2011 Topps Chrome USA Autograph Redemptions Clarified

2011 Topps Chrome USA Autograph Redemptions Clarified

2011 Topps Chrome Baseball USA Baseball Collegiate National Team Autograph Set Redemption ImageTopps has clarified exactly what collectors will receive when they pull USA Baseball redemption cards from 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball. The cards read, "You have just received a set of 2011 USA Baseball Collegiate National Team Autograph Cards." It sounds pretty cool, and they are. But just don't expect the whole set.

The redemptions are good for a pack with five or six autographs, not 22. Although some might not be too happy with the choice wording used on the cards, Topps also pointed out that the USA autographs are bonus hits, offered beyond the suggested two autographs per hobby box.

Like regular Topps Chrome cards, the USA autographs also have several parallels: Refractors, Blue Refractors, Gold Refractors, Atomic Refractors, Red Refractors, Printing Plates and Superfractors.

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Danny Espinosa 2011 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor Auto #'ed 99 Nationals
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2011 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor Auto Carlos Peguero 499
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Eduardo Nunez 2011 Topps Chrome"Black Ref Auto 100"RC.SP#198

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User Comments

  1. Hi, After Years of opening Hobby Boxes and Topps Chrome being my favorite I finnaly pulled a redemption. I was so happy.
    I thought i was getting an Entire Set of U.S.A National Team Refractors.
    But According to the above post I am only getting a Pack with 5 cards?
    What a Let Down.
    And I have to wait until December for Topps to ship them.
    What a Joke.

  2. I tryed several times to pay for the limited cards I won on the diamond giveaway. How pathetic. We the buyers of many boxes enter all these codes get cards and rings. I won the 60th Anniversary diamond collection. Then I go to pay for the cards I won and I was limited to 25 of the cards. Why is that. I won the giveaway cards and im limited to what I can get? PATHETIC IS THAT. Then to top it off I tryed 4 times to request and pay for my cards and it wouldnt go thru for me. I tryed a Visa bank/debit card wouldnt work. Tryed my Master card that wouldnt work. I have money in savings and checking and enough in both credi cards. It was not going thru. Im very upset with Topps. Then you want to charge me something around $15.00 for the 25 cards and most are .10cent commons how crazy is that. Wow you got your money from the collectors/public trying to get the rings/digs to win cards. Im very upset with Topps for this. Seems like a little misleading to me,we dig and get a card and then have to pay for it. Then we can only get 25 cards that we won with the digs,I dont get that. I also bought a 2011 topps chrome USA Baseball collegiate refractor national set. On your topps web sit it says a PACK OF CARDS, I hope this isnt true as thats not whats stated on my redemption card. I aid alot of money for this redemption refractor auto national team card on ebay and paid big for it. I hope I dont get a pack of cards? if I do thats it for me. Im so tired of this,we get players who dont want to play because of money and block outs. I think I would and should continue my coin collection. I know what Im getting and what its going to be worth. I only hope this can be fixed. I was in the hospital 3 weeks for 2 back surgerys and titanium rods and pins when I was doing the Topps Dig giveaway. well I didnt finish that due to the time I was in the hospital and rehab to help me walk again. So now I wiont be able to finish and get my Diamind set I was going for . only missing a few cards from getting that set.How pathetic. Just as I said,makes me want to limit myself to gold/and coins only. I have been collecting topps for 41 years. Im 46 I would spend my lunch money on Topps baseball and football in Rome NY George Mannings store N James st Rome NY 13440. He passed away years ago and his wife contacted me and I bought every box of Topps he had left on the shelfs from the 70′s. I wish you can get this simple issue fixed. even call me 1 315 709 2247 I would like my cards that I have coming. And to make me happy it would be nice to get the Diamond cut collection I almost finished before going into the hospital. I got my nephew into card collecting Michael Nason Rome NY 13440 He plays the games with the cards from Topps 2011 2010 I give him all my doubles and he is doing well… Thank you for your time. As a avid collector for many years and not eating a lunch for years in school I would hope you would hook a skinny man up.LOL
    Carl R Burch Jr.

  3. I got a redemption for a set of 2011 USA refractor’s and got the whole 22 member/team set, so I don’t know where you got your information, but so far it does not sound reliable.

  4. Vegas Guy (ID 38254) » The information came direct from a Topps press release. Was the entire set autographed? If so, that sounds pretty cool.

  5. No it was not BUT I am expecting a base auto “set” of the same thing so we will see…

  6. Oh does what you say also apply to the other “sets” out there like blue, red refractors and so on? I have seen ppl selling redemtion cards for blue auto’s so I am curious cuz they say as well that its only a 5 card “set”…

  7. Vegas Guy (ID 38308) » Topps came out right away saying that the phrasing on the redemptions was a mistake (before they even started sending out the “sets”). I would assume that this would apply to the parallels as well.

  8. I recently pulled this redemption for the whole autographed set and was told I would instead get a pack of cards. I entered the code and it said congratulations etc then I read a news release saying Topps made an error with this redemption. If I don’t recieve the full autographed set I plan on pursuing the matter further. It’s not about the money, as a collector I want the set of auto’s I am owed, if not I would like another alternate set of cards that would have the same collective value. I have purchased 60 hobby boxes and would like to continue to buy more but until my redemption is recieved I won’t give up. Perhaps instead of buying another 60 boxes I can take the $4,500-$6,000 I would have spent and get a lawyer to look into this further. Just my 2 cents

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