2013-14 ITG StickWork Hockey Cards

2013-14 ITG StickWork Hockey Cards


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Game-used stick cards are not new. They have been around for more than a decade. However, developing an entire product around the concept is something that hasn't been done before. 2013-14 ITG StickWork Hockey is an all-memorabilia release that explore every part and sliver of the important piece of gear.

Every box has three cards, all of which have game-used stick pieces. They cover more than 75 years of hockey history, dating back to the 1930s through to today. The product breaks down into several insert sets. All individual cards are extremely limited.

Game-Used Stick covers a more modern look at the game and include such players as Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier and Evgeni Malkin. Basic Silver versions are limited to 19 copies each while Gold parallels are one-of-ones. As the name suggest, Vintage Game-Used Stick goes back in time to an earlier period. Terry Sawchuk is one of the highlights here. Silver cards are limited to nine copies.

Netminders get a couple of sets with Goalie Game-Used Stick and Goalie Paddles. Patrick Roy, Carey Price, Grant Fuhr and Mike Richter are among those included.

2013-14 ITG StickWork has four sets focused on game-used stick tape: Tape Job, Tape to Tape, 500 Goal Scorers and Vintage Stick Tape.

Stick Rack cards have two, three and four pieces of memorabilia. Enshrined Game-Used Stick is dedicated to Hall of Famers. Stick Handles are similar to bat barrels found in some baseball products. These one-of-one cards have the player name that's from the stick's shift. Lumbergraphs are like cut signature cards, only instead of index cards and cut up photos, they use signed pieces of game-used sticks.

2013-14 ITG StickWork has a total print run of 2,500 boxes.

Click here for the 2013-14 ITG StickWork Hockey checklist.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 3 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Hockey Card
Target Audience: Hockey Memorabilia Collectors, Old-Time Hockey Fans

2013-14 ITG StickWork Hockey Box Break

  • 3 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

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GORDIE HOWE RED KELLY 13 14 ITG StickWork Tape to Tape GOLD SP 1 1 Stick Work
1214941591994040 1 Image
TERRY SAWCHUK 13 14 ITG StickWork SP # 14 Game-Used Goalie Stick Work RARE
1214941592004040 1 Image
LARS ELLER 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Large Stick Work GUS-51 SP 19 SILVER
1214941592014040 1 Image
1214941592024040 1 Image
BRAYDEN SCHENN & LUKE SCHENN 13 14 ITG StickWork Stick Rack Dual SP 14 *RARE*
1214941592064040 1 Image
GUMP WORSLEY 13 14 ITG StickWork SP # 4 Vintage Game-Used Goalie Stick Work RARE
1214941592104040 1 Image
GARTH SNOW 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Paddle Stick P-18 SP 14 RARE 3-color
4008112684914040 1 Image
DOUGIE HAMILTON 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Stick Work GUS-26 SP 19 SILVER
4008112684924040 1 Image
DANIEL & HENRIK SEDIN 13 14 ITG StickWork Stick Work Tape to Tape SP 9 RARE
4008112684934040 1 Image
BEN BISHOP 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Stick Work GGUS-55 SP 14 SILVER RARE
4008112684944040 1 Image
PATRICK ROY 13 14 ITG StickWork SP # 14 Game-Used Goalie Stick Work Canadiens
4008112684964040 1 Image
SERGEI FEDOROV 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Large Stick Work GUS-85 SP 19
4008112684974040 1 Image
JONATHAN BERNIER 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Stick Work GGUS-33 SP 14 SILVER
4008112684984040 1 Image
TREVOR LINDEN 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Large Stick Work #93 SP 19 Canucks
4008112685004040 1 Image
MIKE RICHARDS 13 14 ITG StickWork Game-Used Stick Work GOLD SP 1 1 One of One
4008112685024040 1 Image
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User Reviews

  1. Could have been a beautiful product, but that stale boring design they have across their brand just destroys it. Hire a new designer already for God’s sake.

  2. Really nice product – think it would be nice if more cards incorporated player photos.

  3. This is the product of the YEAR !! Hands down!!! Dr.Price and ITG hit a huge home run with this. Do you see anyone else making a product that is so limited!! or even better yet uses actual pieces of memorabilia in their product!!! ITG Rocks as always !!!

  4. LOL@JP… meanwhile, while this sold out immediately, secondary market sales are strong, collectors are buzzing and searching for more.. Panini products sit on the shelf and half price.

    true Hockey Collectors love this product.

  5. STICK-Tacular !!! ITG Does it again, there are reasons why ITG Products sells out just as this one has. Good luck finding boxes of this stuff in a month!!
    They listen to collectors and they ALWAYS deliver and this one was with a BANG!!

  6. @JP ITG doesnt have a NHL license, so the best you’ll have is a above shoulder shot so they dont show any logo. Anyway this product is awesome! Love the exclusive limitness to it, makes it a premium product. Just bought a box today (was hard to find) and can’t wait to see what I’ll get!

  7. For real collectors, this is the product of the year! The crowd responsible for NHL license are really not thinking what’s best for the collectors but being ruled by Upper Deck. Just look at the new ruling now excluding Panini for licensing next year, just too bad regular collectors don’t have their say…

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