2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Autographs Don't Mess with Your Head

2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Autographs Don’t Mess with Your Head

It doesn't take a psychic to predict the power of the 2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Autographs checklist. Delivering a mix of top stars and notable guests, it's the kind of lineup that resonates with both hardcore fans of the show and those who have never heard of it.

Autographs are inserted one per 2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 box (1:24 packs). They come with a simple design that has a picture of the character taken from the show and tons of white space for their signatures. Although the checklist ends at number A12, there is actually just 11 cards in the set. For whatever reason, the person slated for A10 didn't get their cards signed in time to be included in the set. But fret not. It is possible that hole could be filled in a future set. A similar thing happened with Cryptozoic's Walking Dead Season 2 set where Laurie Holden's Season 1-style autographs were included.

The 2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Autographs list is led by James Roday and Dulé Hill, who play the show's leads Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster. Other series regulars signing for the set include Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson and Sage Brocklebank.

The guest stars are pretty impressive, especially if you're a fan of movies and TV from the 1980s and 1990s. Once upon a time, Rachel Leigh Cook was one of Hollywood's "it girls" following the success of She's All That. Following in a similar vein, albeit about a decade earlier, is Ally Sheedy. She was one of the biggest young stars in the 1980s with key roles in such films as Short Circuit, WarGames and, of course, The Breakfast Club. This is Cook's first certified autograph card. Sheedy signed for Rittenhouse's set based on the Dead Zone TV show.

Not a stranger to trading card autographs is George Takei, Sulu from the original Star Trek. Another past signer from other sets is Robert Patrick. He has been in a ton of movies over the past 20 years, although he's still remembered best for his breakout role in Terminator 2.

Of all the guest star autographs in 2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4, the most iconic debut goes to Jaleel White. Who's Jaleel White, you ask? You might know him from his career-defining role on Family Matters that spawned everything from breakfast cereal to talking dolls.

You can see the full set of 2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Autographs below. Click on the card image or name to shop for specific cards to add to your collection.

2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Autographs Visual Checklist

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Psych Trading Cards Season 1-4 Authentic Autograph A6 Buzz Cryptozoic Rare Relic

Psych Seasons 1 to 4 Autograph Card A7 Ally Sheedy as Mr. Yang

Psych Seasons 1 to 4 Autograph Card A2 Dule Hill as Burton Guster

Psych Seasons 1 to 4 Autograph Card A8 Robert Patrick as Major General Felts

Psych Seasons 1 to 4 Autograph Card A3 Kirsten Nelson as Chief Karen Vick

Psych Seasons 1 to 4 Autograph Card A4 Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer

Psych Seasons 1 to 4 Autograph Card A5 Rachael Leigh Cook as Abigail Lytar

Psych seasons 1-4 autograph auto signed card A2 Dule Hill as Burton Guster

Psych Seasons 1-4: A6 Autograph Card Sage Brocklebank as Buzz McNab

Xena and Hercules Animated Adventures autograph card Timothy Omundson Eli PSYCH

JAG Corbin Bernsen D18 autograph card Catherine Bell LA Law Psych Major League

Psych Seasons 1-4 Autograph #A5 Rachael Leigh Cook

2013 Cryptozoic PSYCH seasons 1-4 on-card autograph Robert Patrick A8

Psych Seasons 1-4 Autograph Card Kirsten Nelson Chief Karen Vick A3
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