Almost 50 Shades of Everything But Grey: 2014 Bowman Prospect Parallels

Almost 50 Shades of Everything But Grey: 2014 Bowman Prospect Parallels

One of the big chases of the modern player collector is the rainbow. It's a term that covers the many colorful parallels that appear in a set. It can be challenging, even frustrating when you get into the rarer versions. But when they're all lined up in nine-pocket pages, a rainbow can look pretty cool. 2014 Bowman Baseball puts even the most diligent collector to the test with more than 30 different parallels for their main Prospect inserts.

Color has been a trademark for Bowman for several years. The base product combines both Bowman and Bowman Chrome. So already you've got a broad mix. But each year a couple more shades seem to be added to the rainbow to get it to where it is now.

And then there are the autographs, for many the cornerstone of not only the product but a whole segment of the hobby. While not direct parallels to the base Bowman and Bowman Chrome Prospect cards, they do share the same basic design elements.

When Bowman Chrome debuted in 1997, it had base cards and three parallels. Bowman was its own product and it had just the regular cards and International Foil parallel. So both sets combined, a player collector has five cards to collect.

With 2014 Bowman, excluding autographs, each Prospect insert has 28 total Bowman and Bowman Chrome cards.

Retail Paper Autographs are limited in number, both in the number of versions and parallels. However, the Chrome Prospect Autographs have lots of color.

When it's all said and done, if you're chasing 2014 Bowman Kris Bryant cards you've got your work cut out for you. He's in all four levels of the set (Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Paper Autographs and Chrome Autographs) and has a total of 47 different base cards and parallels (if he's in all of the announced parallel levels). And that's not counting any of the other inserts in the product like the Minis.

Below is a breakdown of all the various 2014 Bowman Prospect cards and parallels including base autographs.

What do you think? Are you a fan of lots of parallels or do you think there are too many? Let us know in the comments at the end of the post.

2014 Bowman Baseball Prospects - Paper

2014 Bowman Baseball Chrome Prospects

2014 Bowman Baseball Prospect Autographs - Paper

2014 Bowman Baseball Chrome Prospect Autographs

ebaysmalllogo Image
2616090368204040 1 Image
MATT MCPHEARSON 2014 Bowman Chrome Chrome Prospect AUTO Refractor # 500
2616090369794040 1 Image
MICHAEL O'NEILL 2014 Bowman Chrome Chrome Prospect AUTO Refractor # 500 Yankees
3909410551064040 1 Image
AKEEM BOSTICK 2014 Bowman Chrome Chrome Prospect AUTO Bubbles Refractor # 99
3909410553334040 1 Image
JACOB JOHANSEN 2014 Bowman Chrome Chrome Prospect AUTO Blue Wave Refractor # 50
3909410553864040 1 Image
JOSE RONDON 2014 Bowman Chrome Chrome Prospect AUTO Orange Refractor # 25
3111826454984040 1 Image
3215924654914040 1 Image
LeVon Washington 2014 Bowman Chrome BUBBLES Refractor Prospect RC Auto #'d 37 99
3215924667204040 1 Image
Tim Cooney 2014 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor Prospect RC Auto #'d 30 75 ON CARD
2616093523824040 1 Image
WILLY GARCIA 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Gold Refractor #50 50 Pirates
2616093533834040 1 Image
JEFF AMES 2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect Green Refractor # 75 Rays
2616093536384040 1 Image
TYLER MAHLE 2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect Green Refractor # 75 Reds
2912803923054040 1 Image
Nick Kingham 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCAP-NK Refractor Auto #113 500
3512099302424040 1 Image
2014 Bowman Platinum Prospects Cord Sandberg Refractor Auto Autograph
3510839092664040 1 Image
DAVID HOLMBERG 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects Auto Refractor 1 500 REDS
3810567252124040 1 Image
3511591575254040 1 Image
2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Refractor Auto KYLE PARKER 500 Colorado Rockies
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  1. Ryan — just a quick note that the green paper parallels are actually serial numbered to 150 rather than 199.

  2. EXCESSIVE!! Waaaaaaay too many. I’m 13 cards in on Bryant (Go Cubs Go) and I haven’t even touched the autos. Too rich for my blood.

  3. Tony L. ยป That’s part of the fun of these. The Prospects are /199 but the base set is /150.

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