Dynamite! 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Dynamic Die Cuts Gallery and Guide

Dynamite! 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Dynamic Die Cuts Gallery and Guide

Although die-cut trading cards have been around for a long time, they've really come back into vogue this past year. They're making regular appearances in sports cards sets at all levels. One of the more attractive die cut sets of the year, 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Dynamic Die Cuts, is also one of the more challenging.

Even before you get to the die-cut sides, the cards have an extremely busy design. There are all sorts of bends, curves and curls throughout. Add to that a Refractor background and you've got a distinct look that has lots happening. Yet, they still maintain a clear feel to them. The player image remains the most prominent part of the card.

Although there's a 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Dynamic Die Cuts card in every box, completing a set is a challenge. The cards fall just one per box. That means that if a collector wanted to build a set by ripping packs, it would take them more than four cases without a single duplicate. The Dynamic Die Cuts walk a fine line between being challenging enough to encourage set collecting and being so hard that they the appeal goes mainly to team and player collectors. This could make the set a dark horse heading into the future should more collectors catch wind of them.

A total of 21 players also have autographed versions.

Below is a gallery of the entire 50-card set. We have also included a checklist complete with team information.

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Dynamic Die Cuts Gallery

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Dynamic Die Cuts Checklist

DD-AC Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati
DD-AG Adrian Gonzalez, Boston
DD-AJ Adam Jones, Baltimore
DD-AL Adam Lind, Toronto
DD-AM Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh
DD-AP Albert Pujols, LAA
DD-BG Brett Gardner, NYY
DD-BL Brett Lawrie, Toronto
DD-BP Buster Posey, San Francisco
DD-CG Curtis Granderson, NYY
DD-CK Clayton Kershaw, LAD
DD-CL Cliff Lee, Philadelphia
DD-CS CC Sabathia, NYY
DD-DA Dustin Ackley, Seattle
DD-DJ Derek Jeter, NYY
DD-DO David Ortiz, Boston
DD-DPA Dustin Pedroia, Boston
DD-EA Elvis Andrus, Texas
DD-EH Eric Hosmer, Kansas City
DD-FH Felix Hernandez, Seattle
DD-GS Giancarlo Stanton, Miami
DD-I Ichiro, Seattle
DD-IK Ian Kinsler, Texas
DD-IN Ivan Nova, New York
DD-JB Jose Bautista, Toronto
DD-JBR Jay Bruce, Cincinnati
DD-JE Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston
DD-JH Josh Hamilton, Texas
DD-JM Jesus Montero, Seattle
DD-JR Jose Reyes, Miami
DD-JU Justin Upton, Arizona
DD-JV Justin Verlander, Detroit
DD-JVO Joey Votto, Cincinnati
DD-MK Matt Kemp, LAD
DD-MM Matt Moore, Tampa Bay
DD-MMO Michael Morse, Washington
DD-MP Michael Pineda, NYY
DD-MT Mike Trout, LAA
DD-NC Nelson Cruz, Texas
DD-PF Prince Fielder, Detroit
DD-PG Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
DD-PS Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco
DD-RB Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
DD-RC Robinson Cano, NYY
DD-RH Roy Halladay, Philadelphia
DD-SC Starlin Castro, Chicago Cubs
DD-SS Stephen Strasburg, Washington
DD-TL Tim Lincecum, San Francisco
DD-TT Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado
DD-YD Yu Darvish, Texas

ebaysmalllogo Image
2715332835064040 1 Image
Justin Upton Dynamic Die Cut Insert Card 2012 Topps Chrome Atlanta Braves
2615384121274040 1 Image
Aroldis Chapman 2012 Topps Chrome Die Cut Refractor! 100 mph Flamethrower! Reds
2215005050274040 1 Image
Jarrod Parker Brad Peacock 2012 Topps Chrome Dual Die Cut Refractor Auto 5 5
2715348174984040 1 Image
Roy Halladay Faces Of The Franchise Die Cut Card 2012 Topps Chrome Philadelphia
2715348472494040 1 Image
Justin Upton Dynamic Die Cut Insert Card STAR! 2012 Topps Chrome Arizona, Braves
2215012860964040 1 Image
2012 Topps Chrome IVAN NOVA Dynamic Die-Cut Autograph 05 25
1711860330364040 1 Image
2012 Topps Chrome Dustin Pedroia Die Cut
3605853383134040 1 Image
2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Die Cut Chrome Refractor #48 Hanley Ramirez Marlins
3605853386114040 1 Image
2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Die Cut Chrome Refractor #57 Joey Votto Reds
2211861670044040 1 Image
2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Die Cut Chrome Refractor #63 Evan Longoria Rays
1912313082864040 1 Image
DUSTIN PEDROIA-2012 Topps Chrome Die-Cut & 2006 Topps '52 Rookie Card
3706471287624040 1 Image
NELSON CRUZ # DD-NC 2012 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die Cut Refractor RARE
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