2014 Panini NFL Stickers

2014 Panini NFL Stickers


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Like usual, 2014 Panini NFL Stickers keep it simple. Focusing on something that's easy and relatively inexpensive to collect, the release targets young football fans who might be new to collecting or old-school collectors who enjoy the straightforward concept.

The 2014 Panini NFL Stickers set has 484 total stickers. This breaks down to 420 regular glossy stickers, 32 holographic glitter and 32 Rush Zone stickers.

Stickers can be housed in a full-color 72-page album. Each team gets a two-page spread that holds 14 stickers. There are also sections for the Super Bowl, the 2014 Hall of Fame inductees, Pop Warner Football and the International Series for games played in London.

Basic boxes of 2014 Panini NFL Stickers come with 50 packs of seven stickers. There are also combo boxes with 20 albums and 100 sticker packets.

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2014 Panini NFL Stickers Album Image

Estimated Release Date: 7/1/14
Product Configuration: 50 packs per box, 7 stickers per pack
Price Point: Low-End Football Sticker
Target Audience: Young Collectors, Sticker Collectors

2014 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break

  • 350 Total Stickers
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2014 Panini NFL Stickers - You Pick 20
2815012695334040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Sticker Rookie Lot (6) Blake Bortles Mike Evans Brandin Cooks
2815012732094040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Sticker Tom Brady Lot #35 Chrome #38 New England Patriots
1614896698964040 1 Image
NFL 2014 2015 Stickers Panini Set
3512294204824040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Hall Of Fame (8) Stickers Set (STRAHAN, DERRICK BROOKS, RAY GUY)
1614900396054040 1 Image
2014 NFL Panini Stickers YOU U PICK 5 stickers for your sticker set
2011385341514040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Sticker Collection Pittsburgh Steelers Team Set (14)
2011385347454040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Sticker Collection Cleveland Brown Team Set (14) Manziel RC
3215944080794040 1 Image
1313341093764040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Sticker Pack 30D3X1
3810629558754040 1 Image
1313541232754040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Sticker Pack 30D3X3
2216129404854040 1 Image
2014 NFL Panini football stickers 20 for $10 free shipping best deal on ebay
1115257700854040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Stickers Lot of 181 Different w Foils, Rookies and Rush Zone
1115257812724040 1 Image
2014 Panini NFL Stickers Lot of 46 Different w Foils, Rookies and Rush Zone
3512337807604040 1 Image
Lot of PANINI NFL Football Sticker Books and Stickers - 2012, 2013, 2014
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2014 Panini NFL Stickers Checklist

The following is a tentative breakdown of the teams and their corresponding in the set.

484 stickers.

Welcome Message 1-2
Index 3-4
Buffalo Bills 5-18
Miami Dolphins 19-32
New England Patriots 33-46
New York Jets 47-60
Baltimore Ravens 61-74
Cincinnati Bengals 75-88
Cleveland Browns 89-102
Pittsburgh Steelers 103-116
Houston Texans 117-130
Indianapolis Colts 131-144
Jacksonville Jaguars 145-158
Tennessee Titans 159-172
Denver Broncos 173-186
Kansas City Chiefs 187-200
Oakland Raiders 201-214
San Diego Chargers 215-228
Dallas Cowboys 229-242
New York Giants 243-256
Philadelphia Eagles 257-270
Washington Redskins 271-284
Chicago Bears 285-298
Detroit Lions 299-312
Green Bay Packers 313-326
Minnesota Vikings 327-340
Atlanta Falcons 341-354
Carolina Panthers 355-368
New Orleans Saints 369-382
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 383-396
Arizona Cardinals 397-410
St. Louis Rams 411-424
San Francisco 49ers 425-438
Seattle Seahawks 439-452
Pop Warner 453-460
Hall of Fame Class of 2014 461-468
International Series 469-476
Super Bowl 477-484

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User Reviews

  1. Like always, i am defenitly going to buy this product, like i have done the last 4 years. I am really looking to buying the box with the album, afterwords i will buy more loose packets, trying to complete the album. It’s always been panini’s job to impress people with a great product, and they have done it again

  2. What sort of collation have you been finding in these boxes – about how many DIFFERENT stickers do you get in a box of 350 ? Do you get at least 275 different or so. If so, then it’s not a bad deal – maybe cost another $25 to get to where you only need 100 stickers and then order those from Panini (for $20, if i understand right).

  3. Ridiculously priced product. Box distribution is unsatisfactory considering what one pays for the packet. At $1.00 ea retail, the investment to try and get the entire collection is WAY over-priced. Ex: 2013 I logged more than 200 packets, and still am 26 stickers short…and can’t even order them anymore!

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