2012 Topps Five Star Football Cards

2012 Topps Five Star Football Cards


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Product Review

2012 Topps Five Star Football Product Review

Reviewed By Mike Smeth

Good: Fantastic checklist, Large variety of good to great potential pulls, Few condition related issues, Guaranteed booklet or dual auto in each box and High quality patches for the most part.

Bad: Price, Mediocre base card design, Booklets lacking some of the "wow" factor that preceded these highly anticipated hits.

The Bottom Line: There are very few NFL rookie classes that could hold their own against the elite group of NFL draft picks that took the gridiron by storm in 2012. The number of superstar rookies, as well as the depth of rookies with star potential, led to very strong 2012 football card product sales. 2012 Topps Five Star Football is a fitting, high end conclusion to this unforgettable season as it features the rarest rookie cards of many of the 2012 classes' top players - all of which feature on-card signatures and player worn patches. In addition to the plethora of high end rookie cards of the best and brightest first year players, 2012 Topps Five Star Football also features a fantastic variety of autographs of Hall of Famers and veteran stars, as well as multi-autograph combinations of the three groups.

Gone are the wide scale condition issues that plagued 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball. While the base card design leaves something to be desired, no one is shelling out big bucks for the base cards. The cards look best where they matter most - in the rookie autograph patch cards, the booklet autographs, and the various other autograph and jersey patch hits.

Does 2012 Topps Five Star Football live up to it's name and earn a full 5 star review score? Not quite, but it is certainly comes close. And it's something that any football collector after a true high end, premium experience should seriously consider purchasing.

Staff Rating:
4.5 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.1/5.0

I'm not too crazy about the base set design. And overall, this is the one area where National Treasures has Five Star soundly beaten. Base set aside, Five Star up's their game for virtually all of their autograph and player worn memorabilia cards. And considering you are spending upwards of $400 for a box, chances are your eyes won't be on the base cards (though they are selling surprisingly well on the secondary market), so the set's design as a whole is actually quite nice. I've watched a few 2012 Five Star Football case breaks in addition to the box I broke and the condition of the cards, from the base cards, to the booklets, to the dual autographs and everything in between is consistently excellent - which is quite an accomplishment given the thickness of the cardboard stock used by Topps.

Checklist: 5.0/5.0

The checklist is flat out fantastic. It capitalizes on the strong 2012 NFL Rookie Class by providing some of the lowest quantities of the key rookies seen this season. But because of the premium nature of the set, this isn't a bad thing as chances are very good you'll benefit from the scarcity if not right away, in the not too distant future. And the 35 subjects included in the Base Rookie Autograph Patch checklist are the top 35 offensive rookies of the year. Obviously you'll be shooting for a Luck, RGIII, Wilson or Martin pull here, but even if you don't hit the top tier of rookie talent, the bar is high enough that you won't be cursing the cardboard gods for leaving you hanging with an Offensive Linemen, Cornerback, or unsigned free agent autograph pull. Plus all these rookie cards feature on-card signatures, many on which are complemented by multi-color jersey patches.

But Five Star is by no means a one trick pony. Because in addition to it's strong assortment of rookie autograph, multi-autograph, and patch subsets, there are tons of great Veteran Stars and Hall of Famers with multiple autographs and/or game used jersey patches in the set. This list includes the likes of Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith, John Elway, Kurt Warner, Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, Adriane Peterson, Dan Marino, Jerry Rice, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers and, well, I think you get the point.

Value: 4.5/5.0

It goes without saying that $400 is a lot of money to pay for a box of sports cards. However, I think this is going to be one of the products people look back in 5 or 10 years and wish they had scooped up more of. The 2012 NFL rookie class will have its share of Hall of Famers and Superstars, and as the years and decades go on, the Super-Premium autographed rookie cards in Topps Five Star will be among the most coveted and valuable. If you don't have the cash to buy a box, you could do a lot worse then to invest some money in purchasing some key 2012 Five Star rookie auto's on the secondary market as there is tons of upside here. If you compare it with rival premium football product 2012 Panini National Treasures Football, which costs over $550 per box, there is actually a very distinct price advantage in favor of Five Star.

You can use the $150 you saved by purchasing Five Star on picking up a hobby box of 2012 Topps Chrome Football Cards or 2012 Panini Prizm Football. Or with Mother's Day coming up, use that extra $150 to buy your wife or mother (or both) some roses and take her out to a nice dinner away from the kids.

The Fun Factor: 4.3/5.0

The further back into collecting I get, the more I enjoy ripping premium high risk, high-reward products. Only a few box breaks I've seen of 2012 Topps Five Star Football would qualify as being horrible breaks. I've seen a substantial amount of great breaks though - one box in particular comes to mind. It was part of a live group break in which participants bought spots based on conference. One lucky collector chimed in at the last minute, purchasing the rights to any NFC North pulls made from the 1 box break. The box featured a Bart Starr autographed patch booklet and a Brett Farve autograph Rainbow Parallel, among other impressive hits. But I digress.

Like any other product, the majority of breaks will be somewhere in the middle. But unlike the majority of products, there is something particularly electric about the possibilities that lie before you as you carefully tear your way into the cleverly packaged plastic mini display case that makes up the outer packaging of 2012 Five Star Football boxes. Is it fun? I sure thought it was. If it's too rich for your blood, there is no shortage of great 2012 football card products on the market available at all manner of price point. But for those in search of the top super-premium experience of the football season, look no further then 2012 Topps Five Star Football.

ebaysmalllogo Image
2010422531124040 1 Image
2012 DWAYNE ALLEN Topps Five Star Rookie Auto Jersey Card #'d 300 T3194
2715546644064040 1 Image
2012 topps five star ALFRED MORRIS ROOKIE AUTO PATCH GOLD 55 !!!!
2612960696364040 1 Image
1312246853974040 1 Image
2215011375124040 1 Image
2515916613184040 1 Image
2012 Topps Five Star Rueben Randle RPA 1 100 ERROR No Auto
3109415871904040 1 Image
2012 Topps Five Star #181 Ronnie Hillman Patch On Card Autograph RC #288 300
2615359215774040 1 Image
2012 Topps Five Star Dwayne Bowe Patch Auto SP 31 75 Chiefs
2515697070194040 1 Image
1411018278094040 1 Image
2012 RYAN BROYLES - Patch Auto 2 Pc Lot - Five Star Auto 150 3 Color SPA 885
2312856673424040 1 Image
2012 Topps Five Star Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles Auto #21 100
3214669470394040 1 Image
Josh Gordon 2012 Five Star Booklet Four Piece Auto Autograph # 3 5 3Color Patch
1713900633284040 1 Image
2911937106224040 1 Image
2515698749864040 1 Image
2012 Topps Five Star Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III Laundry Tag 10 Auto Card
2615151518164040 1 Image
2012 Topps Five Star Russell Wilson 2 40 Auto 4 Piece Book
1114117964594040 1 Image
2012 topps five star COMPLETE patch auto set! Luck Griffin Wilson Foles
3609717827464040 1 Image
1814478400244040 1 Image
Alshon Jeffery 2012 Topps Five Star 2 Color Jersey Auto #35 50 On-Card!!
3214693438334040 1 Image
Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill RC AUTO 2012 Topps Five Star 27 50 AWESOME patch
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Set Checklist

2012 Topps Five Star Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

3 per pack

1 Eli Manning
2 Randy Moss
3 Jimmy Graham
4 Jeremy Maclin
5 Heath Miller
6 Ryan Williams
7 Percy Harvin
8 Matt Schaub
9 Arian Foster
10 Joe Montana
11 Titus Young
12 Hakeem Nicks
13 Marques Colston
14 Mark Ingram
15 Danny Amendola
16 Mikel Leshoure
17 Aaron Hernandez
18 Victor Cruz
19 John Skelton
20 Terry Bradshaw
21 Reggie Wayne
22 Laurent Robinson
23 Jared Allen
24 Patrick Willis
25 Jim Kelly
26 Matt Ryan
27 Darren Sproles
28 Frank Gore
29 Stevan Ridley
30 John Elway
31 Brandon Marshall
32 Chris Long
33 Philip Rivers
34 Von Miller
35 Michael Turner
36 Julio Jones
37 Troy Polamalu
38 Brian Urlacher
39 Torrey Smith
40 Steve Young
41 Joique Bell
42 Jordy Nelson
43 Anquan Boldin
44 Larry Fitzgerald
45 Michael Bush
46 Rashard Mendenhall
47 Malcom Floyd
48 Mark Sanchez
49 A.J. Green
50 Joe Namath
51 Jermichael Finley
52 Greg Jennings
53 Darrius Heyward-Bay
54 Clay Matthews
55 Fred Jackson
56 C.J. Spiller
57 Miles Austin
58 Fred Davis
59 Michael Vick
60 Aaron Rodgers
61 Matt Cassel
62 Andre Roberts
63 Ray Rice
64 D'Qwell Jackson
65 Jamaal Charles
66 Tony Romo
67 Brian Hartline
68 DeMarco Murray
69 Sam Bradford
70 Emmitt Smith
71 Darren McFadden
72 Steve Smith
73 Wes Welker
74 Santonio Holmes
75 Brett Favre
76 Demaryius Thomas
77 DeSean Jackson
78 Brandon Pettigrew
79 Dwayne Bowe
80 Dan Marino
81 Marshawn Lynch
82 Antonio Brown
83 Charles Woodson
84 Carson Palmer
85 Ben Roethlisberger
86 Tony Gonzalez
87 Steve Johnson
88 Andre Johnson
89 Matt Forté
90 Cam Newton
91 Ryan Fitzpatrick
92 Adrian Peterson
93 Steven Jackson
94 Rob Gronkowski
95 Cedric Benson
96 DeMarcus Ware
97 Alex Smith
98 Shonn Greene
99 BenJarvus Green-Ellis
100 Jim Brown
101 Dennis Pitta
102 Andy Dalton
103 James Jones
104 Chris Johnson
105 Mike Williams
106 Isaac Redman
107 Joe Flacco
108 Vernon Davis
109 Kyle Rudolph
110 Warren Moon
111 Charles Tillman
112 Willis McGahee
113 Reggie Bush
114 Jake Locker
115 Jay Cutler
116 Felix Jones
117 Jonathan Stewart
118 Vincent Jackson
119 Denarius Moore
120 Peyton Manning
121 Roddy White
122 Matthew Stafford
123 Calvin Johnson Jr.
124 Ryan Mathews
125 Tom Brady
126 Sidney Rice
127 Ray Lewis
128 Josh Freeman
129 Tim Tebow
130 Drew Brees
131 LeSean McCoy
132 Antonio Gates
133 Dez Bryant
134 Davone Bess
135 Maurice Jones-Drew
136 Ahmad Bradshaw
137 Blaine Gabbert
138 Julius Peppers
139 Mike Wallace
140 Dan Fouts
141 Golden Tate
142 Ed Reed
143 Randall Cobb
144 J.J. Watt
145 Eric Decker
146 Christian Ponder
147 Jason Witten
148 DeAngelo Williams
149 Jason Pierre-Paul
150 Jerry Rice
2012 Topps Five Star Football Adrian Peterson Image

Base Rookie Autograph Patch Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Jumbo Patch #/55, Rainbow Jumbo Patch #/25, Five Star Jumbo Patch 1/1

151 Ryan Tannehill
152 Brandon Weeden
153 Michael Floyd
155 Kendall Wright
156 Brock Osweiler
157 Stephen Hill
158 A.J. Jenkins
159 Russell Wilson
160 Robert Griffin III
161 Alshon Jeffery
162 Isaiah Pead
163 Lamar Miller
164 Brian Quick
165 Doug Martin
166 LaMichael James
167 Mohamed Sanu
168 Rueben Randle
169 Josh Gordon
170 Andrew Luck
171 Ryan Broyles
172 Nick Foles
173 DeVier Posey
174 T.Y. Hilton
175 Justin Blackmon
176 Alfred Morris
177 Coby Fleener
178 Dre Kirkpatrick
180 Trent Richardson
181 Ronnie Hillman
182 Robert Turbin
183 Michael Egnew
184 T.J. Graham
185 Jarius Wright
188 Vick Ballard
190 Dwayne Allen
2012 Topps Five Star Football Autographed Patch Image

Cut Signatures Set Checklist

Featuring 25 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

FSCS-AW Alex Wojciechowicz
FSCS-BD Bill Dudley
FSCS-BP Bob Pellegrini
FSCS-CS Clark Shaughnessy
FSCS-CT Charley Taylor
FSCS-DD Dan Devine
FSCS-DL Dante "Gluefingers" Lavelli
FSCS-DW Doak Walker
FSCS-GB George Blanda
FSCS-GC George Connor
FSCS-GM George McAfee
FSCS-GS Gale Sayers
FSCS-JC Jim Castiglia
FSCS-KR Kyle Rote
FSCS-LC Lou Creekmur
FSCS-LG Lou Groza
FSCS-NTL Dick "Night Train" Lane
FSCS-OM Ollie Matson
FSCS-PB Paul Brown
FSCS-PR Pete Rozelle
FSCS-RB Morris "Red" Badgro
FSCS-RF Ray Flaherty
FSCS-RG Harold "Red" Grange
FSCS-SB Sammy Baugh
FSCS-SJ Stan Jones

Futures Autograph Set Checklist

Featuring 35 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Rainbow #/25, Five Star 1/1

FSFA-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FSFA-AL Andrew Luck
FSFA-AM Alfred Morris
FSFA-BO Brock Osweiler
FSFA-BQ Brian Quick
FSFA-BW Brandon Weeden
FSFA-CF Coby Fleener
FSFA-CJ Chandler Jones
FSFA-DM Doug Martin
FSFA-DP DeVier Posey
FSFA-DW David Wilson
FSFA-JB Justin Blackmon
FSFA-JC Juron Criner
FSFA-JG Josh Gordon
FSFA-JW Jarius Wright
FSFA-KW Kendall Wright
FSFA-LJ LaMichael James
FSFA-LK Luke Kuechly
FSFA-ME Michael Egnew
FSFA-MF Michael Floyd
FSFA-MS Mohamed Sanu
FSFA-NF Nick Foles
FSFA-NT Nick Toon
FSFA-RB Ryan Broyles
FSFA-RG Robert Griffin III
FSFA-RR Rueben Randle
FSFA-RT Ryan Tannehill
FSFA-RTU Robert Turbin
FSFA-RW Russell Wilson
FSFA-SH Stephen Hill
FSFA-TB Travis Benjamin
FSFA-TJG T.J. Graham
FSFA-TR Trent Richardson
FSFA-TYH T.Y. Hilton
FSFA-VB Vick Ballard
2012 Topps Five Star Football Autograph Kendall Wright Image

Futures Quotable Autograph Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
Serial Numbered #/25

FSFQA-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FSFQA-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
FSFQA-AL Andrew Luck
FSFQA-AM Alfred Morris
FSFQA-BO Brock Osweiler
FSFQA-BQ Brian Quick
FSFQA-BW Brandon Weeden
FSFQA-CF Coby Fleener
FSFQA-DA Dwayne Allen
FSFQA-DM Doug Martin
FSFQA-DW David Wilson
FSFQA-IP Isaiah Pead
FSFQA-JB Justin Blackmon
FSFQA-JG Josh Gordon
FSFQA-KW Kendall Wright
FSFQA-LJ LaMichael James
FSFQA-LM Lamar Miller
FSFQA-MF Michael Floyd
FSFQA-MS Mohamed Sanu
FSFQA-NF Nick Foles
FSFQA-NT Nick Toon
FSFQA-RB Ryan Broyles
FSFQA-RG Robert Griffin III
FSFQA-RH Ronnie Hillman
FSFQA-RR Rueben Randle
FSFQA-RT Ryan Tannehill
FSFQA-RTU Robert Turbin
FSFQA-RW Russell Wilson
FSFQA-SH Stephen Hill
FSFQA-TR Trent Richardson

Futures 3-Piece Autograph Book Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Patch #/15, Rainbow Patch #/5, Five Star Patch 1/1

FSFA3-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FSFA3-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
FSFA3-AL Andrew Luck
FSFA3-AM Alfred Morris
FSFA3-BO Brock Osweiler
FSFA3-BQ Brian Quick
FSFA3-BW Brandon Weeden
FSFA3-CF Coby Fleener
FSFA3-DA Dwayne Allen
FSFA3-DM Doug Martin
FSFA3-IP Isaiah Pead
FSFA3-JB Justin Blackmon
FSFA3-JG Josh Gordon
FSFA3-KW Kendall Wright
FSFA3-LJ LaMichael James
FSFA3-LM Lamar Miller
FSFA3-MF Michael Floyd
FSFA3-MS Mohamed Sanu
FSFA3-NF Nick Foles
FSFA3-NT Nick Toon
FSFA3-RB Ryan Broyles
FSFA3-RG Robert Griffin III
FSFA3-RH Ronnie Hillman
FSFA3-RR Rueben Randle
FSFA3-RT Ryan Tannehill
FSFA3-RTU Robert Turbin
FSFA3-RW Russell Wilson
FSFA3-SH Stephen Hill
FSFA3-TJG T.J. Graham
FSFA3-TR Trent Richardson

Futures 4-Piece Autograph Book Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Patch #/15, Rainbow Patch #/5, Five Star Patch 1/1

FSFA4-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FSFA4-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
FSFA4-AL Andrew Luck
FSFA4-BO Brock Osweiler
FSFA4-BQ Brian Quick
FSFA4-BW Brandon Weeden
FSFA4-CF Coby Fleener
FSFA4-DA Dwayne Allen
FSFA4-DM Doug Martin
FSFA4-IP Isaiah Pead
FSFA4-JB Justin Blackmon
FSFA4-JG Josh Gordon
FSFA4-KW Kendall Wright
FSFA4-LJ LaMichael James
FSFA4-LM Lamar Miller
FSFA4-MF Michael Floyd
FSFA4-MS Mohamed Sanu
FSFA4-NF Nick Foles
FSFA4-NT Nick Toon
FSFA4-RB Ryan Broyles
FSFA4-RG Robert Griffin III
FSFA4-RH Ronnie Hillman
FSFA4-RR Rueben Randle
FSFA4-RT Ryan Tannehill
FSFA4-RTU Robert Turbin
FSFA4-RW Russell Wilson
FSFA4-SH Stephen Hill
FSFA4-TJG T.J. Graham
FSFA4-TR Trent Richardson
FSFA4-VB Vick Ballard
2012 Topps Five Star Football Quad Patch Autograph Book Card Robert Griffin III 260x146 Image

Futures Dual Autograph Set Checklist

Featuring 26 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Rainbow #/5, Five Star 1/1

FSFDA-BF Michael Floyd
Justin Blackmon
FSFDA-BQ Brian Quick
Justin Blackmon
FSFDA-BW Kendall Wright
Justin Blackmon
FSFDA-FA Coby Fleener
Dwayne Allen
FSFDA-GB Robert Griffin III
Justin Blackmon
FSFDA-GR Trent Richardson
Robert Griffin III
FSFDA-GW Kendall Wright
Robert Griffin III
FSFDA-JS Mohamed Sanu
Alshon Jeffery
FSFDA-LB Andrew Luck
Justin Blackmon
FSFDA-LF Andrew Luck
Coby Fleener
FSFDA-LG Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III
FSFDA-LR Trent Richardson
Andrew Luck
FSFDA-MW David Wilson
Doug Martin
FSFDA-OH Brock Osweiler
Ronnie Hillman
FSFDA-QP Isaiah Pead
Brian Quick
FSFDA-RB Justin Blackmon
Trent Richardson
FSFDA-RW Rueben Randle
David Wilson
FSFDA-RWI David Wilson
Trent Richardson
FSFDA-TH Nick Toon
Stephen Hill
FSFDA-TM Lamar Miller
Ryan Tannehill
FSFDA-TO Ryan Tannehill
Brock Osweiler
FSFDA-WB Brandon Weeden
Justin Blackmon
FSFDA-WJ Kendall Wright
Alshon Jeffery
FSFDA-WR Brandon Weeden
Trent Richardson
FSFDA-WT Russell Wilson
Nick Toon
FSFDA-WTU Russell Wilson
Robert Turbin
2012 Topps Five Star Football Dual Autograph Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson Image

Futures Dual Autograph Patch Book Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Rainbow #/5, Five Star 1/1

FSFDAP-BF Michael Floyd
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAP-BJ Alshon Jeffery
Ryan Broyles
FSFDAP-BQ Brian Quick
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAP-BW Justin Blackmon
Kendall Wright
FSFDAP-FA Dwayne Allen
Coby Fleener
FSFDAP-GB Justin Blackmon
Robert Griffin III
FSFDAP-GR Robert Griffin III
Trent Richardson
FSFDAP-GW Robert Griffin III
Kendall Wright
FSFDAP-JS Mohamed Sanu
Alshon Jeffery
FSFDAP-LB Andrew Luck
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAP-LF Coby Fleener
Andrew Luck
FSFDAP-LG Robert Griffin III
Andrew Luck
FSFDAP-LR Trent Richardson
Andrew Luck
FSFDAP-MW David Wilson
Doug Martin
FSFDAP-OH Brock Osweiler
Ronnie Hillman
FSFDAP-QP Brian Quick
Isaiah Pead
FSFDAP-RB Justin Blackmon
Trent Richardson
FSFDAP-RH Rueben Randle
Stephen Hill
FSFDAP-RW David Wilson
Rueben Randle
FSFDAP-RWI Trent Richardson
David Wilson
FSFDAP-TE Ryan Tannehill
Michael Egnew
FSFDAP-TH Stephen Hill
Nick Toon
FSFDAP-TM Lamar Miller
Ryan Tannehill
FSFDAP-TO Ryan Tannehill
Brock Osweiler
FSFDAP-WB Justin Blackmon
Brandon Weeden
FSFDAP-WJ Kendall Wright
Alshon Jeffery
Kendall Wright
FSFDAP-WR Trent Richardson
Brandon Weeden
FSFDAP-WT Russell Wilson
Nick Toon
FSFDAP-WTU Russell Wilson
Robert Turbin

Futures Dual Autograph Laundry Tag Book Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

FSFDAL-BF Justin Blackmon
Michael Floyd
FSFDAL-BW Justin Blackmon
Kendall Wright
FSFDAL-GB Robert Griffin III
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAL-GR Trent Richardson
Robert Griffin III
FSFDAL-GW Kendall Wright
Robert Griffin III
FSFDAL-LB Justin Blackmon
Andrew Luck
FSFDAL-LG Robert Griffin III
Andrew Luck
FSFDAL-LR Andrew Luck
Trent Richardson
FSFDAL-MW Doug Martin
David Wilson
FSFDAL-RB Justin Blackmon
Trent Richardson
FSFDAL-RW David Wilson
Rueben Randle
FSFDAL-TM Lamar Miller
Ryan Tannehill
FSFDAL-WB Brandon Weeden
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAL-WR Trent Richardson
Brandon Weeden
FSFDAL-WT Russell Wilson
Nick Toon

Futures Dual Autograph Shield Book Set Checklist

Featuring 25 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

FSFDAS-BF Justin Blackmon
Michael Floyd
FSFDAS-BW Kendall Wright
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAS-FA Dwayne Allen
Coby Fleener
FSFDAS-FO Nick Foles
Brock Osweiler
FSFDAS-GB Robert Griffin III
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAS-GR Robert Griffin III
Trent Richardson
FSFDAS-GW Kendall Wright
Robert Griffin III
FSFDAS-JJ A.J. Jenkins
LaMichael James
FSFDAS-LB Andrew Luck
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAS-LF Coby Fleener
Andrew Luck
FSFDAS-LG Robert Griffin III
Andrew Luck
FSFDAS-LR Trent Richardson
Andrew Luck
FSFDAS-MW David Wilson
Doug Martin
FSFDAS-OH Ronnie Hillman
Brock Osweiler
FSFDAS-QP Brian Quick
Isaiah Pead
FSFDAS-RB Trent Richardson
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAS-RWI David Wilson
Trent Richardson
FSFDAS-SB Mohamed Sanu
Ryan Broyles
Stephen Hill
FSFDAS-TM Ryan Tannehill
Lamar Miller
FSFDAS-TO Brock Osweiler
Ryan Tannehill
FSFDAS-WB Brandon Weeden
Justin Blackmon
FSFDAS-WR Trent Richardson
Brandon Weeden
Russell Wilson
FSFDAS-WTU Russell Wilson
Robert Turbin

Futures Quadragraph Book Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

FSFQ-BFRW Michael Floyd
Trent Richardson
Justin Blackmon
David Wilson
FSFQ-GLTW Robert Griffin III
Ryan Tannehill
Brandon Weeden
Andrew Luck
FSFQ-GWWB Kendall Wright
Robert Griffin III
Justin Blackmon
Brandon Weeden
FSFQ-JJBH A.J. Jenkins
Ryan Broyles
Stephen Hill
Alshon Jeffery
FSFQ-LGBR Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III
Trent Richardson
Justin Blackmon
FSFQ-LGWB Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III
Kendall Wright
Justin Blackmon
FSFQ-MHJT Lamar Miller
LaMichael James
Robert Turbin
Ronnie Hillman
FSFQ-RMPW David Wilson
Trent Richardson
Doug Martin
Isaiah Pead
DeVier Posey
Mohamed Sanu
Nick Toon
FSFQ-WBQF Brian Quick
Justin Blackmon
Michael Floyd
Kendall Wright

Futures Six Signatures Book Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

FSFSS-1 Russell Wilson
Robert Griffin III
Brandon Weeden
Brock Osweiler
Andrew Luck
Ryan Tannehill
FSFSS-2 Isaiah Pead
Doug Martin
David Wilson
Lamar Miller
Trent Richardson
Ronnie Hillman
FSFSS-3 Justin Blackmon
Brian Quick
Josh Gordon
Kendall Wright
Stephen Hill
Michael Floyd
FSFSS-4 Robert Griffin III
Ryan Tannehill
Doug Martin
Andrew Luck
David Wilson
Trent Richardson
FSFSS-5 Ryan Tannehill
Robert Griffin III
Kendall Wright
Justin Blackmon
Andrew Luck
Brian Quick

Futures Eight Signatures Book Set Checklist

Featuring 3 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

FSFEA-1 Lamar Miller
Isaiah Pead
Doug Martin
Ronnie Hillman
LaMichael James
Trent Richardson
Robert Turbin
David Wilson
FSFEA-2 Brian Quick
Justin Blackmon
Michael Floyd
Rueben Randle
Kendall Wright
Alshon Jeffery
Josh Gordon
Stephen Hill
FSFEA-3 Trent Richardson
Robert Griffin III
Ryan Tannehill
Michael Floyd
Andrew Luck
Justin Blackmon
David Wilson
Doug Martin
2012 Topps Five Star Football 8 Autograph 260x226 Image

Jumbo Jersey Relic Set Checklist

Featuring up to 49 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Patch #/25, Rainbow #/5, Five Star 1/1

FSJJR-AB Anquan Boldin
FSJJR-AD Andy Dalton
FSJJR-AF Arian Foster
FSJJR-AG Antonio Gates
FSJJR-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FSJJR-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
FSJJR-AL Andrew Luck
FSJJR-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSJJR-BO Brock Osweiler
FSJJR-BQ Brian Quick
FSJJR-BU Brian Urlacher
FSJJR-BW Brandon Weeden
FSJJR-CF Coby Fleener
FSJJR-DA Dwayne Allen
FSJJR-DB Dez Bryant
FSJJR-DM Doug Martin
FSJJR-ED Eric Decker
FSJJR-IP Isaiah Pead
FSJJR-JA Joe Adams
FSJJR-JB Justin Blackmon
FSJJR-JC Jay Cutler
FSJJR-JG Jimmy Graham
FSJJR-JJ Julio Jones
FSJJR-JW Jarius Wright
FSJJR-KW Kendall Wright
FSJJR-LJ LaMichael James
FSJJR-LM Lamar Miller
FSJJR-ME Michael Egnew
FSJJR-MF Matt Forté
FSJJR-MFL Michael Floyd
FSJJR-MS Mohamed Sanu
FSJJR-NF Nick Foles
FSJJR-NT Nick Toon
FSJJR-RB Ryan Broyles
FSJJR-RBU Reggie Bush
FSJJR-RG Robert Griffin III
FSJJR-RH Ronnie Hillman
FSJJR-RR Rueben Randle
FSJJR-RT Ryan Tannehill
FSJJR-RTU Robert Turbin
FSJJR-RWI Russell Wilson
FSJJR-SB Sam Bradford
FSJJR-SH Stephen Hill
FSJJR-TG Tony Gonzalez
FSJJR-TR Trent Richardson
2012 Topps Five Star Football Jumbo Patch Image

Letters Set Checklist

Featuring 50 players
Serial Numbered 1/1

FSL-AB Anquan Boldin
FSL-AJ Alshon Jeffery
FSL-AJJ A.J. Jenkins
FSL-BF Brett Favre
FSL-BO Brock Osweiler
FSL-BQ Brian Quick
FSL-BW Brandon Weeden
FSL-CF Coby Fleener
FSL-CJ Chris Johnson
FSL-DA Dwayne Allen
FSL-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSL-DBR Dez Bryant
FSL-DM Doug Martin
FSL-DMA Dan Marino
FSL-DMC Darren McFadden
FSL-DR Darrelle Revis
FSL-EM Eli Manning
FSL-ES Emmitt Smith
FSL-IP Isaiah Pead
FSL-JA Jared Allen
FSL-JB Justin Blackmon
FSL-JG Jimmy Graham
FSL-JJ Julio Jones
FSL-JR Jerry Rice
FSL-JW Jarius Wright
FSL-KW Kendall Wright
FSL-LJ LaMichael James
FSL-LM Lamar Miller
FSL-MF Matt Forté
FSL-MFL Michael Floyd
FSL-MS Mohamed Sanu
FSL-MV Michael Vick
FSL-NF Nick Foles
FSL-RB Ryan Broyles
FSL-RG Robert Griffin III
FSL-RH Ronnie Hillman
FSL-RL Ray Lewis
FSL-RR Rueben Randle
FSL-RT Ryan Tannehill
FSL-RTU Robert Turbin
FSL-RW Russell Wilson
FSL-SH Stephen Hill
FSL-SJ Steven Jackson
FSL-TBR Terry Bradshaw
FSL-TG Tony Gonzalez
FSL-TJG T.J. Graham
FSL-TR Trent Richardson
FSL-TRO Tony Romo
FSL-TYH T.Y. Hilton
FSL-VM Von Miller

Quotable Signatures Set Checklist

Featuring 20 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

FSQS-BS Bart Starr
FSQS-BSA Barry Sanders
FSQS-CB Cedric Benson
FSQS-ES Emmitt Smith
FSQS-JB Jim Brown
FSQS-JE John Elway
FSQS-JK Jim Kelly
FSQS-JN Joe Namath
FSQS-JP Jim Plunkett
FSQS-KW Kurt Warner
FSQS-MS Matt Schaub
FSQS-MV Michael Vick
FSQS-PS Phil Simms
FSQS-RW Roddy White
FSQS-TB Terry Bradshaw
FSQS-VC Victor Cruz
FSQS-VM Von Miller
FSQS-WM Warren Moon
FSQS-WMC Willis McGahee
FSQS-YAT Y.A. Tittle

Signatures Set Checklist

Featuring 25 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Rainbow #/15, Five Star 1/1

FSS-AH Aaron Hernandez
FSS-AP Adrian Peterson
FSS-BF Brett Favre
FSS-BS Bart Starr
FSS-BSA Barry Sanders
FSS-CB Cedric Benson
FSS-CH Chuck Howley
FSS-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSS-DF Dan Fouts
FSS-JB Jim Brown
FSS-JF Jermichael Finley
FSS-JG Jimmy Graham
FSS-JK Jim Kelly
FSS-JM Joe Montana
FSS-JP Jim Plunkett
FSS-KW Kurt Warner
FSS-MS Matthew Stafford
FSS-RW Roddy White
FSS-SH Santonio Holmes
FSS-SR Sidney Rice
FSS-TB Terry Bradshaw
FSS-TS Torrey Smith
FSS-VC Victor Cruz
FSS-WM Warren Moon
FSS-WMC Willis McGahee
2012 Topps Five Star Football Brett Favre Autograph 214x300 Image

Signature Patch Set Checklist

Featuring 20 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/40, Rainbow #/25, Five Star 1/1

FSSP-AH Aaron Hernandez
FSSP-AP Adrian Peterson
FSSP-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSSP-DM Dan Marino
FSSP-DMU DeMarco Murray
FSSP-GJ Greg Jennings
FSSP-HN Hakeem Nicks
FSSP-JR Jerry Rice
FSSP-LM LeSean McCoy
FSSP-MJD Maurice Jones-Drew
FSSP-MR Matt Ryan
FSSP-MT Michael Turner
FSSP-RM Rashard Mendenhall
FSSP-SS Steve Smith
FSSP-SY Steve Young
FSSP-TR Tony Romo
FSSP-TS Torrey Smith
FSSP-VC Victor Cruz
FSSP-VM Von Miller
FSSP-WM Willis McGahee

Signatures Book Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Patch #/10, Rainbow Patch #/5, Five Star Patch 1/1

FSSB-AH Aaron Hernandez
FSSB-AR Aaron Rodgers
FSSB-BF Brett Favre
FSSB-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSSB-DM Dan Marino
FSSB-DMC Darren McFadden
FSSB-DS Darren Sproles
FSSB-ES Emmitt Smith
FSSB-FJ Fred Jackson
FSSB-JE John Elway
FSSB-JG Jimmy Graham
FSSB-JM Joe Montana
FSSB-JN Joe Namath
FSSB-MF Matt Forté
FSSB-MJD Maurice Jones-Drew
FSSB-MR Matt Ryan
FSSB-MS Matthew Stafford
FSSB-MSC Matt Schaub
FSSB-MV Michael Vick
FSSB-MW Mike Wallace
FSSB-RG Rob Gronkowski
FSSB-RW Roddy White
FSSB-SR Sidney Rice
FSSB-SS Steve Smith
FSSB-TR Tony Romo
FSSB-TS Torrey Smith
FSSB-VC Victor Cruz
FSSB-VM Von Miller
FSSB-WM Willis McGahee
2012 Topps Five Star Football Gold Patch Triple Relic Autograph Book Card Joe Namath 260x156 Image

Superstar Combos Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

FSSC-AR Tony Romo
Troy Aikman
FSSC-BP Adrian Peterson
Jim Brown
FSSC-BR Trent Richardson
Jim Brown
FSSC-CN Victor Cruz
Hakeem Nicks
FSSC-FR Aaron Rodgers
Brett Favre
FSSC-GH Rob Gronkowski
Aaron Hernandez
FSSC-JB Justin Blackmon
Maurice Jones-Drew
FSSC-MS Dan Marino
Matthew Stafford
FSSC-MSC Warren Moon
Matt Schaub
FSSC-PM Jim Plunkett
Darren McFadden
FSSC-RS Matt Ryan
Matt Schaub
FSSC-SM DeMarco Murray
Emmitt Smith
FSSC-TM Y.A. Tittle
Joe Montana
FSSC-TP Jim Plunkett
Y.A. Tittle
FSSC-VG Michael Vick
Robert Griffin III
2012 Topps Five Star Football Dual Autograph Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III Image

Dual Patch Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
Serial Numbered #/15

FSDP-BF Justin Blackmon
Michael Floyd
FSDP-BP Isaiah Pead
Sam Bradford
FSDP-BW Kendall Wright
Justin Blackmon
FSDP-CJ Jay Cutler
Alshon Jeffery
FSDP-DS Andy Dalton
Mohamed Sanu
FSDP-FA Dwayne Allen
Coby Fleener
FSDP-FG Ryan Fitzpatrick
T.J. Graham
FSDP-FH T.Y. Hilton
Coby Fleener
FSDP-FQ Michael Floyd
Brian Quick
FSDP-GB Blaine Gabbert
Justin Blackmon
FSDP-GL Robert Griffin III
Andrew Luck
FSDP-GW Robert Griffin III
Kendall Wright
FSDP-HP Ronnie Hillman
Bernard Pierce
FSDP-IR Trent Richardson
Mark Ingram
FSDP-JJ LaMichael James
A.J. Jenkins
FSDP-KH Dont'a Hightower
Luke Kuechly
FSDP-LB Andrew Luck
Justin Blackmon
FSDP-LF Coby Fleener
Andrew Luck
FSDP-NA Cam Newton
Joe Adams
FSDP-OF Nick Foles
Brock Osweiler
FSDP-QJ Brian Quick
Alshon Jeffery
FSDP-QP Isaiah Pead
Brian Quick
FSDP-RM Trent Richardson
Doug Martin
FSDP-RW Trent Richardson
Brandon Weeden
FSDP-SH Stephen Hill
Mark Sanchez
FSDP-SR Torrey Smith
Rueben Randle
FSDP-TB Justin Blackmon
Ryan Tannehill
FSDP-TM Ryan Tannehill
Lamar Miller
FSDP-WO Brandon Weeden
Brock Osweiler
FSDP-WT Robert Turbin
Russell Wilson
2012 Topps Five Star Football Dual Patch Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck Image

Triple Patch Set Checklist

Featuring 20 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

FSTP-BFW Justin Blackmon
Kendall Wright
Michael Floyd
FSTP-CHP Jay Cutler
Julius Peppers
Devin Hester
FSTP-FWF Ryan Williams
Michael Floyd
Larry Fitzgerald
FSTP-GHG Jimmy Graham
Aaron Hernandez
Rob Gronkowski
FSTP-GWG Robert Griffin III
Josh Gordon
Kendall Wright
FSTP-LFA Coby Fleener
Andrew Luck
Dwayne Allen
FSTP-LFH Andrew Luck
Coby Fleener
T.Y. Hilton
FSTP-LGR Robert Griffin III
Trent Richardson
Andrew Luck
FSTP-LJW Kendall Wright
Chris Johnson
Jake Locker
FSTP-LRG Trent Richardson
Justin Blackmon
Andrew Luck
FSTP-MWP David Wilson
Isaiah Pead
Doug Martin
FSTP-QPG Isaiah Pead
Brian Quick
Chris Givens
FSTP-RGM Ryan Mathews
Antonio Gates
Philip Rivers
FSTP-RTJ Julio Jones
Matt Ryan
Michael Turner
FSTP-RWG Josh Gordon
Brandon Weeden
Trent Richardson
FSTP-SHR Mark Sanchez
Darrelle Revis
Santonio Holmes
FSTP-TEM Lamar Miller
Ryan Tannehill
Michael Egnew
FSTP-TME Ryan Tannehill
Lamar Miller
Michael Egnew
FSTP-TWW Ryan Tannehill
Brandon Weeden
Russell Wilson
Jeremy Maclin
Michael Vick

Quad Patch Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

FSQP-BFMR Eli Manning
Tom Brady
Joe Flacco
Tony Romo
FSQP-DGGB Blaine Gabbert
Andy Dalton
A.J. Green
Justin Blackmon
Michael Floyd
Julio Jones
Justin Blackmon
FSQP-GTWW Brandon Weeden
Ryan Tannehill
Russell Wilson
Robert Griffin III
FSQP-HKQJ Luke Kuechly
Alshon Jeffery
Dont'a Hightower
Brian Quick
FSQP-LFTE Michael Egnew
Andrew Luck
Ryan Tannehill
Coby Fleener
FSQP-LGRB Justin Blackmon
Trent Richardson
Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III
FSQP-MVRG Eli Manning
Michael Vick
Tony Romo
Robert Griffin III
FSQP-PMJR DeMarco Murray
Julio Jones
Adrian Peterson
Trent Richardson
FSQP-QHRJ Rueben Randle
Alshon Jeffery
Brian Quick
Stephen Hill
FSQP-SFMR Eli Manning
Aaron Rodgers
Brett Favre
Phil Simms
Michael Vick
Michael Turner
LeSean McCoy
FSQP-WGWT Josh Gordon
Brandon Weeden
Robert Turbin
Russell Wilson
FSQP-WQMH Kendall Wright
Ronnie Hillman
Doug Martin
Brian Quick
FSQP-WULH Patrick Willis
Brian Urlacher
Ray Lewis
A.J. Hawk

Octo Patch Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

FSOP-1 Trent Richardson
Justin Blackmon
Robert Griffin III
David Wilson
Dwayne Allen
Andrew Luck
Coby Fleener
Michael Floyd
FSOP-2 Brandon Weeden
Robert Griffin III
Ryan Tannehill
Trent Richardson
Doug Martin
Andrew Luck
Isaiah Pead
David Wilson
FSOP-3 Brandon Weeden
Ryan Tannehill
Robert Griffin III
Justin Blackmon
Kendall Wright
Brian Quick
Andrew Luck
Michael Floyd
FSOP-5 Brian Quick
Rueben Randle
Isaiah Pead
T.Y. Hilton
David Wilson
Dwayne Allen
Robert Turbin
Russell Wilson
FSOP-6 Ray Lewis
Brian Urlacher
A.J. Hawk
Jason Witten
Patrick Willis
Jimmy Graham
Tony Gonzalez
Rob Gronkowski
FSOP-7 Eli Manning
Joe Flacco
Tony Romo
Ryan Tannehill
Tom Brady
Robert Griffin III
Andrew Luck
Brandon Weeden
FSOP-8 Kendall Wright
Michael Floyd
Brian Quick
Alshon Jeffery
Justin Blackmon
Mohamed Sanu
Rueben Randle
Stephen Hill
FSOP-9 Isaiah Pead
David Wilson
Doug Martin
LaMichael James
Lamar Miller
Bernard Pierce
Ronnie Hillman
Trent Richardson
FSOP-10 Cam Newton
Steve Smith
DeAngelo Williams
Brian Urlacher
Joe Adams
Matt Forté
Alshon Jeffery
Jay Cutler
FSOP-13 Dez Bryant
A.J. Green
Julio Jones
Steve Smith
Calvin Johnson Jr.
Andre Johnson
DeSean Jackson
Dwayne Bowe

League MVP Autograph Set Checklist

LMVP-AR Aaron Rodgers

Super Bowl MVP Relic Set Checklist

Serial Numbered

SBMVPR-EM Eli Manning
2012 Topps Five Star Football Super Bowl MVP Pylon Eli Manning Image

Rookie Yearbook Card Set Checklist

Additional hit
Serial Numbered #/5

FSYB-2012 Lamar Miller
Kendall Wright
Trent Richardson
Isaiah Pead
Jarius Wright
Chris Givens
Dwayne Allen
Brian Quick
Ronnie Hillman
Ryan Broyles
Russell Wilson
David Wilson
LaMichael James
Robert Turbin
Doug Martin
Bernard Pierce
DeVier Posey
Ryan Tannehill
Nick Toon
Michael Floyd
Michael Egnew
Stephen Hill
Andrew Luck
Coby Fleener
Nick Foles
Alshon Jeffery
Rueben Randle
Brandon Weeden
Robert Griffin III
Mohamed Sanu
T.J. Graham
Justin Blackmon
A.J. Jenkins
Joe Adams
Brock Osweiler

Autograph Continuity Program Set Checklist

Additional hit

Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III

Five Star Giants Set Checklist

Additional hit
Oversized framed and autographed cards
Hand Numbered #/5

Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III

Autographed Rookie Jersey Redemptions Set Checklist

Additional hit
Serial Numbered 1/1

Product Details

VN:RO [1.9.17_1161]
User Rating:

In just a couple of years time, Topps Five Star has established itself as one of the hobby's go-to brands for ultra high-end cards. 2012 Topps Five Star Football is no different, delivering five major hits in every single-pack box. Four of those hits have autographs.

Alongside National Treasures, Topps Five Star autographed patch rookie cards have become the benchmark for football's first-year cards. Every pack delivers one of these cards, which are official rookies. More than 30 players make up the checklist. Parallels come with jumbo patch swatches. These include Gold (#/55), Rainbow (#/25) and Five Star (1/1). Click here for a complete rookie card visual guide.

Each pack also comes with a Five Star Futures Autograph as well, which focuses entirely on rookie players. Rainbow and Five Star parallel versions exist for these autographs as well. Collectors can also look for Five Star Futures Quotable Autographs that come with an inscription.

Rookies aren't the only hits in 2012 Topps Five Star Football. The third hit is either an Autograph or Autographed Patch card from a veteran player or retired star. Current players include Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson and Tony Romo. Jime Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Emmitt Smith and Brett Favre are among the retired legends. Five Star Signatures are the basic autograph versions. The checklist of more than 20 players comes with Gold (#/25), Rainbow (#/15) and Five Star (1/1) parallels. InscribedFive Star Quotable Autographs come numbered to 10.Five Star Signature Patch cards are all numbered. Gold (#/40), Rainbow (#/25) and Five Star (1/1) parallels are included as well.

The fourth hit in 2012 Topps Five Star Football is either an Autographed Book Card or a Dual Autograph. Five Star Signatures Book and Five Star Futures Autograph Book Cards come with three relics. Rookies also have four-piece cards. All have three patch parallels numbered to 15 or less.

Dual autographs come in many combinations. Rookies are the focus in Five Star Futures Dual Autograph, Five Star Futures Dual Autograph Patch Book, and Five Star Futures Quadra-graph Book Cards. Five Star Superstar Combos add veterans to the mix and are numbered to 10. Book card autographs have as many as eight different autographs. Unique hits include dual autographs with NFL Shield patches and laundry tags.

The final hit is a jumbo relic, all of which are numbered. Among the best hits are one-of-one Letters and Dual, Triple, Quad and Octo Patch cards. Special patches come in the Pylon NFL Patch, Pylon Super Bowl Patch and Super Bowl MVP Pigskin Relic sets.

2012 Topps FIve Star Football has a limited number of additional hits. These include redemptions for full-sized autographed rookie jerseys. Limited to five, Rookie Yearbook Cards are over-sized book cards that have a Rookie Premiere group shot on one panel and patch swatches from the more than 30 participating players on the other. Luck and Griffin, Five Star Giants measure 8.5" by 11.5". The framed cards have full-bleed action photography. They're autographed and numbered to 5.

Not to get lost in the shuffle is the 2012 Topps Five Star base set, which has 150 veterans and retired players. Base cards fall three per pack.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 8 cards per pack
Price Point: Ultra High-End Football Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors, High-End Memorabilia Collectors, Rookie Card Collectors

2012 Topps Five Star Football Box Break

  • 1 Base Rookie Autographed Patch Card
  • 1 Autographed Rookie Card
  • 1 Autographed Relic Book or Dual Autograph Card
  • 1 Jumbo Jersey Relic or Patch Card
  • 3 Base Cards
  • 8 Total Cards
2012 Topps Five Star Football Cards, reviewed by Mike Smeth on 2013-05-06T20:30:41+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

 |  E-Mail Author
Mike Smeth is the CEO and Founder of The Cardboard Connection. After collecting baseball cards as a child, he took a 12-year hiatus from the hobby. One muggy summer day in 2006 he unexpectedly came across his childhood card collection while packing up for a move. He began sorting through them so he could sell them on Craigslist. Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th box, he rediscovered his passion for collecting and hasn't looked back since. You can find Mike on Google+ and Twitter @mikesmethcc.

User Reviews

  1. Ryan ,
    do you have any information on the hand stamp redemption cards?TY.

  2. Jeff » If I remember correctly, they’ve been in a few sets now. They’re oversized autographed cards that also have a player hand stamp on them. They wear a glove, dip it in ink and make an imprint on the card.

  3. Ryan,

    Any info on the base cards that don’t have a serial number on them? I assume they’re 1/1?

  4. Adam » I’m not sure – haven’t seen any myself. Perhaps they’re misprint errors?

  5. Five Star Football hasn’t made me a millionaire, but I’ve had 2 great pulls out of each of the two boxes I have purchased. 1st= Ronnie Hillman auto 1/1 & Richard Wilson Basic auto (exchange); 2nd= Adrian Peterson auto/Patch & RG III/Trent Richardson dual patch/auto RAINBOW (Exchange). I’m fully satisfied…..Just hoping the “exchage” doesn’t take forever.



  8. MRTURKEYMAN11 » The base version of the Ballard is numbered to 50. The parallel is numbered to 55 (I know, doesn’t make much sense).

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