2014 McFarlane NFL 35 Sports Picks Figures

2014 McFarlane NFL 35 Sports Picks Figures


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2014 McFarlane NFL 35 Sports Picks figures highlight the past present and future of the game. It is highlighted by a handful of debut pieces, a reigning Super Bowl quarterback and an all-time great.

Leading the debut figures is Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles. Joining him is 2013 rookie running back, Le'Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 2014 McFarlane NFL 35 is slated to have another new figure, however it has yet to be announced other than it is a 2014 draft pick.

Legendary quarterback, Joe Namath made his McFarlane debut with a special figure leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. This marks the first time he's part of a regular lineup.

2014 McFarlane NFL 35 rounds out with Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, and Dez Bryant of the Cowboys. Wilson appeared in NFL 33 while Bryant previously appeared in NFL 28.

Collectors also have a pair of exclusives to chase, both of which are McFarlane debuts. Browns wide receiver, Josh Gordon, is only available through the McFarlane online shop. Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks gets his first figure as an exclusive to ClarkToys.com.

Stay tuned for more 2014 McFarlane NFL 35 details, variant info and images.

Estimated Release Date: 11/14

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1815281527614040 1 Image
McFarlane NFL Series 33 - J.J. WATT - Houston Texans Rookie Debut
1311498088554040 1 Image
Mcfarlane NFL Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys Collector's Edition box figure statue
3215222820904040 1 Image
1311498135394040 1 Image
Mcfarlane NFL 4 Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons variant chase figurine figure
2215486011654040 1 Image
4007728771634040 1 Image
Plaxico Burgess New York Giants McFarlane NFL Series 5 **LOOSE** Mint Condition
4007728779704040 1 Image
Brett Favre ATL Falcons McFarlane NFL *CHASE VARIANT* **LOOSE** Mint Condition
2516451970504040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Tom Brady Patriots legend
2516451970534040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Eddie George Ohio State legend
2516451970544040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Priest Holmes Texas Legend
2516451970564040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Joe Montana Chiefs legend
2516451970574040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Paul Warfield Dolphins legend
2615932022624040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Kevan Barlow 49ers RB
2615932022634040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Roger Craig 49ers legend
2615932022664040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Chris Weinke FSU legend
2615932022674040 1 Image
Mcfarlane Custom NFL Dan Fouts Chargers legend
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2014 McFarlane NFL 35 Sports Picks Checklist

Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers
Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
Nick Foles, Piladelphia Eagles
Joe Namath, New York Jets
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
TBA Draft Pick


Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns - McFarlane Online Store
Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks - ClarkToys.com

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