2014 Breygent Witchblade Trading Cards

2014 Breygent Witchblade Trading Cards


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When it comes to female comic characters, there was a time when Witchblade was one of the most popular. Still widely recognizable, she is the focus of her first new set of trading cards in many years. 2014 Breygent Witchblade is highlighted by a pair of sketch cards in every box.

The base set has a total of 72 cards. Fronts feature detailed artwork. Backs don't go skimpy on the write-ups. Rather, they come with plenty of information about Witchblade and her fictional universe. The base set has five total parallel sets: Green, Purple, Silver, Gold (#/50) and Silver (#/10). Parallels combine to fall 1:3 packs (eight per box).

As far as chase cards go in 2014 Breygent Witchblade, Sketch Cards are the main draw. Inserted 1:12 packs, approximately 100 artists are contributing to the set. Among them are Sean Pence, Mick and Matt Glebe, Jason Potratz and Carolyn Edwards. Given the large roster, collectors can find a variety of styles and techniques.

2014 Breygent Witchblade has three basic insert sets: Artifacts MapWitchblade Cover and Witchblade Gauntlet. All are done as nine-card puzzles. Each land 1:12 packs for a total of six inserts per box.

This isn't the first time a set of Witchblade trading cards has been produced. Or the second. Top Cow cards made a set in 1996. Dynamic Forces also tackled the comic with separate releases in 2000 and 2002. The short-lived television adaptation was the subject of an Inkworks release in 2002.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Witchblade Fans, Comic Card Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors, Set Builders

2014 Breygent Witchblade Box Break

  • 2 Sketch Cards
  • 6 Inserts
  • 8 Parallels
  • 144 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

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1713990446994040 1 Image
2014 Breygent WITCHBLADE All #26 50 Gold PARALLEL CARD LOT (63,64,65,67)
1815270178544040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Adam Cleveland #2 - from Breygent
3809980309114040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Adam Cleveland - from Breygent
3809980309854040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Bennett Pisek - from Breygent
1815270183404040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Bill Maus - from Breygent
1815270184384040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Boo - from Breygent
1815270185504040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Brad Chavarria - from Breygent
1815270186514040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Chris Foulkes - from Breygent
1815270187514040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Chris Thorne - from Breygent
1815270189034040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Dan Gorman - from Breygent
3809980318274040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Dan Schaefer - from Breygent
1815270193284040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Daniel Campos - from Breygent
1815270194394040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Elfie Lebouleux #2 - from Breygent
1815270196384040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Elfie Lebouleux - from Breygent
3809980322934040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Eric Van Elslande - from Breygent
3809980324774040 1 Image
Witchblade sketch card by Felix Morales - from Breygent
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2014 Breygent Witchblade Sketch Cards

The following is a list of artists doing 2014 Breygent Witchblade sketch cards.

Adam Braun
Adam Cleveland
Allen Michael Geneta
Amos Villar
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Villar
Angelina Bennedetti
Bennett Pisek
Bianca Thompson
Bob King
Brad Chavarria
Buz Hasson
Carolyn Edwards
Chris Meeks
Chris Thorne
Christopher Foulkes
Conny Valentina
Dan Borgonos
Dan Gorman
Dan Schaefer
Daniel Campos
Danny Silva
David Day
Dawn O' Brien
Deborah Abbott
Diana Greenhalgh
Elfie Lebouleux
Eric Van Elslande
Erica Hesse
Felix Morales
Fidel Valenzuela
Frank A. Kadar
Fredd Gorham
Gary Kezele
George Deep
George Vega
Gerald de Dios
Greg Kirkpatrick
Isaiah McAllister
Israel Arteaga
Jake Sumbing
James Rodriguez
Jason Durden
Jason Potratz/Jack Hai
JC Fabul
Jed Dumawal
Jenni Kirkruff
Jezreel Rojales
Jim Jimenez
John Monserrat
Jon Wallace
Jonathan T. Racimo
Jose Carlos Sanchez
Jovenal P. Mendoza
Jun Lofamia
Juno Sanchez
Kevin Meinert
Kevin West
Kimberly Dunaway
Lak Lim
Laura Inglis
Luiz Fernando Scheidt
Lynne Anderson
Marcelo Ferreira
Marcia Dye
Mark Jericho Balinong
Mark Marvida
Michael Duron
Mick & Matt Glebe
MJ San Juan
Nathan Ohlendorf
Nikki J. Valenzuela
Norvierto P. Basio
Pablo Diaz
Peejad Catacutan
Rhiannon Owens
Rian Gonzales
Rich Molinelli
Robert Aragon
Robert Hack
Ron Leary
Ron Tan
Roy Cover
Scott Blair
Scott Rorie
Scott Zambelli
Sean Pence
Steve Lydic
Steven Miller
Tim Dowler
Tony Miello
Tony Perna
Veronica O'Connell
Yeshe Belmes

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