512784040 1 Image
2010-11 (2011) Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby Box
1911134834184040 1 Image
3210139499694040 1 Image
2008-09 2009 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Factory Sealed HOBBY Box 24pk 5cd
2211951638384040 1 Image
2009-10 (2010) Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Factory Sealed Hobby Box - 3 Autos
2509058531964040 1 Image
2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football Sealed Hobby Box
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Card Images

89udgriffey Image

1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card

2009 10 upper deck hockey sidney crosby Image

2009-10 Upper Deck Sidney Crosby Base Card