2012 Topps Valor Football Valor Autographs Guide

2012 Topps Valor Football Valor Autographs Guide

As the 2012 football card season winds down, both Topps and Panini are saving some of their most high-end releases for last. While 2012 Topps Five Star and 2012 Panini National Treasures are going to be led by autographed memorabilia cards, not all collectors want jersey and patch swatches. For them, the 2012 Topps Valor Football Valor Autographs might be the next best thing.

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One of the most distinct inserts in 2012 Topps Valor Football, the checklist includes more than 40 rookies. All signatures are on-card and all come serial numbered. Like a lot of 2012 Topps football releases, the print runs for individual cards are staggered. The range from a high of 170 down to a low of 75. Although Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are among the short prints, not all are superstars.

It is worth noting that Russell Wilson, a staple in other 2012 Topps football releases, does not appear on the Valor Autographs checklist.

Besides basic Valor Autographs, each card also has four parallels: Courage (#/70), Honor (#/50), Glory (#/25) and Valor (1/1). Yes, that means that if you string out the rarest versions, you've got a 2012 Topps Valor Valor Valor Autograph.

The 2012 Topps Valor Football Valor Autographs feature a horizontal design. Rookie signatures can also be found on the vertical Legionary cards, Shield of Honor autographed patch cards and multi-signed cards.

Below is a look at all of the Valor Autograph cards as well as team information and print runs.

2012 Topps Valor Football Valor Autographs Visual Guide

VA-AJ Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears #/146

VA-AJJ A.J. Jenkins, San Francisco 49ers #/146

VA-AL Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts #/75

2012 Topps Valor Autographs Andrew Luck

VA-BO Brock Osweiler, Denver Broncos #/146

VA-BQ Brian Quick, St. Louis Rams #/146

VA-BW Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns #/75

VA-CF Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts #/170

VA-CG Chris Givens, St. Louis Rams #/70 "Courage"

Please note that at the time this article was written, a base Chris Givens autograph had not shown up.

VA-CJ Chandler Jones, New England Patriots #/170

VA-DA Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts #/170

VA-DM Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers #/146

VA-DP DeVier Posey, Houston Texans #/170

VA-DW David Wilson, New York Giants #/75

VA-IP Isaiah Pead, St. Louis Rams #/146

VA-JB Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars #/75

VA-JC Juron Criner, Oakland Raiders #/170

VA-JG Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns #/170

VA-JW Jarius Wright, Minnesota Vikings #/170

VA-KW Kendall Wright, Tennessee Titans #/75

VA-LJ LaMichael James, San Francisco 49ers #/170

VA-LK Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers #/170

VA-LM Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins #/146

VA-ME Michael Egnew, Miami Dolphins #/170

VA-MF Michael Floyd, Arizona Cardinals #/75

VA-MJ Marvin Jones, Cincinnati Bengals #/170

VA-MS Mohamed Sanu, Cincinnati Bengals #/170

VA-NF Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles - Redemption

VA-NT Nick Toon, New Orleans Saints, #/170

VA-QC Quinton Coples, New York Jets #/146

VA-RB Ryan Broyles, Detroit Lions #/170

VA-RG Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins #/75

2012 Topps Valor Autographs Robert Griffin III

VA-RH Ronnie Hillman, Denver Broncos #/170

VA-RR Rueben Randle, New York Giants #/170

VA-RT Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins #/75

VA-RTU Robert Turbin, Seattle Seahawks #/170

VA-SH Stephen Hill, New York Jets #/146

VA-TB Travis Benjamin, Cleveland Browns #/170

VA-TJG T.J. Graham, Buffalo Bills #/170

VA-TR Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns #/75

VA-TYH T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts #/170

VA-VB Vick Ballard, Indianapolis Colts #/170

Top eBay Listings

2012 Topps Valor Autograph Rookie #VA-JW Jarius Wright 170 Auto Card 0b7

2012 Topps Valor Shield of Honor Patch Autograph Brock Osweiler 21 26 Auto RC

2012 topps valor LUKE KUECHLY #1 50 auto carolina PANTHERS rookie RC signed 1 1


Brock Osweiler 2012 Topps Valor Auto Autograph Rookie RC Denver Broncos 146

Mohamad Sanu 2012 Topps Valor RC Auto 59 70 Atlanta Falcons Lot


2012 Topps Valor Ryan Tannehill Rookie On Card Auto 75

Chris Givens 1 1! 2012 Topps Valor Rookie Auto Heart

2012 Topps Valor Legionary Autograph Rookie #LA-TYH TY Hilton 170 T.Y. Auto 5h5


2012 Topps Valor JUSTIN BLACKMON 39 70 RC Auto

STEPHEN HILL 2012 Topps Valor Shield of Honor Patch Rookie Auto Card 17 26

2012 Topps VALOR 065 170 ** T.J.GRAHAM ** AUTO ROOKIE CARD

2012 Topps Valor Doug Martin # 25 Gold Discipline #la-dm RC AUTO Autograph

2012 Valor Chandler Jones Rookie Auto 83 170 #VA-CJ
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