Sports Card Collector’s Guide to Mobile Apps

Sports Card Collector’s Guide to Mobile Apps

It is certainly no great revelation that smart phones have forever changed the way we live. With applications that allow for increased productivity, easier time management, simpler navigation and social communication, your cell phone has most likely become as important to you when leaving the house as your keys and wallet. As mobile technology continues to develop, so do the possibilities for collector-specific apps. Below is a comprehensive guide to some of the current and developing apps that you as a collector, dealer, or both might benefit from. While some of them aren't entirely collector-specific, we'll show you how these other common applications can help you in your collecting endeavors.

Geographic Shopping

Card Shop Finder

Card Shop Finder is a combination of Poynt and Yelp for the sports and entertainment trading card collector. Out of town and looking for the locale's LCS? No problem. Using GPS, the phone locates the shops nearest you and provides you with complete store information; hours, location, phone number, website, map and directions.  When applicable, customer reviews are provided. Don't forget to leave your own.

Platform: Android
Cost: Free

Collection Tracking

Sports Card Album

Not a mobile app just yet, but Sports Card Album certainly is mobile friendly. Word has it that based on user demand, an app may actually be a reality sooner rather than later. As the name implies, Sports Card Album is like Photobucket but targeted for sports cards and much more. Show your pulls, list your white whales, build a visual want list and more. With real-time updating, eBay links, sharing functionality and more, this may eventually be the category winner. Stay tuned.

Platform: TBD
Price: TBD (Website is free.)


Another mobile friendly website, whose mobile app is said to be in the works. The software engineering of Zistle is robust and has lots of enhanced features for social media, community involvement and trading that go above and beyond mere collecting software.

Platform: TBD
Price: TBD (Website is free.)


This suite of products from Archanet Technologies (iBaseballCards, iFootballCards, iBasketballCards, iHockeyCards, iSoccerCards) allows collectors to enter specific card information, including card images. The idea behind it is that in a perfect world, when attending a show, there would be no reason to bring your card binders or paper want list. The data-entry process is very meticulous but the ability to add cards faster is constantly being tweaked with each release.

Platform: iPhone, iPad
Cost: $0.99

Collector's Proof

Collector's Proof is a  website that allows users to organize, track and share their collections. The concept behind Collector’s Proof is that by providing a transparent chain of custody a form of authenticity takes places.

Platform: iPhone, iPad,  Android
Cost: Free

Checklist and Pricing


The popular Wiki-style baseball card reference site is developing an app that will allow you to use their extensive array of product checklists and then catalog you own with a simple check box. The app is currently in beta testing but is hoping to be released sometime in 2013.

Platform: Android
Cost: TBA


This application from the popular antiques and collectibles website is about much more than sports cards. However, Worthpoint's mobile app provides lots of information for sports card and memorabilia collectors.

Platform: iPhone, PalmOS, Android, Blackberry
Price: Worthpoint has three levels of memberships starting at $9.99

Beckett OPG

While the Beckett OPG does not have a standalone app, mobile optimization is incorporated into the site. Released in June of 2013, a mobile app was released by the company and is still available for download via Google Play. However, it appears little support has been put into the product as evidenced by the user reviews.

Platform: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Sports Collecting Communities


The popular vintage focused site uses Tapatalk, one of the top mobile solutions for online communities. With the ability to use your Net54 account on the go, you can stay up on the latest message board chatter.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Price: $2.99 (for Tapatalk)

Freedom Cardboard

The custom branded mobile app is currently available for forum members. A full service app is planned for future release

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry
Price: Free


Obviously, not a collector-specific application but Twitter is still a great resource. It's an easy way to get the latest news and product information. It's also a great way to just chat with other collectors, nonetheless. All of the manufacturers are using the social networking tool to pass along information. By following them and subscribing to the hash tags #thehobby and #collect, you will receive relevant information in real-time.

Platform: iPhone, Android, PalmOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
Price: Free


Collector's Corner

The informative and entertaining eZine published by Sports Card Forum, while not a specific mobile application, the publication can be downloadable as a PDF, making for easy reading on the go.

Platform: All Adobe-Supported Compatible Devices
Cost: Free


Cardboard Connection Radio

With two new episodes every week, the show features insightful product reviews and discussions as well as interviews with industry professionals, athletes and entertainment personalities. Click here for the iTunes download.

Platform: All MP3-Compatible Device
Cost: Free

The Sports Card Show

This audio blog has commentary and opinion on the world of trading cards.

Platform: All MP3-Compatible Devices
Cost: Free



This mobile application is designed specifically for the mobile user in mind. It has made it easier than ever to browse, buy, sell and manage your listings and account on the eBay marketplace.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
Cost: Free


With this application integrated to your eBay account, you can track and make payments, pay for items via PayPal and your linked credit card at card shows, float a fellow collector a loan for that must-have rookie Super-fractor autograph and more.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
Cost: Free

Trading Card Company Order Form

Developed by mobile solutions company GoCanvas, the app is described as, "A simple and customizable sales order form for any company selling (any type of) trading cards. This application tracks all details and basic buyer information, purchase order dates, type, quantity, price, and total payment, with all calculations done for the end-user."

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
Price: Free

Games and Novelties

Topps Flipp

Currently Topps' only sports-related foray into mobile application development, this app replicates the simple, once-upon-a-time game of card flipping without the inherent risk of damage to your cards.

Platform: iPhone,iPad
Cost: $0.99

Topps Bunt

Topps BUNT is like becoming a bleacher creature. You sit around, talk baseball, follow players and occasionally heckle them, compete with other fans and your friends, and earn points for doing a good job of it. Could there be anything better? Probably not.

Platform: iPhone,iPad
Cost: $2.99

Sports Card Lite

Developed by Appolicious, the functionality is similar to the customizable trading card services provided by both Topps and Upper Deck. This simple application allows you to easily create your own sports cards using photos you take with your camera or already have stored on your phone.

Platform: iPhone,iPad
Cost: Free

Baseball Cards

This image collection presents a Library of Congress treasure with over 2,100 early baseball cards dating from 1887 to 1914.

Platform: iPhone,iPad
Cost: $0.99

In addition to those already mentioned above, trading card manufacturer Upper Deck has expressed that they are looking into mobile app technology but neither they, or any other, manufacturer, has developed anything, to date, with real practicality and usability for the collector.

Rookies: Everything But the Gum

Capture your favorite moments and turn them into digital baseball cards using vintage and retro designs.

Platform: iOS, coming soon for Andriod
Cost: Free

PSA Card Slugger

Test your knowledge of baseball card collecting through the years with this fun trivia game from PSA/DNA.

Platform: Android, iOS
Cost: Free

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