7 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

7 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes, Mother's Day is tomorrow. Let's take a timeout from the cards and honor the ladies in our lives, some of whom may put on a brave face with our collecting habits. If you've forgotten to get something for mom, we have you covered.  It won't arrive tomorrow, but if you print out the receipt (hide the order date) or get something that doesn't require the postal system like an e-gift certificate, you'll still be a hero for tomorrow.  And guys if your wife, fiancee, girlfriend, significant other is pregnant with their first child, get them something for Mother's Day.  Trust me!

As a mom, we are busy taking care of everyone else so here are some gift ideas that will let mom take care of herself for a change.

1) SpaFinder Gift Certificate: Chances are mom is so busy taking care of the family, that she forgets to take care of herself. Pamper mom with a SpaFinder gift certificate which she can use for a variety of  services, like a massage or facial, at a nearby spa location.  Mike has gotten this for me a few times and it's a great gift.  I can schedule the session on my time.  Also some yoga and pilates studios accept them too.

2) Fitbit Flex: Get motivated to eat right and exercise more with the Fitbit Flex ($99).  This wearable wristband tracks movement and sleep, logs meals, and calories burned. Fitbit connects wirelessly to your smart phone, and she can connect with friends on it too for a little friendly competition.  If you purchase a red Fitbit, part of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.  Think about snagging one for yourself too and you can get healthy together.  That's what Mike and I did for our anniversary present!

3) Kindle Reader: Image  Mom’s have incredible patience.  If your family spends a lot of time on the sports field or at tournament games, this could be the perfect gift for mom to fill some of her downtime.  The best thing about the Kindle?  No glare so it's perfect for outdoor reading.  It's also more durable and depending on the model more affordable than the iPad.

4) CoachUp Gift Certificate:  In just a few clicks, mom can get a private training sessions in tennis, golf, yoga, running…you name it! Has she been saying that she wants to learn how to do XYZ?  Now she can!  Learn more about the available coaches in your area on CoachUp.com.

5) Erica Sarah Designs: Build a custom necklace or bracelet that’s sentimental and motivational with the Cut Collection from Erica Sara designs (starts at $36). Choose from sterling silver charms with your or your kid’s initials, or fitness-inspired charms.  Available at ericasaradesigns.com.

6) Subscription Boxes: Subscription boxes are all the rage and are a great way to give mom something special each month.  My three favorite ones are the market are PopSugar, SocialBliss and Quarterly.  Many of them have a $5 off coupon that you can use for the first month.

7) Be the Change T-shirts: The woman who owns Bellapia Clothing is one of the dearest and most creative women out there.  She's been outfitting my girls and I for three years.  Recently she created these t-shirts and is donating a portion of the proceeds to Mothers Without Borders and Warrior Ethan, a non-profit that was started for a little boy in critical condition with a serious brain infection that effects only 8 in 1 million kids.  Mom will look stylish in this shirt and you'll be doing good.

Go on!  Buy something for mom!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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