Alex Galchenyuk Rookie Card Guide and Prospect Card Highlights

Alex Galchenyuk Rookie Card Guide and Prospect Card Highlights

The Montreal Canadiens are emerging as legitimate Stanley Cup contenders. Bolstered by a roster of several explosive young players including Alex Galchenyuk. The third pick in the 2012 draft, it didn't take long for the center to make the transition from minor hockey to the NHL. He debuted with the Canadiens as an 18-year-old in the shortened 2012-13 season, racking up 27 points in 48 games.

The first NHL cards for Galchenyuk and other players who debuted in 2012-13 were held back to 2013-14. This means that there will be plenty of Alex Galchenyuk rookie cards as Panini and Upper Deck will include him in their sets throughout the season.

Collectors can also find a handful of Alex Galchenyuk cards that were released prior to his official NHL rookie cards. In the Game included him in products as early as 2011-12 when he was a member of the Sarnia Sting. These include autographs. Upper Deck included rookie redemptions in a couple of their 2012-13 products, which Galchenyuk ended up being a part of. These inserts didn't release until 2013-14 NHL products came out.

Below is a detailed look at the various Alex Galchenyuk rookie cards available to collectors. We've also added select highlights of his key prospect and pre-rookie cards.

Alex Galchenyuk Rookie Card Checklist

With Alex Galchenyuk rookie cards getting released throughout 2013-14 hockey card products, we'll be updating this list regularly as new sets come out.

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2013-14 O-Pee-Chee Alex Galchenyuk RC #575

There's a lot of history behind the O-Pee-Chee brand. However Upper Deck's take on it has not meant big price tags for singles. Although the Marquee Rookies card is a short print, it's still fairly easy to track down. The low price tag of the product translates into reasonable prices for this card on the secondary market.

2013 14 O Pee Chee Alex Galchenyuk RC 216x300 Image

2013-14 Panini Prizm Alex Galchenyuk RC #251

Making its debut as a standalone hockey product, 2013-14 Panini Prizm hit the market with a lot of buzz. The chromium design fills a void in the hockey market. And while not a high-end set, expect to pay a small premium over low-end releases. The card also has several Refractor-like Prizm parallels that are proving to be popular.

2013 14 Panini Prizm Alex Galchenyuk RC 211x300 Image

2013-14 Score Alex Galchenyuk RC #645

Panini's entry-level set, 2013-14 Score Hockey is more about getting cards into as many hands as possible rather than providing limited availability. That said, it is a short print. That doesn't make it rare or extremely valuable, just tougher than veteran base cards.

2013 14 Score Alex Galchenyuk RC 212x300 Image

2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts Alex Galchenyuk RC #152 #/999

Upper Deck Artifacts has always been more about the memorabilia than the rookie cards. That said, the 2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts Alex Galchenyuk rookie card is limited to 999 and features a classy design. It's positioned as a mid-range option that carries a decent value but its available enough that prices shouldn't get too high.

2013 14 Upper Deck Artifacts Alex Galchenyuk RC 214x300 Image

2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Alex Galchenyuk RC #107 Autograph #/699

Being the first autographed Alex Galchenyuk rookie card, this card carries some added significance. The release also has base set autographs numbered to 399 and 49. The use of stickers may turn off some collectors, but the numbering should ensure that this one is somewhat readily available over the long-term.

2013 14 Upper Deck Trilogy 107 Alex Galchenyuk 699 215x300 Image

Notable Early Alex Galchenyuk Cards

The following cards are among the highlights from sets released before 2013-14.

2011-12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Alex Galchenyuk #11

The first major Alex Galcheyuk card can be found in 2011-12 ITG Heroes and Prospects. The minor league card features the future star as a member of the Sarnia Sting. It might not carry the same clout as an NHL rookie, but its reasonable price tag make it an excellent choice nonetheless.

2011 12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Alex Galchenyuk 212x300 Image

2011-12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Autographs Alex Galchenyuk #A-AG, #A-AG2

2012-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects also has a pair of basic Alex Galchenyuk autograph cards. Both feature a similar design. And while they have stickers, the design makes them hardly noticeable.

2011 12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Autographs Alex Galchenyuk A AG 260x186 Image 2011 12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Autographs Alex Galchenyuk A AG2 260x184 Image

2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts Rookie Redemption Alex Galchenyuk #RED213 #/699

2012-13 Upper  Deck Artifacts has a large crop of Rookie Redemptions. Delayed by the strike, the Galchenyuk card is number RED213 in the set. The redemption card has the Montreal Canadiens logo on it. Numbered to 699, it has the same design as the set's regular rookies.

2012 13 Upper Deck Artifacts Alex Galchenyuk 215x300 Image

2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts Rookie Autographs Redemption Alex Galchenyuk #II

2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts has 18 additional redemptions good for autographs. Galchenyuk is the second card in the set. As of the time of this article, the final cards have yet to be sent out.

2012 13 Upper Deck Artifacts Rookie Redemption Autographs Alex Galchenyuk Redemption 260x182 Image

2012-13 Upper Deck Trade Card Alex Galchenyuk #TC-3

The "Trade Upper Deck" card dates back to the company's early years. It has been brought back recently in several sports to deliver hot rookies that might not be available for a set's initial release. 2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey had three such cards. After the labor dispute cut the season short, these redemptions were delayed somewhat but the final Galchenyuk, which is the third redemption in the set, is now out.

2012 13 Upper Deck Trade Card Alex Galchenyuk 210x300 Image

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