2012 Topps Finest Baseball Cards

2012 Topps Finest Baseball Cards


Set Checklist

2012 Topps Finest Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 65 veterans and 35 Rookies

1 Albert Pujols
2 Alex Rodriguez
3 Michael Pineda
4 Jay Bruce
5 Derek Jeter
6 Tom Milone
7 Justin Upton
8 Cliff Lee
9 Giancarlo Stanton
10 Justin Verlander
11 Ichiro
12 Drew Pomeranz
13 Josh Hamilton
14 David Freese
15 Robinson Cano
16 Wilin Rosario
17 Paul Goldschmidt
18 Drew Hutchison
19 Michael Young
20 Ryan Braun
21 David Price
22 Jordan Pacheco
23 Ian Kennedy
24 Jacoby Ellsbury
25 Troy Tulowitzki
26 Evan Longoria
27 Nelson Cruz
28 Jered Weaver
29 Kirk Nieuwenhuis
30 Prince Fielder
31 Mark Teixeira
32 Ryan Zimmerman
33 Steve Lombardozzi
34 Drew Smyly
35 Yu Darvish
36 Yovani Gallardo
37 Felix Hernandez
38 David Wright
39 Dan Uggla
40 Matt Kemp
41 Zack Cozart
42 Mariano Rivera
43 Jarrod Parker
44 Jon Lester
45 Adrian Beltre
46 Lance Berkman
47 Kevin Youkilis
48 CC Sabathia
49 Dustin Pedroia
50 Clayton Kershaw
51 Brad Peacock
52 Tyler Pastornicky
53 Buster Posey
54 Chase Utley
55 Hanley Ramirez
56 Devin Mesoraco
57 Paul Konerko
58 Chipper Jones
59 Mark Trumbo
60 Jose Bautista
61 Carlos Gonzalez
62 Ryan Howard
63 Eric Hosmer
64 Matt Dominguez
65 Brett Lawrie
66 Hisashi Iwakuma
67 Matt Moore
68 Wily Peralta
69 Pablo Sandoval
70 Miguel Cabrera
71 Dellin Betances
72 Jesus Montero
73 Bryce Harper
74 Tsuyoshi Wada
75 Cole Hamels
76 Wade Miley
77 Liam Hendriks
78 Mike Trout
79 Ian Kinsler
80 Joey Votto
81 Austin Romine
82 Starlin Castro
83 Joe Mauer
84 Tim Lincecum
85 Curtis Granderson
86 Addison Reed
87 Eric Surkamp
88 Chris Parmelee
89 Adrian Gonzalez
90 Jose Reyes
91 Brett Pill
92 Trevor Bauer
93 Leonys Martin
94 Josh Beckett
95 Brian Wilson
96 Joe Benson
97 Yoenis Cespedes
98 Mike Napoli
99 Alex Liddi
100 Roy Halladay

Autographed Rookies Set Checklist

AR-AR Addison Reed
AR-ARO Austin Romine
AR-BD Brian Dozier
AR-BH Bryce Harper
AR-DB Dellin Betances
AR-DM Devin Mesoraco
AR-DH Drew Hutchison
AR-DS Drew Smyly
AR-HI Hisashi Iwakuma
AR-JT Jacob Turner
AR-JPA Jarrod Parker
AR-JM Jesus Montero
AR-JP Jordan Pacheco
AR-KS Kirk Nieuwenhuis
AR-LH Liam Hendriks
AR-MM Matt Moore
AR-RL Ryan Lavarnway
AR-TM Tom Milone
AR-TW Tsuyoshi Wada
AR-WP Wily Peralta
AR-YD Yu Darvish

Faces of the Franchise Set Checklist

FF-AP Albert Pujols
FF-AM Andrew McCutchen
FF-BP Buster Posey
FF-CJ Chipper Jones
FF-DW David Wright
FF-DJ Derek Jeter
FF-DP Dustin Pedroia
FF-EH Eric Hosmer
FF-EHO Eric Hosmer
FF-EL Evan Longoria
FF-FH Felix Hernandez
FF-HR Hanley Ramirez
FF-JM Joe Mauer
FF-JVO Joey Votto
FF-JB Jose Bautista
FF-JH Josh Hamilton
FF-JU Justin Upton
FF-JV Justin Verlander
FF-MK Matt Kemp
FF-RH Roy Halladay
FF-RB Ryan Braun
FF-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
FF-SC Starlin Castro
FF-TL Tim Lincecum
FF-TT Troy Tulowitzki

Faces of the Franchise Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 15 subjects; Serial Numbered #/15 or less

FF-AP Albert Pujols
FF-BP Buster Posey
FF-CJ Chipper Jones
FF-DW David Wright
FF-DP Dustin Pedroia
FF-EH Eric Hosmer
FF-EHO Eric Hosmer
FF-EL Evan Longoria
FF-FH Felix Hernandez
FF-HR Hanley Ramirez
FF-JM Joe Mauer
FF-JH Josh Hamilton
FF-JV Justin Verlander
FF-MK Matt Kemp
FF-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
FF-SC Starlin Castro

Finest Moments Set Checklist

FM-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FM-BL Brett Lawrie
FM-CK Clayton Kershaw
FM-CH Cole Hamels
FM-DU Dan Uggla
FM-DF David Freese
FM-DA Dustin Ackley
FM-IK Ian Kennedy
FM-JM Jason Motte
FM-JH Jeremy Hellickson
FM-JJ Josh Johnson
FM-JV Justin Verlander
FM-MM Matt Moore
FM-MP Michael Pineda
FM-MC Miguel Cabrera
FM-NC Nelson Cruz
FM-RC Robinson Cano
FM-SS Stephen Strasburg
FM-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez
FM-YD Yu Darvish

Finest Moments Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 15 players; Serial Numbered #/25 or less

FM-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FM-BL Brett Lawrie
FM-CK Clayton Kershaw
FM-DU Dan Uggla
FM-DA Dustin Ackley
FM-IK Ian Kennedy
FM-JH Jeremy Hellickson
FM-JJ Josh Johnson
FM-MM Matt Moore
FM-MP Michael Pineda
FM-MC Miguel Cabrera
FM-NC Nelson Cruz
FM-RC Robinson Cano
FM-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez
FM-YD Yu Darvish

Game Changers Set Checklist

GC-AG Adrian Gonzalez
GC-AP Albert Pujols
GC-BP Buster Posey
GC-CG Carlos Gonzalez
GC-CJ Chipper Jones
GC-GS Giancarlo Stanton
GC-JH Jason Heyward
GC-JMA Joe Mauer
GC-JB Jose Bautista
GC-JV Justin Verlander
GC-MC Miguel Cabrera
GC-MT Mike Trout
GC-PF Prince Fielder
GC-RH Roy Halladay
GC-RB Ryan Braun

Game Changers Autographs Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10 or less

GC-CG Carlos Gonzalez
GC-GS Giancarlo Stanton
GC-JH Jason Heyward
GC-JM Joe Mauer
GC-JB Jose Bautista
GC-JV Justin Verlander
GC-MC Miguel Cabrera
GC-MT Mike Trout
GC-PF Prince Fielder
GC-RB Ryan Braun

Dual Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 10 refractor cards; Serial Numbered #/10

DA-BY Bryce Harper
Yu Darvish
DA-FC Prince Fielder
Miguel Cabrera
DA-HD Josh Hamilton
Yu Darvish
DA-HM Felix Hernandez
Jesus Montero
DA-KV Clayton Kershaw
Justin Verlander
DA-MD Matt Moore
Yu Darvish
DA-MH Matt Moore
Jeremy Hellickson
DA-MP Joe Mauer
Buster Posey
DA-PT Albert Pujols
Mike Trout
DA-RS Hanley Ramirez
Giancarlo Stanton

Triple Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 5 refractor cards; Serial Numbered #/5

TA-HDC Bryce Harper
Yu Darvish
Yoenis Cespedes
TA-KBB Matt Kemp
Jose Bautista
Ryan Braun
TA-MDM Matt Moore
Yu Darvish
Jesus Montero
TA-PMP Brad Peacock
Tom Milone
Jarrod Parker
TA-VCF Justin Verlander
Miguel Cabrera
Prince Fielder

Autographed Jumbo Relic Rookies Set Checklist

1 per master box.

AJR-ARO Austin Romine
AJR-BP Brad Peacock
AJR-BL Brett Lawrie
AJR-BH Bryce Harper
AJR-CP Chris Parmelee
AJR-DM Devin Mesoraco
AJR-DP Drew Pomeranz
AJR-JPA Jarrod Parker
AJR-JM Jesus Montero
AJR-JP Jordan Pacheco
AJR-JVN Jordany Valdespin
AJR-LM Leonys Martin
AJR-LH Liam Hendriks
AJR-MA Matt Adams
AJR-MD Matt Dominguez
AJR-MM Matt Moore
AJR-RL Ryan Lavarnway
AJR-TM Tom Milone
AJR-TB Trevor Bauer
AJR-TW Tsuyoshi Wada
AJR-TP Tyler Pastornicky
AJR-WMI Will Middlebrooks
AJR-YC Yoenis Cespedes
AJR-YA Yonder Alonso
AJR-YD Yu Darvish
AJR-ZC Zack Cozart

Game Changers Autographed Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/5

GC-AG Adrian Gonzalez
GC-AP Albert Pujols
GC-BP Buster Posey
GC-CJ Chipper Jones
GC-GS Giancarlo Stanton
GC-JM Joe Mauer
GC-JV Justin Verlander
GC-MC Miguel Cabrera
GC-PF Prince Fielder
GC-RH Roy Halladay

2012 Autographed Rookie Card Redemption Set Checklist

View a full gallery and find additional information here.

1 Starling Marte
2 Brett Jackson
3 Mike Trout
4 Josh Rutledge
5 Jean Segura

Product Details

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2012 Topps Finest Baseball sticks with what the brand is known for: Refractors and rookies. The set has a ton of them, along with plenty of autographs and die-cut inserts to keep collectors busy. The base set comes with 100 cards: 65 veterans and 35 rookies. Among the key players in 2012 Topps Finest Baseball is Yu Darvish, who figures prominently on several different autographs. Twelve-pack master boxes are split into two mini-boxes. Each 2012 Topps Finest Baseball mini box has either an on-card rookie autograph or an autographed rookie jumbo relic.

Product Configuration: 12 packs per box (two six-pack mini boxes)
Price Point: Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Rookie Card Collectors, Refractor Rainbow Chasers, Player Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Die-Cut Card Fans, Baseball Card Collectors

2012 Topps Finest Baseball Box Break

  • One Numbered Rookie Refractor Autograph
  • One Numbered Autographed Jumbo Relic Rookie Autograph
  • One Faces of the Franchise Insert
  • Two Finest Moments Inserts
  • One Game Changers Insert
  • Four Refractors
  • Two X-Fractors
Top eBay Listings


2012 Topps Finest Chris Parmelee Green Refractor Game Used Autograph 087 199 RC


2012 Finest Gold Refractor #AR-DM DEVIN MESORACO RC Auto Autograph #12 50 REDS


2012 Topps Finest Drew Hutchison Refractor Autograph Rookie Card Toronto 055 199

Jesus Montero 2012 Finest AUTO AUTOGRAPH RC ROOKIE Xfractor PSA 9 MARINERS 299

2012 Matt Moore Topps Finest Auto Autograph Jersey Card #ed 013 299

T.Y. Hilton 2012 Topps Finest Rookie AUTOGRAPH Jersey Colts RC #'d 693 1368


2012 Finest - TREVOR BAUER - Autograph Jersey Rookie - DIAMONDBACKS #d 188 199

2012 Finest Moments Autograph #BL Brett Lawrie RC 6 25 Blue Jays B85 198
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Product Review

2012 Topps Finest Baseball Product Review

Reviewed by Jeff Woodward

Good: Topps Finest is almost always a solid premium product. This year's does little to disappoint. The list of autographs is spectacular, mixing top rookies with many veteran players. Each box has a nice variety of colored parallels. On top of this, there are die cuts cards for the Finest Moments and Faces of the Franchise inserts. With nice sharp edges and tasteful designs, these cards give the collector the feel of pulling a trophy.

Bad: Although the checklist seems pretty extensive, there is always a possibility of getting a couple of low-end hits. Another bad thing about these cards is that you can really see fingerprints on the card stock. Although there are on-card autographs, there are also many that use stickers.

The Bottom Line: The variety of autographs and relics in 2012 Topps Finest Baseball add some nice chase options. Different background colors and die-cut inserts make for a fun break. But at this price, I would have expected a little more value.

Staff Rating:
4.2 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.4/5.0

I love the glossy look of 2012 Topps Finest Baseball. The card stock seems better this year than in past releases. They don't seem to warp as much. The simple yet elegant design of the front is pleasant. I love the die-cut inserts. The Finest Moments have a nicely proportioned and balanced feel. Faces of the Franchise give a more elegant feel, looking almost like a trophy. The Game Changers is a little more bland. It has a medium-sized picture of the player on one side with a large team logo on the other side. It would have been nicer to have seen a bigger picture on these cards, but nonetheless it was a relatively cool design.

Rookie Autograph Variations are on-card, which is alway welcome. Unfortunately, Autograph Relics have sticker signatures. The swatch on the card is relatively big and has a nice overall look to it.

The color variations, which is typical in Topps Finest products, are extremely sharp. They make for a a fun chase for player collectors.

Checklist: 4.1/5.0

The checklist is extensive, ranging from the big-name rookies (Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish) to young stars (David Price and Starlin Castro) to veterans (Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander). This product is ideal for collectors who like rookies, team collecting and colorful parallels. There are many different autograph inserts but only a couple of relic sets.

Value: 3.8/5.0

At around 100 dollars a box, I expect more, even with the potential of hitting a Bryce Harper or Yu Darvish autograph. There are some other decent prospects to pull, such as Yoenis Cespedes, Matt Moore, and Trevor Bauer. Even with these strong players, there are lots of others who aren't nearly as desirable. The variety of inserts and other cards do help soften the blow if the hits aren't as strong.

The Fun Factor: 4.5/5.0

Although it may not have the best value, 2012 Topps Finest Baseball is still a fun box to break. Although the hits are a big part of the set, they aren't the only thing. The strong design, many color variations and interesting basic inserts give collectors a lot of variety as they rip through their 12 packs.

2012 Topps Finest Baseball Cards, reviewed by Ryan Cracknell on 2012-09-03T09:13:33+00:00 rating 4.2 out of 5

 |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff. His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. Finest still a great product. Pulled a Trevor Bauer Xfractor auto jumbo relic and a Triple auto (Darvish,Moore, Montero) /5 out of a master box. Good rookie selection also.

  2. Great Product Just wished if they had a bit more modern players autos

  3. Finest is another beautiful looking set put out by Topps. However, that’s all it seems to have going for it. At the high price point, there is not much variety to go around. My master box had an auto and a relic auto. While I am great full for what I got, I have to admit I was a little clueless as to who they were. Notch this up under the lottery category.

  4. I like the design a lot and a good group of players selected for cards. I have a question though… Iwakuma is listed as an autograph rookie card but I have never seen one (Ebay, google image search, etc…). Does this card exist?

  5. Dave I have never seen one either. It does not look like it was ever issued. We have a visual guide here and it notes that as well http://www.cardboardconnection.com/2012-topps-finest-baseball-rookie-autographs-visual-guide

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