2014 Score Football Variation Short Prints Guide

2014 Score Football Variation Short Prints Guide

Surprise! 2014 Score Football variations offer a stealthy chase for a handful of players. The unannounced cards give some top familiar veterans an alternate photo.

While insertion rates haven't been revealed, it does look as though variations are fairly tough to pull. Part of that could be the surprise element and a lot of collectors don't know they should be checking for them. But with only a few popping up in the set's first month of release, it's safe to say they're not very common.

The variation goes beyond just the photo. The have a different write-up on the back as well.

2014 Score Variations 30 Cam Newton Back A 2014 Score Variations 30 Cam Newton Back B

When searching for 2014 Score Football variations, don't get them mixed up with the Hot 100 subset. These have a similar design and different photo but they're totally different cards with a different number on the checklist. They also have a "100" stamp on the front of the card.

Below is a list of the confirmed variations including images, side-by-side comparisons and notes on how to tell the cards apart. If you come across any others, please let us know so we can check them out and add them.

2014 Score Football Variations Visual Guide

Here is a confirmed list of 2014 Score Football photo variations. It has not been confirmed as complete so there may be additional cards. Click on the links to shop for singles on eBay.

30 Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Base: black jersey
Variation: white jersey



2014 Score Variations 30 Cam Newton

59 Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

Base: with ball
Variation: arms up



81 Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers

Base: throwback navy blue jersey
Variation: green jersey


2014 Score Base Jordy Nelson #81


2014 Score Base Variation Jordy Nelson #81

90 Arian Foster, Houston Texans

Base: with ball
Variation: hands together



2014 Score Variations 90 Arian Foster

134 Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

Base: white jersey
Variation: red jersey



142 Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints

Base: field in background
Variation: ball at head



144 Victor Cruz, New York Giants

Base: with ball
Variation: no ball



185 Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco Giants

Base: hand off
Variation: kissing arm



2014 Score Variations 185 Colin Kaepernick

Top eBay Listings

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ARIAN FOSTER Texans 2014 Score #90 SUPER RARE Photo Variation SP SSP SWEET

JIMMY GRAHAM Saints 2014 Score #142 SUPER RARE Photo Variation SP SSP SWEET

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