2010 MLB: Top 100 Minor League Prospects (Hobby Version)

2010 MLB: Top 100 Minor League Prospects (Hobby Version)

Prospects ImageHere's my "upside" and "youth" heavy 2010 Top 100 MLB Prospects. My goal was to hopefully provide some fresh names by going with a younger a version of what my actual Top 100 MLB Prospect list looks like. This list should help you do some deeper "prospecting" with your 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 prospect cards. If I had to estimate, I would say I put about 20% more emphasis on Youth and Potential than I did with my regular version. Especially towards the bottom of the list.

(Players in Bold Have a Card Picture)

  1. Jason Heyward, Braves OF
  2. Stephen Strasburg, Nationals P
  3. Mike Stanton, Marlins OF
  4. Buster Posey, Giants C
  5. Aroldis Chapman, Red P
  6. Martin Perez, Rangers P
  7. Desmond Jennings, Rays OF
  8. Dustin Ackley, Mariners 2B/OF
  9. Jesus Montero, Yankees C/DH
  10. Carlos Santana, Indians C
  11. Aaron Hicks, Twins OF
  12. Justin Smoak, Rangers 1B
  13. Michael Taylor, A's OF
  14. Brian Matusz, Orioles SP
  15. Pedro Alvarez, Pirates 3B
  16. Dominic Brown, Phillies OF
  17. Chris Carter, A's 1B
  18. Brett Wallace, Blue Jays 3B/1B
  19. Neftali Feliz, Rangers P
  20. Tyler Matzek, Rockies SP
  21. Ryan Westmoreland, Red Sox OF
  22. Jacob Turner, Tigers SP
  23. Casey Kelly, Red Sox SP
  24. Freddie Freeman, Braves 1B
  25. Logan Morrison, Marlins 1B/OF
  26. Madison Bumgarner, Giants SP
  27. Wil Myers, Royals C
  28. Wade Davis, Rays P
  29. Tim Beckham, Rays SS
  30. Jeremy Hellickson, Rays P
  31. Miguel Sano, Twins SS
  32. Kyle Drabek, Blue Jays P
  33. Jarrod Parker, Diamondbacks P
  34. Julio Tehran, Braves SP
  35. Wilson Ramos, Twins C
  36. Eric Hosmer, Royals 1B
  37. Christian Fiedrich, Rockis SP
  38. Josh Vitters, Cubs 3B
  39. Mike Trout, Angels OF
  40. Austin Jackson, Tigers OF
  41. Lonnie Chisenhall, Indians 3B
  42. Starlin Castro, Cubs SS
  43. Donovan Tate, Padres OF
  44. Dee Gordon, Dodgers SS
  45. Ethan Martin, Dodgers P
  46. Jenry Meijia, Mets P
  47. Ben Revere, Twins OF
  48. Jaff Decker, Padres OF
  49. Derek Norris, National C
  50. Hank Conger, Angels C
  51. Zack Britton, Orioles SP
  52. Yonder Alonso, Reds 1B
  53. Alcides Escobar, Brewers SS
  54. Tanner Scheppers, Rangers P
  55. Mike Montgomery, Royals P
  56. Jason Castro, Astros C
  57. Phillippe Aumont, Phillies P
  58. Brett Lawrie, Brewers 2B
  59. Jose Iglesias, Red Sox SS
  60. Mike Moustakas, Royals 3B
  61. Matt Dominguez, Marlins 3B
  62. Anthony Rizzo, Red Sox 1B
  63. Drew Storen, Nationals P
  64. Shelby Miller, Cardinals P
  65. Matt Moore, Rays P
  66. Casey Crosby, Tigers P
  67. Arodys Vizcaino, Braves P
  68. Tyler Flowers, White Sox C
  69. Andrew Cashner, Cubs P
  70. Jhoulys Chacin, Rockies P
  71. Daryl Jones, Cardinals OF
  72. Ike Davis, Mets 1B
  73. Matt Sweeney, Rays 3B
  74. Kyle Gibson, Twins P
  75. Chris Withrow, Dodgers P
  76. Grant Green, A's SS
  77. Wilin Rosario, Rockies C
  78. Jared Mitchell, White Sox OF
  79. Simon Castro, Padres P
  80. Carlos Truinfel, Mariners 2B/SS
  81. Michael Saunders, Mariners OF
  82. Zach Stewart, Blue Jays P
  83. Jose Tabata, Pirates OF
  84. Lars Anderson, Red Sox 1B
  85. Mike Leake, Reds P
  86. Brett Jackson, Cubs OF
  87. Tony Sanchez, Pirates C
  88. Peter Bourjos, Angels OF
  89. Aaron Crow, Royals P
  90. Jason Knapp, Indians P
  91. Alex Liddi, Mariners 3B
  92. Josh Bell, Orioles 3B
  93. Max Stassi, A's C
  94. A.J. Pollock, Diamondbacks OF
  95. Hector Gomez, Rockies SS
  96. Jiovanni Mier, Astros SS
  97. Travis D'Arnaud, Blue Jays C
  98. Marcell Ozuna, Marlins OF
  99. Manny Banuelos, Yankees P
  100. Zack Wheeler, Giants P

101st Man: Fernando Martinez, Mets OF
Feel free to comment on any glaring omissions!

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