2013 Topps Archives Football Short Print High Numbers Guide

2013 Topps Archives Football Short Print High Numbers Guide

When 2013 Topps Archives Football was first announced, the base set was advertised as being 200 cards. While that's still the case, there are also some short prints that bookend the set.

2013 Topps Archives Football short print high numbers start at number 201 and appear to run through number 240 (Topps has yet to release a final checklist to confirm this). Short print subjects are all retired players. Many are pictured on the same design as their Topps rookie cards but with different photos. This means a lot of variety.

Like other Topps Archives baseball sets, the focus is more on fan favorites than big-time legends. Inserted 1:4 retail packs (likely similar for hobby packs once they're released), completing the set will be somewhat challenging but not impossible. They shouldn't be too expensive either. The main set has several all-time greats like Joe Montana and Emmitt Smith, but they're not short prints.

Below is a full high numbers checklist as well as an image gallery.

2013 Topps Archives Short Print High Numbers Checklist

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2013 Topps Archives Short Print High Numbers Gallery

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger image.

ebaysmalllogo Image
3606708896704040 1 Image
2013 Topps Archives SP WESLEY WALKER #227 Jets
2515754245364040 1 Image
2515754245414040 1 Image
3012310358714040 1 Image
Chris Beanie Wells 2013 Topps Archives Football Cyan Printing Plate SP #1 1 of 1
1713979623384040 1 Image
clyde simmons 2013 topps archives sp #239 philadelphia eagles
3511276176304040 1 Image
2013 Topps Archives Kendall Wright Game Jersey SP Card #62R-KW! Tennessee Titans
1912622001284040 1 Image
brent jones 2013 topps archives sp
1912622001524040 1 Image
Chuck Muncie 2013 Topps Archives SP San Diego Chargers
1912622001744040 1 Image
Curt Warner 2013 Topps Archives SP Seattle Seahawks
1912622001794040 1 Image
Harold Carmichael 2013 Topps Archives SP Philadelphia Eagles
2011353809374040 1 Image
Mike Golic 2013 Topps Archives SP Philadelphia Eagles
2011353809484040 1 Image
Stump Mitchell 2013 Topps Archives SP Arizona Cardinals
2011353809794040 1 Image
Wesley Walker 2013 Topps Archives SP New York Jets
2011353810114040 1 Image
Steve Bartkowski 2013 Topps Archives SP Atlanta Falcons
2011353810134040 1 Image
Mark Clayton 2013 Topps Archives SP Miami Dolphins
2011353810194040 1 Image
Anthony Carter 2013 Topps Archives SP Minnesota Vikings
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  1. Does anybody know the print run on the Sparkle cards?

  2. brian ยป Topps usually does not announce print runs of unnumbered cards.

  3. Most of the gallery does not appear to be designs from rookie seasons, i.e. Jeffires 1991, Ismail 1999, McCaffery 1998, Hampton 1993, Gault 1990, Rozier 1990, Brent Jones 1993, Joyner 1993, Simmons 1992.

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