2014 Funko The Goonies ReAction Figures

2014 Funko The Goonies ReAction Figures


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Imagine what it would have been like to have action figures of the Goonies when the movie first came out. That's exactly what the retro-styled 2014 Funko The Goonies ReAction Figures do. Designed in the style of simple figures that were common in the 1970s and early 1980s, the line includes five key characters from the classic film.

If you're looking for fully detailed toys with perfect likenesses and lots of articulation, you're going to have to look elsewhere. The ReAction line is all about nostalgia. The figures are simple, likenesses are loose  and they're stiff. In some ways, they're the opposite of what a cool collector's toy is today. On the other hand, they're a throwback to a time where a little imagination went a long way.

The 2014 Funko The Goonies ReAction Figures line includes the four youngsters of the adventurous group, Mickey, Mouth, Chunk and Data. Joining them is the lovable outcast, Sloth.

Each figure stands approximately 3 3/4 inches tall. And while they're not loaded with extras, every piece comes with one simple accessory that's key to their character or the film.

Estimated Release Date: 10/14
Target Audience: Goonies Fans, Retro Toy Collectors, Movie Memorabilia Collectors, Children of the '80s

2014 Funko The Goonies ReAction Figures Visual Guide

Click on the links or images to shop for specific figures on Amazon. Please note that the final figure sculpts may change between now and release.

Chunk - with Baby Ruth Chocolate Bar

2014 Funko Goonies ReAction Figures Chunk

Data - with Pinchers of Peril

2014 Funko Goonies ReAction Figures Data

Mikey - with Copper Bones Key

2014 Funko Goonies ReAction Figures Mikey

Mouth - with Treasure Map

2014 Funko Goonies ReAction Figures Mouth

Sloth - with Pirate Hat

2014 Funko Goonies ReAction Figures Sloth

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The Goonies ReAction Figures Mouth Action Figure

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