2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Cards

2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Cards


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2013 Leaf Best of Baseball is a catch-all sort of product that offers some tremendous high-end cards. Rooted in the concept of blind-packaged repurchased cards, every box of the high-end product comes with one stellar card. Be it from 2013 or a pre-war classic, there are few boundaries what it comes to possibilities. Boxes also come with one exclusive card from an all-time great or a 2013 rookie or prospect.

Repurchased cards were bought off the secondary market specifically for the product. They cover a broad range of card types and eras. One box may hold a T206 Hall of Famer, others have low-numbered rookie and prospect cards from the last few years. From Ty Cobb to Mickey Mantle to Mike Trout, the options are vast. Rookie cards, certified autographs, memorabilia cards -- they're all among the possibilities.

The exclusive Best of Baseball cards are a mix of greats and young players. Randomly inserted are autographed cards. Confirmed signers include Yasiel Puig, Cal Ripken Jr, Carlos Correa, Frank Thomas, Randy Johnson, Yogi Berra and Jorge Soler. Autographs also have parallels.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 2 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors

2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Box Break

  • 1 Repurchased Card
  • 1 Leaf Best of Baseball Rookie or Legend
  • 2 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

ebaysmalllogo Image
2312847536534040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball PAUL MOLITOR Auto HOF Milwaukee Brewers
2214754042094040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Jamie Callahan Auto Autograph Red #1 1
3608019700564040 1 Image
Paul Molitor 11 25 2013 Leaf Best Of Baseball HOF Minnesota Twins B-PM1
1909843146234040 1 Image
Tau-Wei Lin 18 25 2013 Leaf Best Of Baseball Boston Red Sox
2615152346924040 1 Image
2515703679424040 1 Image
1909848902914040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best Of Baseball Emerald Green Parallel Mitchell Gueller RC 12 25
1511984391014040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball RED Michael Wacha RC 1 5 BGS 9 MINT
1911521554734040 1 Image
Steve Carlton 2013 Leaf Best of Baseball #'d 1 25 - PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES - #SC1
2312877553794040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Xander Bogaerts RC #08 25 Boston Red Sox
2715543936344040 1 Image
JOHNNY BENCH 2013 Leaf Best of Baseball 1 1 Original Art Sketch Card
3809394437144040 1 Image
Alfredo Marte, D'backs - 2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Autographs Red #BAM1 -1 1
3010324551384040 1 Image
2013 WYATT MATHISEN Leaf Best of Baseball Auto RED RC Parallel Pirates True
4006884068554040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball RED Don Sutton HOF Auto 1 1
2614422028594040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball RED Joe Morgan HOF Auto 1 1
3110043458084040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Keon Barnum Autograph Auto RARE 1 1 REAL 1 1
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Set Checklist

2013 Leaf Best of Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

73 cards. #/25

PARALLEL CARDS: Autographs, Red #/5, Red Autographs 1/1, Printing Plate Autographs - four different 1/1

BAR1 Addison Russell
BAA1 Albert Almora
BAW1 Alex Wood
BAM1 Alfredo Marte
BAA2 Austin Aune
BBB2 Barrett Barnes
BBJ1 Brian Johnson
BCRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
BCC1 Carlos Correa
BCK1 Carson Kelly
BCY1 Christian Yelich
BCS1 Corey Seager
BCH1 Courtney Hawkins
BDJD D.J. Davis
BDC1 Daniel Corcino
BDD1 David Dahl
BDS1 Don Sutton
BEH1 Elier Hernandez
BFL1 Francisco Lindor
BFT1 Frank Thomas
BGC1 Gavin Cecchini
BGP2 Gaylord Perry
BJOB J.O. Berrios
BJP1 James Paxton
BJC1 Jamie Callahan
BJB2 Javier Baez
BJV1 Jesmuel Valentin
BJW1 Jesse Winker
BJA1 Jesus Aguilar
BJB1 Jim Bunning
BJP2 Jim Palmer
BJM2 Joe Morgan
BJG1 Joey Gallo
BJS2 John Smoltz
BJB4 Johnny Bench
BJB3 Jorge Bonifacio
BJS1 Jorge Soler
BJC2 Jose Canseco
BKB1 Keon Barnum
BKP1 Kevin Plawecki
BLB2 Lewis Brinson
BLA1 Luis Aparicio
BMO2 Marcell Ozuna
BMO1 Matt Olson
BMW2 Michael Wacha
BMZ1 Mike Zunino
BMB1 Mitch Brown
BMN1 Mitch Nay
BMG1 Mitchell Gueller
BNR1 Nolan Ryan
BNM1 Nomar Mazara
BOA1 Oswaldo Arcia
BOS1 Ozzie Smith
BPM1 Paul Molitor
BPR1 Pete Rose
BPC1 Phillips Castillo
BRJ1 Randy Johnson
BRR1 Rio Ruiz
BRO1 Rougned Odor
BSW1 Shane Watson
BSH1 Slade Heathcott
BSC1 Steve Carlton
BST1 Stryker Trahan
BTR1 Tanner Rahier
BTS1 Tom Seaver
BTH1 Ty Hensley
BTA1 Tyler Austin
BTZL Tzu-Wei Lin
BWM1 Wyatt Mathisen
BXB1 Xander Bogaerts
BYLW Yao-Lin Wang
BYP1 Yasiel Puig
BYB1 Yogi Berra

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User Reviews

  1. I said it before and i’ll say it again.If you don’t like the hassle of sending in cards to be graded this product is for you.Of course they’ll be big hits and not so good hits.I pulled some stinkers as well as some huge hits(I.E)Knute Rockne BGS 5.5,1986 Fleer wax pack basketball graded 10.I’ll definitely buy some.

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