Hot Box or Hot Air?

Hot Box or Hot Air?

Buying hobby boxes is like walking into a casino. You're trying your luck and hoping to come out a winner. I'm no stranger to baseball cards or casinos. Yet, I still find myself going back for more.

I recently bought two boxes of 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball. I wanted a ‘hot box.' A hot box is loaded with autos and game-used jerseys. You get something in every pack.

Sure enough, one of the boxes of 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball that I purchased ended up being one of these highly sought after hot boxes. I ripped it and got the following prizes:

  • kempaujerz 260x203 Image

    Kyle Gibson USA Baseball autographed jersey #/225

  • Tyler Lyons USA Baseball GU jersey
  • Chris Hernandez USA Baseball auto
  • Joaquin Arias Inkcredible auto
  • Jonathan Herrera auto
  • Christian Colon USA Baseball auto
  • Kevin Hart Inkcredible auto
  • Mike Minor USA Baseball auto
  • Steve Holm Inkcredible auto
  • Matt Kemp autographed jersey#/25 (best card of the bunch)
  • Blake Smith USA Baseball auto
  • Matt Den Dekker USA Baseball
  • Gregorio Petit Inkcredible Auto
  • Ross Ohlendorf Inkcredible auto
  • Mike Leake USA Baseball auto

Quantity-wise, that's an impressive amount of cards, but there isn't much quality in this bunch. The best card is the Matt Kemp autographed game-used jersey serial numbered #/25.

In fact, the other cards aren't really worth looking at. If you were playing a slot machine, every one of those pulls would have simply gotten me my money back. The Kemp would have been the only big hit.

After getting a box like this, would you feel like a winner?

User Comments

  1. I’d be disappointed, but maybe one or two of the USA players will turn out to be decent down the road.

  2. Hey Sooz,

    Time will tell with several of the Team USA autos, as it remains to be seen who of the bunch will realize their potential at the major league level. As for me, the box that you just ripped would be like eating a Snickers bar.

    The ads tell you that you’ll be satisfied, but does it really provide any satiable value beyond the short amount of time that you spent devouring it?

  3. It was fun to rip, but the more I think about it, the less entertained I am with it.

    Others had better luck with their hot boxes, but that’s all part of the gamble.

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