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psadna logo Image Already the industry leader in authenticating and grading sports cards, PSA decided to expand its operation to include the authentication of autographs in 1999. To that end, the company formed PSA/DNA, offering its reputation and resources to the broader field of autographed sports memorabilia.

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Example of PSA/DNA matching COA and label.

The DNA part of the name comes from the special technology used to help collectors know an autographed item is legitimate. When a company representative witnesses a signature in person, the signed item is marked with permanent, invisible (except when hit by a specially calibrated laser) ink that is laced with synthetic DNA. The DNA is free of human cells, and the company claims the chances of replicating it are only one in 33 trillion.

On top of that, PSA/DNA provides a Certificate of Authenticity that corresponds to a coded label that is attached to the item. The label can't be removed without leaving fragments behind, and the code can be entered online to look up the item in the company's database.

In addition to on-location authentication, PSA/DNA employs a team of experts to certify and grade previously signed autographs. Just about any type of signed item can be submitted for authentication, and the company will employ the same three-step process it uses for autographs it witnesses in person if it feels the signature is real. In the event PSA/DNA believes an autograph is a fake, it will be returned in its submitted condition with an explanation as to why the authenticators believe it is a forgery.

PSA/DNA also offers a grading service for autographs using the same ten-point scale it utilizes when grading sports cards. This step goes beyond simply certifying a signature to rate its quality, and just as it does for cards, a high grade for an autograph can help its perceived value increase by many times in the eyes of prospective buyers.

The company also authenticates photos, rings, trophies and game-used baseball bats. PSA/DNA has a presence at just about every major hobby show and also serves as the official authenticator for entities like NFL Auctions.

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Sabine Lisicki Germany Tennis Signed Auto 8x10 PHOTO PSA DNA
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8 card Golf autograph lot!!!! HoF, Psa DNA
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Keith Richards Signed Rolling Stones Autographed Magazine Page (PSA DNA)
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Walter Payton Signed Chicago Bears Autographed Football Mini Helmet COA PSA DNA
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Benji Molina Anaheim Angels Signed 16x20 Photo PSA DNA #W27336
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Jenny McCarthy Signed Authentic Autographed 8x10 Photo (PSA DNA) #J64829

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