2014 Topps Inception Football Cards

2014 Topps Inception Football Cards


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Continuing the familiar formula, 2014 Topps Inception Football is a Hobby exclusive that features three hits per box, including two autographs or autographed relic cards and one jumbo memorabilia card.

The base set checks in with 100 veteran cards and a variety of parallels, including Green (1 per pack), Purple (#/99), Magenta (#/75), Red (#/50), Blue (1/1), and Framed Printing Plates (1/1). Each box includes two base cards, one Green parallel and one additional non-green parallel. Topps also brings Inception into the SP game, with ten Short Prints that feature images of veterans from their rookie season. Short Prints do not have any parallels.

Rookie Autographs showcase on-card signatures from the 2014 NFL Draft class. Multiple colored parallels add to the chase, with Green (#'d), Purple (#'d), Magenta (#/50), Red (#/25) and Blue (1/1) versions.

Additional rookie autographs are present in Inception Silver Signings. The cards are signed on-card with silver ink and sequentially numbered. Several parallels continue the theme with gold ink instead of silver. Options include Gold Signings (#/25), Gold Signings Nickname (#/10), Gold Signings Inscriptions (1/1), and Gold Signings QB Playbook (1/1).  Quad Rookie Autographs highlight four rookie signers on the same card, with a print run of 25. There is also a Blue parallel, numbered 1/1. Lastly, QB Inception Autographs is a special insert set that honors all rookie quarterbacks at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Base versions are numbered to 20, and Magenta (#/10), Red (#/5), and Blue (1/1) parallels offer increasing rarity.

Taking the autographed hits to another level, 2014 Topps Inception Football also offers an assortment of autographed rookie relics. Inception Autographed Jumbo Patches feature sticker autographs and a jumbo patch piece. Among the many parallels are Green (#'d), Purple (#/50), Magenta (#/25), Orange Glove (#/10), Red Swoosh (1/1), and Blue Team Logo Patch (1/1).

Inception Autograph Patch Books Cards are numbered to five and feature an on-card signature and jumbo patch. The Laundry Tag parallel (#/5) replaces the patch with a laundry tag. Inception Autograph Letters Book combines a nameplate letter and on-card signature. Each card is numbered 1/1, and there is also a NFL Shield Logo parallel (1/1).

Rookie relics round out the 2014 Topps Inception Football with Rookie Patches and Rookie Jumbo Relics. Rookie Patches are available in Green (#/75), Purple (#/50), Magenta (#/25), Red (#/10) and Blue Team Logo Patch (1/1) parallels, while Rookie Jumbo Relics include Green (#/75), Purple (#/50), Magenta (#/25), Red Patch (#/10), Blue Team Logo Patch (1/1) and Black Nike Swoosh (1/1) parallels.

Estimated Release Date: 8/6/14
Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 7 cards per pack, 8 boxes per case
Price Point: Mid to High-End Football Card
Target Audience: Rookie Card Collectors, Hit Collectors

2014 Topps Football Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Autographs or Autographed Relic Cards
  • 1 Jumbo Relic or Patch Card
  • 2 Base Cards
  • 1 Green Parallel Card
  • 1 Additional Parallel Card (non-green)
  • 7 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

Please note the following images are mock-ups. Rookies will be pictured in their NFL uniforms.

2014 Topps Inception Football HOBBY Box 3 hits 2 nfl autos w patch relic $85.98 buy it now1 Image
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2014 Topps Inception Football Hobby Box Factory Sealed 3 Hits per box 8 6 $102.50 buy it now1 Image

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  1. Will the Rookies be in there team jersey’s? Also, will they have there number or will it be “00″? Thank you

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