2010 National Chicle Short Print Quiz

2010 National Chicle Short Print Quiz

1. Which Babe Ruth is the short print?

2. Which Ryan Howard is the short print?

3. What card is the first short print in the chicle set?
A. #275 Buster Posey
B. #249 Tom Seaver
C. #276 Babe Ruth
D. #254 Ernie Banks

4. Which Joe Mauer is the short print?

5. Which card is the Short Print?

6. Which Mickey Mantle is the short print?

7. Which card is NOT a short print?

8. Which Stan Musial is the short print?

9. How many of the cards below are short prints?

10. In 2010 National Chicle the short prints are divided into three different categories, which of these is NOT one of them?
A. Vintage Veterans
B. Throwback Jersey Stars
C. Rookie Renditions
D. Retired Stars Revisited


  • A, A, C, A, B, B, C, B, 7, B

How did you grade out?

  • 9-10: Pristine Short Print Mind
  • 7-8: Mint Short Print Mind
  • 6-7: Near-Mint Short Print Mind
  • 5-6: EX-Mint Short Print Mind (excellent means bad)
  • 3-4: Fair Short Print Mind
  • 1-2: Poor Short Print Mind 
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User Comments

  1. Love 2010 Chicle! Trying to collect as many Artist proofs as I can… Great looking set. Are they planning on a Series 2???

  2. @Vessie: I don’t think they are planning on doing a series 2, I have a couple Artist’s Proofs that I could trade to you. Let me know if your interested. -Brett

  3. @Brett Lewis: I have heard they are doing a series 2 of Pro Debut though

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