2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph Football Cards

2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph Football Cards

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Issued as an extension of the flagship release, 2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph Football takes a hit-only look at some of the top NFL players of all-time. The online exclusive delivers one autograph per pack.

Showcasing each subject on their respective Topps rookie design, a total of 34 names are included in the Canton-heavy checklist. Some players, including Brett Favre, are shown on their first main Topps release as opposed to their rookie card. The mock-up for Favre shows him on his second-year Topps card (1992) as he did not have a flagship rookie card in 1991. While the base versions are not numbered and no production run was offered, randomly inserted Silver (#/25) and Gold (1/1) parallels provide additional rarity.

2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph Football main

Sold directly through the Topps Online Store, each one-card pack guarantees a Hall of Fame-level signature. Packs are available for $75 each and will begin to ship starting on February 29. The limited product only includes the signed versions and no other cards. All autographs are live in packs and there are no redemptions. Live cards offer a small 60th foil stamp in the top corner and sticker autograph.

Honoring the 60th anniversary of Topps Football, 2015 also marks the end of NFL card coverage from the company for the foreseeable future.

Estimated Ship Date: 2/29/2016
Product Configuration: 1 card per pack

2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph Football Pack Break

  • 1 Autograph Card
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2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Retired Autograph Football Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Gold 1/1

T60RA-AMO ART MONK - Washington Redskins
T60RA-AMU ANTHONY MUNOZ - Cincinnati Bengals
T60RA-BF BRETT FAVRE - Green Bay Packers
T60RA-BG BOB GRIESE - Miami Dolphins
T60RA-BS BARRY SANDERS - Detroit Lions
T60RA-BST BART STARR - Green Bay Packers
T60RA-CC CRIS CARTER - Minnesota Vikings
T60RA-DC DWIGHT CLARK - San Francisco 49ers
T60RA-DM DAN MARINO - Miami Dolphins
T60RA-EC EARL CAMPBELL - Houston Oilers
T60RA-EG EDDIE GEORGE - Tennesee Titans
T60RA-ES EMMITT SMITH - Dallas Cowboys
T60RA-FH FRANCO HARRIS - Pittsburgh Steelers
T60RA-GS GALE SAYERS - Chicago Bears
T60RA-JE JOHN ELWAY - Denver Broncos
T60RA-JG JOE GREENE - Pittsburgh Steelers
T60RA-JK JIM KELLY - Buffalo Bills
T60RA-JR JOHN RIGGINS - Washington Redskins
T60RA-JRI JERRY RICE - San Francisco 49ers
T60RA-KWA KURT WARNER - St. Louis Rams
T60RA-LD LEN DAWSON - Kansas City Chiefs
T60RA-LT LaDainian TOMLINSON - San Diego Chargers
T60RA-RJ RON JAWORSKI - Philadelphia Eagles
T60RA-RS ROGER STAUBACH - Dallas Cowboys
T60RA-RWO ROD WOODSON - Oakland Raiders
T60RA-SJ SONNY JURGENSEN - Philadelphia Eagles
T60RA-TB TERRY BRADSHAW - Pittsburgh Steelers
T60RA-TBR TIM BROWN - Oakland Raiders
T60RA-TD TONY DORSETT - Dallas Cowboys
T60RA-YT Y.A. TITTLE - New York Giants

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User Reviews

  1. This is the best value Topps has ever offered. Most 10 pack breaks I have ordered have better hits than 10+ cases of most Topps products.

  2. Brian » I also saw it’s on final sale now: http://www.topps.com/2015-topps-football-60th-anniversary-retired-auto-rookie-card-online-exclusive.html

  3. Namath should be on the checklist

  4. Here are odd over 300 breaks I have seen from large breakers….

    Player Total %
    Joe Namath  38 11.80%
    Anthony Munoz 27 8.39%
    Gale Sayers  25 7.76%
    Cris Carter  23 7.14%
    Emmitt Smith 21 6.52%
    Terry Bradshaw  18 5.59%
    Dwight Clark  16 4.97%
    Dan Marino  15 4.66%
    Len Dawson 15 4.66%
    Tony Dorsett  13 4.04%
    Ron Jaworski  12 3.73%
    Bob Griese 11 3.42%
    Y.A. Tittle 9 2.80%
    Joe Greene  9 2.80%
    Sonny Jurgensen  7 2.17%
    Tim Brown 7 2.17%
    Earl Campbell 6 1.86%
    Thurman Thomas  6 1.86%
    Roger Staubach 6 1.86%
    Ladainian Tomlinson 5 1.55%
    Bart Starr 5 1.55%
    Jim Kelly 5 1.55%
    John Riggins 4 1.24%
    Franco Harris 4 1.24%
    Art Monk 3 0.93%
    Eddie George 3 0.93%
    Kurt Warner 3 0.93%
    Marshall Faulk 2 0.62%
    Curtis Martin 1 0.31%
    Rod Woodson  1 0.31%
    Brett Favre 1 0.31%
    John Elway 1 0.31%
    Lawrence Taylor 0 0.00%
    Barry Sanders 0 0.00%
    Jerry Rice 0 0.00%
    Total 322 100.00%

  5. Are all these autographs stickers?

  6. Saw these late…Madbreakers on breakers.tv has Pick Your Player drafts…got an awesome Jim Kelly. These cards are awesome.

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