2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autograph Short Prints Guide

2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autograph Short Prints Guide

With a checklist of nearly 100 signers, there is a ton of variety among the 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions autograph signers. As collectors familiar with the brand may know, it goes well beyond the major four sports of baseball, football, basketball and hockey. 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions includes signatures from golfers, surfers and fighters. There's even a professional eater on the checklist.

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Some of the marquee names signing for 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions include Michael Jordan, Dan Marino, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Robert Griffin III and Wayne Gretzky. The set also includes a pair of dual autographs. The first has Mikele Barber and Me'Lisa Barber, twin sisters who are also track stars. The other has Cubs legend, Ernie Banks, sign alongside his wife, Liz.

2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs are arranged into six tiers, each with differing rarity. For the most part, the top names are among the rarest.

Below is a complete list of 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs and short prints arranged by group. We've also included the sport they're known for.

2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autograph Short Prints

2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs Mike Tyson 214x300 Image

Group A - inserted 1:1,977 packs

A-AP Arnold Palmer, Golf
A-CP Chris Paul, Basketball
A-CR Sidney Crosby, Hockey
A-DM Dan Marino, Football
A-LJ LeBron James, Basketball
A-MC Marques Colston, Football
A-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball
A-NR Nolan Ryan, Baseball
A-TW Tiger Woods, Golf
A-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey

Group B - inserted 1:353 packs

A-BG Blaine Gabbert, Football
A-CF Carlton Fisk, Baseball
A-CL Christian Laettner, Basketball
A-DB Don Mattingly, Baseball
A-DE Dennis Eckersley, Baseball
A-DW Dominique Wilkins, Basketball
A-EB Ernie and Liz Banks, Baseball
A-GR Robert Griffin III, Football
A-HL Brett Hull, Hockey
A-JE Jeanette Lee, Billiards
A-JK Jason Kidd, Basketball
A-KS Kelly Slater, Surfing
A-LD Landon Donovan, Soccer
A-LT Lawrence Taylor, Football
A-MH Mia Hamm, Soccer
A-MS Mike Schmidt, Baseball
A-MT Mike Tyson, Boxing
A-PR Pete Rose, Baseball
A-RB Ray Bourque, Hockey
A-TR Trent Richardson, Football

Group C - inserted 1:264 packs

A-AB Alan Bean, Astronaut
A-AS Annika Sorenstam, Golf
A-FC Fred Couples, Golf
A-HK Dale Hawerchuk, Hockey
A-HU Jonathan Huberdeau, Hockey
A-JA Jozy Altidore, Soccer
A-JF Jimmer Fredette, Basketball
A-JM Jack Morris, Baseball
A-JN Dustin Johnson, Golf
A-LR Luc Robitaille, Hockey
A-NF Nick Faldo, Golf
A-PO Christian Ponder, Football
A-RP Richard Petty, Auto Racing
A-SC Sam Cassell, Basketball
A-SI Anderson Silva, MMA
A-SW Steve Wozniak, Computers

Group D - inserted 1:185 packs

A-AO Alistair Overeem, MMA
A-BO Bobby Orr, Hockey
A-CY Christian Yelich, Baseball
A-DJ Dee Dee Jonrowe, Dog Sledding
A-HA Bill Haas, Golf
A-NG Natalie Gulbis, Golf
A-PA Prince Amukamara, Football
A-SU Chantal Sutherland, Jockey
A-YY Y.E. Yang, Golf
A-ZJ Zach Johnson, Golf

Group E - inserted 1:82 packs

A-BH Billy Hamilton, Baseball
A-CD Clint Dempsey, Soccer
A-GO Garret Gomez, Jockey
A-HO Tim Howard, Soccer
A-JC Joey Chestnut, Professional Eater
A-JH Jared Hoying, Baseball
A-KP Kenny Perry, Golf
A-MO Marcell Ozuna, Baseball
A-NL Nancy Lopez, Golf
A-RC Ricky Carmichael, Motocross
A-RG Reggie Golden, Baseball
A-TG Tommy Gainey, Golf
A-WR Wilin Rosario, Baseball

Group F - inserted 1:36 packs

A-AA Aaron Altherr, Baseball
A-BC Bryan Clay, Track and Field
A-CB Cody Buckel, Baseball
A-CG Brian Ching, Soccer
A-CH Michael Choice, Baseball
A-CW Charles White, Football
A-DH Dawn Harper, Track and Field
A-GE Gauntlett Eldemire, Baseball
A-HR Jake Hager, Baseball
A-JS Jackie Stiles, Basketball
A-JW Jeremy Wariner, Track and Field
A-LE Laura Enever, Surfing
A-LM Levi Meeuwenberg, Free Runner
A-MD Maryeve Dufault, Auto Racing
A-MK Marcus Knecht, Baseball
A-MP Matt Packer, Baseball
A-NK Nick Kingham, Baseball
A-RK Mikele Barber and Me'Lisa Barber, Track and Field
A-ST Sonya Thomas, Professional Eater
A-TH Trey Hardee, Track and Field
A-TK Taylor Knox, Surfing
A-WS Will Swanner, Baseball

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