2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs Guide

2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs Guide

Bowman is a name that is synonymous with baseball prospects and that continues with 2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball. The biggest draw for most is the Prospect Autographs, which all feature on-card signatures. Combine that with a deep checklist including Kris Bryant, Byron Buxton, Carlos Correa, Jose Abreu, Mark Appel and Oscar Taveras, and it is clear why collectors have shown considerable interest in the 2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs

The design sees a layout switch from the 2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs, and goes with a vertical setup versus a horizontal card. The Refractor finish gives the card a polished look and multiple parallels provide different options for collectors. Excluding printing plates, there are eight total parallels with increasing rarity and various colors:

  • Green Refractor #/399
  • Blue Refractor #/199
  • Gold Refractor #/50
  • Camo Refractor #/35 (Retail)
  • Red Refractor #/25
  • Black Refractor #/10 (Hobby)
  • Atomic Refractor #/5 (Hobby)
  • Superfractor 1/1 (Hobby)

While redemptions are a major source of frustration for many collectors, out of the 42 subjects featured in 2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs, only two are issued as redemptions.

Mark Appel and Javier Baez are the two players in question, however Baez does have a few live autographs from other inserts in the product. Appel, on the other hand, only appears to have live autographs on the multi-player signed cards. Also, no Mark Appel base Prospect Autographs have surfaced and only parallel redemptions have shown up so far.

A full visual guide can be seen below for all the 2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs.

2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Prospect Autographs Visual Checklist

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Top eBay Listings

Mookie Betts 2014 Bowman Platinum Rookie Auto RPA 199 BGS Pristine 10! 1 Day!!

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-HR Hunter Renfroe 399 San Diego Padres Auto Card 0f8

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-AG Alexander Guerrero 199 Los Angeles Dodgers Auto 2f9

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-MA Miguel Almonte 199 Kansas City Royals Auto Card 0f8




2014 Bowman Platinum AP-JS Jake Sweaney 199 Philadelphia Phillies Auto Card 0t6

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-CC Curt Casali 399 Tampa Bay Rays Auto Rookie Card 0t6

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-ZB Zach Borenstein 50 Los Angeles Angels Auto Card 0t6

2014 Bowman Platinum #AR-JB Jake Barrett 15 Arizona Diamondbacks Auto Card 2f9

2014 Bowman Platinum Autograph RC Marcus Stroman

2014 Bowman Platinum Autographed Prospects #AP-MS Miguel Sano Auto Card 0p7

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-JB Jake Barrett 199 Arizona Diamondbacks Auto Card 0t6

2014 Bowman Platinum #AP-SG Sean Gilmartin 399 Minnesota Twins Auto Card 0t6

2014 Bowman Platinum #AJR-AA Albert Almora 50 Chicago Cubs Auto Card 1h5
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