Collecting the 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees

Collecting the 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees have been announced. The list is headlined by a handful of 1990's greats that have deep roots in the hobby. Mike Modano, Peter Forsberg, Dominik Hasek and Rob Blake were all popular with collectors and still command attention today. Joining them is late coaching legend, Pat Burns and referee Bill McCreary.

Given the era in which they played, rookie cards of all the 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame players are easy to find and very affordable.

Blake and Modano have the most rookie cards of the group. However, they're from 1990-91 sets, some of the most plentiful every produced. Both have rookies in 1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Premier, which ranks among the year's most valuable sets, not that that means much today. Although not considered by most to be rookie cards, collectors may want to track down Blake's 1990-91 Bowman Tiffany and Modano's 1990-91 Bowman Tiffany and Topps Tiffany cards. Available only as part of special factory sets, they're rarer and made with better printing standards.

Burns also has his rookie card from 1990-91. He was included in Pro Set's subset dedicated to coaches. Collectors should be able to find one in a commons bin or just slightly more.

1990-91 Pr0 Set is also the place where you'll find Bill McCreary's rookie card. In its inaugural season in hockey, the now-defunct card maker produced a referees subset. It could very well be the cheapest rookie card for a Hall of Famer from the big four sports.

Forsberg has just two rookie cards, 1991-92 Upper Deck and 1991-92 Upper Deck French.

That's also the same year Hasek 's rookies are from. The six-time Vezina winner has eight rookie cards, although when you take language variations into account, there are only five different designs.

Below you can find rookie card checklist for all of the 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees. If you're curious about a specific card or want to buy one, click on the links to shop on eBay.

Rob Blake Rookie Cards

Pat Burns Rookie Card

1990 91 Pro Set Pat Burns 212x300 Image

Peter Forsberg Rookie Cards

1991 92 Upper Deck Peter Forsberg RC1 220x300 Image

Dominik Hasek Rookie Cards

1991 92 Upper Deck Dominik Hasek 218x300 Image

Bill McCreary

1990 91 Pro Set Bill McCreary 213x300 Image

Mike Modano

1990 91 O Pee Chee Mike Modano RC 213x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2715510830084040 1 Image
02 03 BAP In The Game-Used Mike Modano Marty Turco Teamates jersey card.NICE!!!
3708070543614040 1 Image
2009-10 The Cup #75 Mike Modano 35 249
3707028936124040 1 Image
2007-08 SPx #117 Mike Modano JSY
2214970112554040 1 Image
3711036024724040 1 Image
1413289537054040 1 Image
2013-14 ITG Heroes and Prospects Hockey Hero Three Card Lot Mike Modano
3511025490824040 1 Image
2013-14 ITG Heroes and Prospects Hockey Hero Three Card Lot Dominik Hasek
1912246782684040 1 Image
2005-06 Ultra Scoring Kings Jerseys BLK Swatch #SKJMM Mike Modano Stars
2011149676034040 1 Image
2005-06 Ultra Scoring Kings Jerseys Green Swatch #SKJMM Mike Modano Stars
1912246786684040 1 Image
2005-06 Ultra Scoring Kings Jerseys WHT swatch #SKJPF Peter Forsberg
2011149682974040 1 Image
2005-06 Artifacts Red #32 Mike Modano 39 50
2011149690554040 1 Image
2005-06 SPx Xcitement Superstars #XSHA Dominik Hasek 300 499
2011149711034040 1 Image
2006-07 Upper Deck Exclusives #142 Peter Forsberg 45 100
2011149761864040 1 Image
2003-04 SPx #119 Mike Modano LI 89 750
1912246867394040 1 Image
2003-04 SPx #147 Mike Modano Xcite 419 750
2511222449784040 1 Image
2010 Upper Deck World of Sports DOMINIK HASEK Autograph Athletes Czech Republic
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