2014 MLB Bobblehead Giveaway Schedule and Guide

2014 MLB Bobblehead Giveaway Schedule and Guide

2014 Chicago Cubs Babe Ruth Bobblehead SGA ImageBobbleheads have long been one of the most popular baseball stadium giveaways. If you've ever been to a game where one is being given away, you've likely encountered the lineups. The last one I went to, people waited in line for a couple of hours, grabbed their bobbleheads and went home before the game. That's extreme, but it proves the drawing power the figures have. 2014 is a big year for baseball bobblehead giveaways.

More than bobblehead giveaways are planned for 2014. That's up more than 20 percent from last year.

The Angels start it all with a Mike Trout bobblehead on April 1. Each month, the giveaways are spread out across MLB evenly. Each month sees approximately 20 promotions.

The Dodgers continue to be the kings of MLB bobblehead stadium giveaways. They have 11 planned for 2014 including Yasiel Puig. The team also has a dual figure (Pee Wee Reese and Roy Campanella) and one with four players (Dusty Baker, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and Reggie Smith).

With the Cubs celebrating Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary, the team has lots of promotions planned. Going beyond just the team, their bobbleheads include Red Grange, Gale Sayers. Perhaps the most curious one is of Babe Ruth. Yes, Babe Ruth, the Yankee. The promotion honors the "Called Shot," which was made at Wrigley.

The Rockies are combining their bobblehead and garden gnome promotions to release bobble gnomes. They have several throughout the season, most of which focus on a nickname theme.

Fresh of his Grammy wins, Macklemore is being honored by the Seattle Mariners on June 12. Some of the other intriguing 2014 MLB bobblehead giveaways include Evan Longoria's 1980s Hair Band (Tampa Bay), a Homer Bailey dual bobble celebrating both of his no-hitters (Reds), a Nolan and Reid Ryan dual bobble (Houston) and President Racing Bill (Wasington). And let's not forget Hello Kitty. Both the Yankees and Dodgers have figures for the animated feline.

Looking to plan your 2014 collection? Check out all of the announced 2014 MLB bobblehead giveaways below.

2014 MLB Bobblehead Stadium Giveaway Schedule

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  • 1 Atlanta Braves - Bobby Cox
  • 1 Baltimore Orioles - Adam Jones (25,000)
  • 2 Los Angeles Dodgers - Magic Johnson
  • 4 Texas Rangers - Shin-Soo Choo (15,000)
  • 5 Chicago Cubs - Greg Maddux 3,000th Strikeout (10,000)
  • 6 Minnesota Twins - TBA All-Star (10,000)
  • 6 Tampa Bay Rays - Evan Longoria's 80s Hair Band (20,000)
  • 7 Colorado Rockies - Wilin Rosario "Baby Bull" Bobblehead Gnome (15,000)
  • 9 Boston Red Sox - Pedro Martinez
  • 9 Los Angeles Dodgers - Babe Ruth
  • 9 New York Yankees - Lucy (18,000)
  • 13 Arizona Diamondbacks - Paul Goldschmidt (20,000)
  • 13 Milwaukke Brewers - Hank the Ballpark Pup
  • 14 Milwaukee Brewers - Robin Yount
  • 17 Atlanta Braves - Tom Glavine
  • 20 San Diego Padres - TBA
  • 20 St. Louis Cardinals - Jose Oquendo
  • 21 Baltimore Orioles - TBA Fan's Choice (25,000)
  • 21 Miami Marlins - Jose Fernandez (12,000)
  • 27 Washington Nationals - Tyler Clippard (25,000)
ebaysmalllogo Image
2912699622694040 1 Image
Chicago Blackhawks **Patrick Kane Bobblehead** SGA 3 14 2014 - NIB!!!
2912699625924040 1 Image
Chicago Blackhawks * Patrick Kane Bobblehead * * SGA 3 14 2014 - NIB!!!
1513618187494040 1 Image
***2014 GOLDSCHMIDT Bobble Bobblehead SGA 9 13 AZ Arizona Diamondbacks Dbacks**
1214163846784040 1 Image
Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles SGA Limited Edition Bobblehead In Hand 9 1 14 2014
1313229336774040 1 Image
IVAN "PUDGE" RODRIGUEZ Texas Rangers Gold Glove Bobblehead SGA 2014!
1214614476164040 1 Image
YU DARVISH Texas Rangers Strikeout King Bobblehead SGA 2014 + SGA Jersey
2716348581804040 1 Image
Yankees Paul O'Neill Bobblehead SGA 7 27 2014
1114849764014040 1 Image
2014 New In Box PROMOTIONAL Magic Johnson LA Dodgers Lakers SGA Bobble head NIB
2912685216404040 1 Image
2014 NY Yankees Lucy SGA Bobblehead Doll W Stub 9 9 Peanuts #3
1714999605714040 1 Image
2215541902154040 1 Image
2014 Jerry Buss LA Los Angeles Lakers Nodder Bobblehead SGA
3215292068034040 1 Image
BRAND NEW 2014 Yankees JOE GIRARDI Bobblehead SGA 8 20 14 - NIB!!
2716349489964040 1 Image
2616256653774040 1 Image
2215290921434040 1 Image
NY Yankees Joe Girardi SGA Bobblehead Doll 8 20 2014 FREE SHIPPING!
2814671949704040 1 Image
Arizona Diamondbacks Patrick Corbin Bobblehead 2014 SGA!
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  1. The Cubs should have done the Maddux in July and Sayers in Sept. Maddux goes in the Hall of Fame in July and Football starts in Sept.

  2. Actually the Brewer list is here. http://milwaukee.brewers.mlb.com/mil/ticketing/allfans.jsp

  3. Tony » Thanks! Just added them.

  4. I wonder if the Cubs had to get permission from the Yankees to make the Babe Ruth bobblehead.

  5. Thanks for the list.
    The Texas Rangers have a Prince Fielder bobblehead giveaway on May 18th.
    Thanks again!

  6. forgot on September 17 tom Glavine bobblehead braves

  7. The Brewers just added a bobblehead for Hank the Ballpark Pup, the stray dog that the team adopted in Arizona this spring. It is on September 13.

  8. Tony » Thanks for the heads up. It has been added to the list.

  9. On April 6th, the Rockies bobblehead gnome is of Michael Cuddyer, not Chris Johnson

  10. Also, The Reds announced their bobbles for 2014

    June 4 – Aroldis Chapman
    June 21 – Ken Griffey Jr. 500th Home Run
    July 12 – Billy Hamilton
    August 6 – Jay Bruce
    August 23 – 2015 All Star Bobblehead

  11. BJ » Thanks for the updates!

  12. No problem!

    I also just noticed all your Detroit bobblehead dates are wrong haha

    June 5th – Max Scherzer CY Young
    August 14 – Justin Verlander Mini
    August 15 – Miguel Cabrera 2-Tme MVP

  13. Here’s some other finds

    August 15 – Chris Carpenter Retirement

    September 27 – Tyler Clippard

  14. BJ » Thanks! The front office is doing some switches because I remember very clearly plugging the originals in. : )

  15. If there is no number listed after the give away, does that mean it’s for all fans?

  16. Raymond Ray » Correct, as far as we understand. I’d still recommend double-checking with the team just in case. However most teams are specific ahead of time.

  17. The Red Sox have Pedro Martinez bobblehead night September 9th

  18. looking for bobblehead site that is not to expensive. Currently have a youth organization where we give away the bobbleheads to the youths as work ethic incentive. just can not keep enough for all our campers. please forward any info or help, Thanks.

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